Ecological ways to dye Easter eggs: 5 ways




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Patent Pattern Loose Pullover

You will need: 14 (16) 18 skeins of dark red Novita "Natura" yarn (100% wool; 50 g / 100 m); circular needles No. 9, 40 and 60 cm long; stocking needles No. 9.

Patterns: Patent pattern, knitting in a circle: 1st row: * yarn, 1 p. remove, 1 out. *, repeat from * to *.

2nd row: * knit the next stitch and yarn together with the front one, yarn, 1 p. remove *, repeat from * to *.

Coin, ring and key: what folk signs say about things found on the street

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What does this or that thing found on the street mean according to folk signs?

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DIY modular paintings:

The interior has been decorated with paintings for a long time. They use portraits, landscapes, still lifes. Pictures play an aesthetic role in the interior and give it a finished look. Even in Ancient Greece, paintings consisting of several parts, united by a common style of execution, the unity of color and compositional structure, were valued - the so-called MODULAR paintings.

PAINTINGS as artwork

In modern interiors, modular paintings and so-called posters are becoming more and more popular and fashionable. Such pictures speak of fine taste!

Painting eggs for Easter is not only a tradition that must be cultivated so that it does not get lost, it is also great fun for the whole family, and it is a great pleasure. Therefore, it will be nice to sit with children and create the most beautiful Easter eggs that you can eat for the holiday. Easter eggs are one of the original and ancient traditions associated with the celebration of Easter. Decorative eggs symbolize nature and hope that comes alive. You can decorate Easter eggs in different ways. Introducing sustainable ways to paint Easter eggs that adults and kids will love.

Eco-friendly ways to paint Easter eggs

Are you looking for an original idea of ​​how to paint eggs for Easter? There are all kinds of home remedies for decorating and coloring eggs. It turns out that coloring eggs isn't that hard, even for kids. If you want to cook Easter eggs this way, it is best to use completely white eggs.

Coloring Easter eggs with paper napkins

The technique of decoupage or pasting with napkins is a simple and very popular way of decorating, which can be used to decorate anything. Why not Easter eggs? Many hardworking housewives who prefer handicrafts have already tried the technology and proudly display their “artwork” on the Internet.

If you have no experience in decoupage technique, then it is not necessary to test your new knowledge about easy-breaking Easter eggs. For example, it is best to decorate wooden or plastic eggs with napkins. Perhaps for this purpose, you can "donate" a wooden box. Or look for other suitable items to take the first steps in your new hobby. Only in this case, you should use different adhesives.

There are such cool napkins on the market with different patterns that are used specifically for decoupage (but, of course, not only for this). We take only the top layer of the napkin on which the drawing is applied.

It is better to use egg white for gluing a napkin on a boiled egg. This is an easy and sustainable way to paint Easter eggs. Then such an egg can be safely used for food.

  • Boil eggs, cool in cold water and wipe dry. The next step is to separate the protein from the raw egg. Place the egg whites in a small bowl and the yolk in another (we won't need it). Stir the egg whites well.
  • Choose beautiful, special napkins to start painting the eggs. We cut out the motif from the napkin, trying to do it as accurately as possible. Or we take part of a napkin with a pattern.
  • Use a brush to paint over the egg with a layer of egg white. Then, using part of the napkin, wrap it around the egg. Add another layer of egg white on top of the napkin. Do this until you have covered the entire egg with a napkin.
  • If you are using only a cut pattern, then the egg white should be applied to the size of the cut motif, then glue it very well to the egg with a brush moistened with egg white.
  • If the other half of the egg dries up while gluing the napkin to the egg with a brush moistened with egg white, you need to reapply the egg white and only then glue the napkin.
  • Let the eggs dry for about 60 minutes and you're done! You painted eggs using napkin technique, environmentally friendly and extraordinarily beautiful technique.

Decorating Easter eggs with tissue or crepe paper

A much simpler option for decoupage is pasting with cut colored napkins or tissue paper. The decorating method is very simple. You will need 2-3 colors plain paper napkins. They should be cut into small squares of the same size. Cover the whole egg with egg white and glue the square pieces one by one.

This is how we get a modern version of decoupage. In the same way, you can decorate eggs using crepe (corrugated) paper.

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