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Oriental sweets are a real holiday: they just melt in your mouth, are unrealistically tasty, and it's not very difficult to cook them. The only thing that confuses lovers of such baking is that it is very sweet, just a high-calorie "bomb"! But I still want to eat oriental pastries, so sometimes you have to say "no" to the diet. Basbousa is one of the most popular and easiest to prepare sweet Arabian products. It is very similar to the usual manna, but much sweeter and more tender.

Bassbusa is baked like a simple pie: the dough is made, placed in the oven. An additional sweetness and softness to the baked goods is given by syrup, which, according to any recipe for making basbus, must be impregnated with a still warm biscuit.

Classic Arabian Bass with Almonds

You may not use almonds, but in these oriental baked goods, almonds on top are an indispensable decoration, and they give an additional pleasant aroma to the product. Other must-have ingredients for a classic bassbusa are coconut flakes and semolina.

Necessary products for the Arabian bassbus (using a standard wine glass, which holds 200 g of water):

  • semolina - a glass without a top;
  • flour - a glass without a top;
  • coconut flakes - half a glass;
  • < li> kefir - full glass;
  • refined vegetable oil (odorless) - full glass;
  • medium-sized egg - 1 piece (two small ones are needed);
  • vanilla sugar - 1 standard small pack for baking;
  • baking powder - 1 teaspoon;
  • almond kernels.

Oriental pie on semolina, that is, bassbusu, after baking the cake, we will soak it with syrup, so it must be cooked in advance. The syrup should be warm, not hot, otherwise the semolina cake will "brew" and deteriorate. We make syrup in advance: mix half a glass of water with a glass of sugar, bring to a boil, squeeze out a third of the lemon, if there is no fresh lemon, we take instead a tablespoon of lemon juice without sugar. Leave the syrup to cool down and start baking the bassbusu.

  • In one container we mix bulk ingredients: flour, coconut flakes, sugar, semolina, baking powder. Mix thoroughly until everything is completely mixed.
  • In another dish, beat the eggs into a foam, pour the kefir into it, mix again with a mixer. In the East, yogurt is often taken instead of kefir, but it is more dense, and it is diluted one to one, that is, half a glass of yogurt is diluted with the same amount of water.
  • Pour beaten eggs with kefir into dry ingredients, mix everything. We do it with a mixer, but at minimum speed.
  • You cannot store the dough for bassbusa - as soon as it is kneaded, you must immediately put it in the oven. The dough comes out semi-liquid, it is poured into a baking sheet with high sides. If the baking sheet is Teflon, it does not need to be smeared with anything, a simple one - we coat it with butter or cover it with cooking paper.
  • Although the dough is semi-liquid, it can settle unevenly on the baking sheet, then you need to gently tilt the baking sheet in different directions so that it spreads to the edges.
  • Arrange the almonds evenly on top (taking into account that we will cut into squares). The oven is heated to 200 degrees - put the dough in it. We take out the pie from the oven when the edges darken slightly: it bakes faster from the edge of the bass, you need to carefully monitor and pull it out of the oven in time, otherwise the edges will burn out and be hard. In the photo, the pastries were made in a round baking sheet, but the shape of the baking sheet is not important, a square one is even more convenient - it will be easier to cut.

The bass-bus cake must cool completely: if you take it out of the baking sheet while it is hot, it will break, moreover, it is soaked in syrup well from top to bottom during cooling.

The classic recipe with almonds and coconut is considered universal, but there are many more variations on the basbusa theme with other additions, and they are just as tasty.

Other bass options

Manka is the main ingredient in bass, it should always be. The syrup with which the biscuit is impregnated after baking is the second prerequisite in all cooking recipes. Replaced by almonds and coconut flakes.

Basbusa Turkish Revani

Basbusa - recipe for oriental sweetness





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