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Why should all the tastiest things be necessarily detrimental to the figure and health? Chocolates, cakes and, of course, chips, favorite delicacies of many, from the regular use of which the figure will inevitably be comprehended not the most pleasant changes in the form of extra pounds. What to do if you want to stay in shape and do not want to give up harmful snacks at all? There is an exit! Here are some examples of healthy alternatives to chips and fries that will benefit your body.

Beet Chips

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Like all subsequent recipes, this one is outrageously simple: first of all, you need to peel the beets and cut them into thin slices. Place the circles on a baking sheet with baking paper and lightly brush with olive oil. To prevent the chips from curling, place a sheet of foil on top and cover with another sheet of baking paper.

Preheat oven to 200 ° C and bake the chips for about 10 minutes or until the edges are wavy. Then remove the top layer of paper and leave in the oven for another 20 minutes, until the chips are crispy. Remove the baking sheet from the oven and let the chips cool for a few minutes.

Kale Chips

- kale leaves

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Rinse and cut the cabbage leaves well.

Sweet Apple Chips

Beautify the garden with your own hands

Strong and smooth nails are an indicator of good health. But sometimes the nail plate loses strength, which makes it brittle, sensitive and unattractive. In this case, it is better to start nail restoration on time

Despite the fact that today beauty salons offer many procedures for nail care, you can strengthen them at home. It is like solving the problem of how to grow long hair on your own - and money is saved, and the quality is not inferior. Depo. a will tell you how to strengthen nails and accelerate their growth with the right food, special masks and baths.

What makes nails brittle

Nail plates can weaken for a variety of reasons, from health problems to the use of substandard chemicals. Most often this happens because of:

lack of vitamins and minerals in the body;

contacts with aggressive chemicals - poor-quality varnish or liquid for its removal, aggressive dishwashing detergent in its composition;

constant stress and hormonal changes;

mechanical damage - blows, the habit of biting nails;

long-term wearing of gel, gel polish or shellac.

How to strengthen your nails with nutrition

Wrinkled and dry skin of the hands makes a woman sad and uncomfortable. Moreover, it betrays her age, and sometimes even adds extra years. AND

Today, all women can look young and well-groomed. If it is not possible to visit a beauty salon every week, do not despair, because most of the beauty procedures are available to be done by yourself at home. We will tell you what kind of care will not take a lot of time and money.

A face is a visiting card of any lady, so you shouldn't refuse to take care of it. One day cream will not be enough, although some celebrities claim that they get by exclusively with this cosmetic product. Professionals recommend that you play it safe and pay extra attention to the processes of cleansing and moisturizing the skin of the face.


See more.

Today, such a cosmetic procedure as peeling is extremely popular. The beauty salon can offer various types of peeling: from light exfoliating to chemical, after which it is better not to appear in public for several days.

The second option at home is better not to practice, since this is a serious cosmetological procedure that requires skills and abilities. But it will not be superfluous to use the peeling roll 2-3 times a week. This is a special cream that is applied to previously cleansed skin, and with massaging movements, impurities and dead cells are collected on the surface of the skin.


In the beauty salon, clients will certainly be offered a variety of masks from soothing to rejuvenating. The composition is applied with a disposable stick, left for a while, and then removed from the skin of the face.

But today there is such a large selection of fabric masks impregnated with a useful composition. They provide removal of puffiness, nourish and moisturize the skin, improve color and lose pigmentation. So why not use them regularly, saving you the time and money you need for beauty salons?

Eyebrow tinting

One of the most popular procedures in salons is eyebrow care. Today, having natural eyebrows is somehow unfashionable. Rather, their shape should be as close to natural as possible, but this requires staining, and care, and correction.

Giving the hair the desired shade with henna or eyebrow dye is not difficult at all, so many ladies have already gotten used to doing it on their own. The set of necessary tools is simple: tweezers, cotton pads and sticks, degreaser, paint or henna, a brush with a beveled tail. It remains to carefully apply the composition, stand for 15-20 minutes and remove excess.

The advantage of at home eyebrow tinting is that it comes out a lot cheaper than in a salon. And you can also repeat the procedure as needed, because henna is quickly washed off, although the eyebrows promise that the effect will last from 4 to 6 weeks.

Coconut oil is a versatile product, it can be used both externally and internally. Delicate oil with a wonderful aroma, which melts at the touch of your fingers, has proven itself in cooking, cosmetology, and the pharmaceutical industry. It copes well with a variety of aesthetic skin problems.

Coconut oil for hands, nails and cuticles is a vitamin cocktail that contains vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, vegetable fats, useful not only for the skin, but also for the nail plate. They help to retain moisture, which means nails will dry out and flake less. And in combination with other beneficial ingredients, coconut oil for nails helps restore their structure and stimulates growth. Coconut oil is also a powerful defense against chlorinated water, environmental hazards and fungal infections.

Why is coconut oil good for hands, nails and cuticles?

A solid oil product (butter) is obtained from the purified, crushed, and sometimes dried coconut pulp by pressing. As a result, depending on the purification, refined or unrefined coconut oil is obtained.

This is the record for the amount of saturated fatty acids, which are similar in composition to the lipids of human skin. For this reason, coconut oil for nails and cuticles is an excellent moisturizer and emollient for hands that is also excellently absorbed.

M irristic, lauric and palmitic fatty acids have well-pronounced antiseptic and bactericidal properties, restore the protective skin barrier, promote deeper penetration of beneficial oil components inside, fight viruses, bacteria and fungi, renew the epidermis. Vegetable fats, as it were, seal the moisture in the skin, while the hands become velvety and tender, better able to cope with problems such as dry air, temperature changes, exposure to tap water, cleansers, etc.

L inoleic and oleic acids (otherwise, omega 6 and omega 9) effectively restore dehydrated dry epidermis, activate tissue regeneration, lipid metabolism and maintain the necessary water balance in skin cells, restore the elasticity of integuments, increase barrier and protective properties of the epidermis, anti-aging and help to treat skin diseases.

K aprinic and caproic acids have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

K april - promotes skin breathing and oxygenation.

In addition, the coconut butter contains stearic and hyaluronic acids, as well as vitamins C, E and A, which have an antioxidant, moisturizing and nourishing effect, and maintain an even skin tone. Under the influence of these components, cells are better restored, and nails begin to grow faster and become stronger.

Coconut pulp oil product is an excellent preventive measure against burrs and microcracks. It makes the cuticle more elastic and well-groomed.

Benefits of using coconut oil in hand care

Perga is a flower pollen, partially fermented by the saliva of bees. It is located in a honeycomb under a layer of honey.

Perga is different from regular pollen. In the combs, it is without air access, where it gradually hardens under the influence of bee saliva, fungi, lactic acid and bacteria.

Perga is a nutritious reserve for bees for the winter, a kind of bee bread. She will taste rye bread with a taste of honey both in appearance and taste.

Description and characteristics of honey with perga

First, let's find out what each component of the mixture is. Honey is a viscous substance that is a product of the processing of nectar in the goiter of a bee. Perga is pollen that bees collect and form a pollen from it, deliver it in the form of a dense ball and fill the honeycomb with it, treating it with their saliva and nectar.

Did you know? Bees use bee bread to feed their brood. When the processed pollen is eaten, the circulatory, nervous, cardiovascular systems and the digestive tract are formed in the larvae within three days, and the weight of the brood increases 1500 times.

On top of the honeycomb with pollen, honey is sealed so that it does not come into contact with oxygen. Under the action of lactic acid, pollen is converted into bee bread.

What it looks like

In its pure form, fresh bee bread has a heterogeneous color, since pollen from different plants can be in one cell. Ripening, it becomes almost uniform.

The mixture of honey and bee bread has a non-uniform consistency and a dark brown color.

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