DIY growbox: diagrams, tips, solutions

One article to rule them all. Below you will find a real longread, an exhaustive material about a growbox. We will tell you about what a growbox is and why you need it. There will also be enough information on how a grower can make a growbox with his own hands with all sorts of usefulness in the form of diagrams, videos and photos of grow boxes, as well as explanations of the most important issues.

What is a growbox?

A growbox is a growing box (literally translated), that is, a tank or room made specifically for growing plants. Whether it is a turnkey growbox or a home-made growbox, as a rule, it contains lighting and ventilation systems of various kinds and powers. Since we need a lot of crops and the marijuana needs a lot of light, the inside of the marijuana growing tank is covered with reflective material such as foil or white paint. Also, the cannabis dwelling often has an abundance of various automation and built-in measuring devices in order to simplify and improve the quality of growing.

What do you need for a growbox? In principle, it is enough to have straight hands, to have the necessary information and to acquire the necessary components. This is not to say that making a growbox with your own hands is like boiling borsch, but with proper perseverance, you can cope with both.

Growbox varieties

Like the song itself, there are different growboxes. Before making a box for growing plants, we need to decide what exactly we need, and there are plenty to choose from:

  • Standard growing box (flagship)
  • Compact growing box
  • Growroom (commercial version)
  • Stealth growbox (your little secret)

Below we will try to give a detailed answer to the question of how to make a growbox at home. All of the examples below were not made in a factory, but on the ambition and perseverance of real-life growers.

Standard growbox

Let's start with the best option. Its accepted dimensions are simple and convenient for further calculations: 1m * 1m * 2m. If you can do more, that's great, because it is important that there is enough space for equipment and where to deploy to take care of our "girls".

This homemade grow box can hold either a couple of photoperiodic cannabis plants or a small group of autoflowering cannabis bushes. We will not guess exactly due to the fact that the size of the plant itself is too dependent on the selected variety and the chosen growing policy.

A well-made grow box must embody the intelligent use of space, but without overkill. That is, you should not shove a bunch of bushes into one standard growbox in the hope that the crop will be of high quality. In a confined space, the bushes will begin to fight for light and survival, which will take a lot of resources that would be better spent on the bumps than on the fight for light and place.

7 rules for a great harvest on heavy soil

The Golden Globes, America's top post-Oscar award, were presented last night. The quarantine has not deprived us of the red carpet and those who walk it. But there is still clearly not enough victorious march. This is the moment between the laureate's announcement and his speech. He walks, so / so embarrassed, or happy, always smiling. Doesn't know what to do with his hands.

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