Experience of using Samsung Galaxy S21; the best Samsung of them all

For several weeks now, one of my smartphones has been the Samsung Galaxy S21. This time, I did not choose the Ultra version for myself, as I did last year when I used the S20 Ultra. First of all, I was interested in the small size of the new flagship and the concept that the South Korean company has chosen to promote it. This year the smartphone has changed a lot and is no longer what it used to be. Now this is a device that is, without exaggeration, made with the mind. Up to last year's model, the company tried with all its might to use only the best components, even in the younger version of the "S" line. This year we received a device that does not try to prove its superiority to everyone, and from this it only began to arouse more interest. I figured it out and now I will share my thoughts and experience of use.

This smartphone has become cheaper than last year, but it makes the most pleasant impression.

Samsung Galaxy S Bundle

The set of the new Samsung Galaxy S21 is something that I don't want to dwell on in detail. Moreover, there is nothing to stop at. Many will remember the days when the Galaxy S8 included not only charging, but also headphones, cables, various adapters, and all this barely fit into the box. Right now we only have a charging cable, but I still think it's a plus.

I still have the S8 box somewhere with all these accessories that I have never used. Now I took out my smartphone, put it on wireless charging, charged it and I don't need anything else. These charges are very inexpensive. But even without this, many have USB sockets, adapters, hubs and other ways to charge their smartphones at home. Even if not, you can buy a good power adapter once for a couple of thousand rubles and use it with all subsequent smartphones.

Wireless charging solves a lot of problems and is not that expensive.

Therefore, I propose to close the issue of the kit and stop criticizing companies for reducing it. If you need a headphone or adapter, just buy it once and for all and forget about it. It is more pleasant for me to think that the company simply saved on these excesses and sold me a smartphone for several thousand rubles cheaper. So I can say that this is a plus, not a minus.

History of all Samsung Galaxy S and their prices. Remember yours?

First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S

I criticized the company's decision to use the plastic case of the Galaxy Note 20 a lot. Then it cooled down a bit when I used the Galaxy S20 FE for several weeks. Now I'm happy with the way the body has become.

Experience of using Samsung Galaxy S21; the best Samsung of them all

Variety of plastic window corners

  • Features of corners for plastic slopes
  • Decorative plastic corner - its advantages
  • Types of plastic corners and their sizes
  • Varieties of corners by type of finish

For the beauty and aesthetics of internal and external slopes in window openings, it is best to install plastic corners on the windows.

From our article you will learn how practical such a design as corners for plastic windows is. We will introduce you to different types of corners, we will name the sizes of plastic corners and indicate the prices for them.

Features of corners for plastic slopes

Plastic corner made of PVC, or as they say in the warehouse in the hardware sheet, window plastic corner, is made of rigid PVC by the method of "hot" bending of the sheet using a special technology without cracking, even if it is -30 C.

A plastic corner for slopes is used to close the gap between the window structure and the quarter and to cover the polyurethane foam in the seams from precipitation and from exposure to direct sunlight.

Are windows sweating? In the article "Window guard for convenient ventilation" - you will find out what kind of device it is and how it is installed.

A more expensive, but more convenient device, so that the house is not stuffy - a window ventilator. It can be mechanical and automatic.

Decorative plastic corner - its advantages

The PVC corner gives not only strength, but also durability to straight and arched slopes in the interior decoration of rooms with materials such as drywall. Or if you have plastered door and window slopes or painted walls.

Plastic corners are laminated with multi-colored film

Also, corner:

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