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Hello guys! This article will be devoted to an overview of the existing Yota Wi-Fi modems. Let's consider the main models and chips in work, based on personal experience. Nothing watery, only the most useful from our portal!

Top Models

Now on the market for Yota modems with Wi-Fi, there are 2 main models. There are a minimum of differences, both are close relatives, but for an introduction before the main part of the review, it is worth paying attention to them.


Classic model. By design, it is almost indistinguishable from the first models of the modem, which came without a Wi-Fi module (only slightly longer). It is with her that most Yota modems are associated. Peculiar design, excellent work, magic of this operator. Key Features:

  • 4G support.
  • Up to 8 connected devices.
  • Standards: IEEE 802.1 b / g / n.
  • Dimensions: 89x29x12 mm, weight: 29 g
  • Cut down in size USB with a swivel mechanism - you can even put it vertically.
  • Antenna - built-in, no options.
  • Possibility of power supply via USB, directly via pin or cable.
  • Support - all modern Windows, MacOS and Linux.


An updated version of the Yota 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi in a new case with minor differences. What we have at first glance:

  • Connect up to 10 devices
  • Full-size USB port
  • It's turned white!
  • Otherwise - no change ...

Other modems

Of course, the provider has prepared other options - there are also more functional models. But due to the fact that this article is still about modems, and these very other models are more like typical home models of the wired Internet, and they are usually called routers by the people, they were not included in this review. But for reference, Yota users do not live on a single "flash drive".

Full overview

Now let's pay attention to each moment of this modem a little more. Fortunately, the Yota network has already been brought in our city a long time ago, and I had the opportunity to fully enjoy all its advantages. Yes, yes, compared to other operators, the Yota phenomenon for us was not only convenient, fast and reliable, but also inexpensive. And their flexible line of tariffs with dynamic change - as a student it was a real revolution in saving money for doshiraki.


Officially announced specifications:

Package Contents

The external battery is supplied in a standard package for Xiaomi. The packaging contains technical specifications, a secret code under an erasable protective layer to verify the authenticity of the product. You can check this link. My package was slightly crumpled upon delivery, but everything inside is intact. Inside: Power bank, USB A micro-USB cable, Chinese quick start guide. Micro-USB cable approx. 30 cm long.


There are two colors of the external battery: light (silver) and dark (black). I have a light version in my review. The design of the device is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro, it is even easy to confuse them. From left to right: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2, ZMI QB810. Measured size 130 x 71 x 14.3mm. Weight 226 g. Here, for comparison, the dimensions and weight of the Pro version: 128.8 x 75 x 12.9 mm, 217 g. The main body is made of anodized aluminum. Plastic overlays on the ends. The technical characteristics are traditionally indicated on the bottom end. The Mi logo is embossed, which has not been found in other Xiaomi external batteries. At the top there is a function button, a battery charge indicator, a micro-USB port, a USB A port. The purpose of the function button. Short press:

  • Display of the charge level by indicators.
  • Forced activation of the device, energizing (if the device is in standby mode).
  • Restart the external battery controller (if the device is working).
  • Reset some protection modes (for example, the device went into overcurrent protection).
  • Enable / Disable Xiaomi gadgets, such as a flashlight or fan.

Double short press:

  • Enabling the charging mode for devices with low current consumption (the battery does not go into standby mode for exactly 2 hours).

Here are some pictures for size comparison: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2, Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Pro, ZMI QB810.

Testing Tools

For testing, I will use my standard set:

  • Tronsmart QC 2 Charger
  • ZKE EBD-USB Tester and Load (Supports QC 2. / 3.) Computer Controlled
  • JUWEI J7-t USB tester with high voltage support and QC mode switch
  • iPad mini (for testing smart charging)
  • Pyrometer and other little things

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