Do-it-yourself wood splitter: instructions for making a homemade assistant

With the onset of cold weather, residents of private houses in areas without centralized gas supply have to think about preparing firewood for the winter. In this matter, the best assistant is a chainsaw, but, unfortunately, such a tool is not capable of performing the function of chopping wood, so it is important to take care of purchasing or making a wood splitter yourself. The first option provides for financial costs, and the second is considered more rational, since it implies a minimum investment with the possibility of obtaining a high-quality device. We will pay special attention to the question of how to make a wood splitter with our own hands at home from improvised means, but first we will figure out what kind of device it is, and what types of it exist.

Wood splitter - what is it and what is it for

A log splitter is a special machine that consists of three main parts:

  • Knife or blade - designed for longitudinal splitting of workpieces.
  • Stop - is an important structural element that is designed to hold the workpiece when the knife acts on it. The pusher is used in installations with a fixed blade. Serves for pushing the workpiece to the cutting element.
  • Drive - a mechanism that drives the knife or thrust part, reducing the distance between these two structural units in order to split the workpieces.

Often, wood splitters are also called cleavers or wood splitting machines, which, in addition to longitudinal splitting of logs, are intended for trimming. Such machines are an alternative replacement of manual cleavers or axes, which are equipped with the function of splitting firewood. In contrast to them, the machine allows you to perform work not only faster, but also much better, and most importantly, safer. The likelihood of injury is extremely low due to the lack of fast rotating working parts compared to the sawmill. The photo below shows a model of a rack-and-pinion device.

Varieties of wood splitters by drive type: manual devices and features of their application

If there is a solid fuel boiler, fireplace or classic Russian stove in a private house, then firewood preparation will be required. A log splitter plays a key role in this matter, with the help of which round chocks are split into small logs, ready for burning. For such purposes, you can use wood splitters, which come in different versions according to the type of drive. The choice of a suitable type is carried out depending on the size of the split logs, as well as the amount of work. If you have a large amount of firewood, it is more rational to purchase or make your own manual wood splitter of the mechanical principle of operation. Let's take a look at the differences between manual and mechanical wood splitters.

Manual cleavers are simple in design, but their main advantage is their affordable price. However, before choosing such a device option, you need to navigate the volume of processed firewood. Factory-made products are presented in different types, but the following modifications are the most popular:

Above are the main types of manual wood splitters, the main advantages of which are affordable cost and ease of use. Below is a video of how a home-made scrap-cleaver works, so that everyone can be guided by the peculiarities of its operation.

Preferring the simplest and most inexpensive type of manual cleaver, you need to pay attention to the peculiarities of its operation, which is shown in detail in the video.

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