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The city of Salzburg is known all over the world as the birthplace of the talented composer Mozart. And one of the most famous sights of Salzburg, and indeed the whole of Austria, is the Mirabell Park. Despite its somewhat isolated location from other attractions, the park is very popular among tourists.

The entire territory of the park is decorated in the Baroque style. Thanks to its numerous graceful fountains, statues, beautiful terraces and bright flower beds, the park cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is especially good on a warm sunny day.


Mirabell Park has a huge number of great places to visit. This will bring a lot of positive emotions. Let's consider them in as much detail as possible.

In the very center of Mirabell Park there is a beautiful fountain, which was created in 1690 and has survived to this day, being a visiting card. There are four massive sculptures along the perimeter of the fountain. These sculptures embody Greek mythology and symbolize the four main elements. These are Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

In the northern part of the park, the Mirabell Palace occupies its place of honor, which may well be considered a monument of love, since at the heart of its appearance is a tragic love story. The palace was built back in 1606. The idea of ​​its construction came about thanks to the initiative of the influential archbishop, whose name is Wolf Dietrich. Then he gave the castle the name Alternau in honor of his beloved, whose name was Salome Alt. They had a passionate romance, but the rank of archbishop prevented the reunification of loving hearts.

Despite this, Salome gave birth to Wolf Dietrich 15 children, but only ten of them survived. It was for them that the archbishop decided to build a palace, for which a place outside the city (at that time) was chosen. It was, as it were, compensation for the fact that he could not fully be with them. But this palace did not bring happiness to anyone. Soon the archbishop lost his rank, the building was confiscated.

The new owner was actively engaged in the arrangement of the palace grounds, on which a majestic regular park in the French style soon appeared. This park soon acquired a new name - Mirabell. This word, translated from Italian, means "delightful beauty" and it perfectly corresponds to reality.

The palace was later rebuilt and altered, but in 1818 there was a fire and most of it burned down. After some time, the palace was rebuilt, but there was no such luxury as before.

The Marble Hall

Attractions and features of the Mirabell Garden in Salzburg




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Top dressing of pepper with iodine: rules and recipes

The culture is demanding on the composition of the soil and maintenance, it is difficult to tolerate a lack and excess of nutrients. Iodine is often used as a fertilizer for pepper, since not all regions of the soil contain it in sufficient quantities. Preventive treatment of plants with a nutrient is practiced at different stages of the growing season in order to avoid a lack of an element during cultivation, to protect them from diseases and pests. Iodine and its effect on plants Plants need a trace element in small dosages. Often, the content in the soil (present only in the Primorsky region, chernozem, chestnut soil) and some fertilizers (manure, phosphorite flour, ash) is insufficient. In such cases, additional treatment with an iodine solution is carried out. The lack of a substance is manifested by a decrease in immunity, decay and absence of the ovary, a decrease in the intensity of fruit color, and a delay in development.

Pepper, whimsical when grown, loves iodine-containing dressings with a lack of this trace element in the soil.

is a constituent of amino acids; participates in the process of respiration, photosynthesis; regulates nitrogen and water exchanges; promotes the accumulation of vitamin C in fruits, increases the iodine content in them; natural antiseptic; growth stimulant; antifungal, antiviral agent; required during budding, fruit ovary; lengthens the fruiting period; increases yield by 15%. Application as top dressing The trace element acts as a disinfectant and growth stimulator. Young seedlings provide strong immunity, promotes the growth of green mass due to participation in nitrogen metabolism. It is necessary to increase the number of ovaries and fruits, treats some diseases (late blight, powdery mildew), and fights pests. Foliar dressing with iodine solution is allowed to be used for adult plants. After the formation of the fruit, the microelement is no longer used, since it has fulfilled its role, and an excess is no less harmful than a deficiency. We must not forget about the toxicity of the substance and do not exceed the recommended dosages.

It is advisable to feed the peppers with the substance at the main stages of the growing season:

When the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg were created: the history of the park. What the territory looks like today. The main attractions of Mirabell Gardens. What plants live in the park, what is special about it.


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EXCLUSIVE-Viscose brush noodles "Beige melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles.

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PIKE and collars

-Pique "Gray melange", Turkey, the structure of the fabric is fine-grained, the quality of singing, pl. 200, width 180, composition 95% cotton + 5% lycra, price 480 rubles on photo hosting →

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Replacing electrical wiring is an urgent problem for many owners of apartments and private houses. It is especially acute for those who live in old high-rise buildings, where the wiring has not changed since the time of their construction. The number of electrical appliances and their capacity is growing steadily. Over time, the old wiring will no longer cope with their power and become a threat to you and your household. If you have at least minimal experience in electrical work, you can replace the wiring yourself.

Phase One: Plan Development and Purchase Materials

The first step is to draw up a diagram of the future wiring. It should take into account:

  • Locations for new sockets,
  • Locations for switches,
  • Number of junction boxes,
  • Locations for large household appliances.

Materials you need:

Stage two: dismantling the old wiring

Pay attention! Electrical work in no case should be carried out until the apartment is de-energized.

After turning off the power supply, it is necessary to remove the furniture and dismantle the external wall decoration. In this case, work must begin with junction boxes. To do this, unscrew the cover, disconnect the twists and remove the old cable from the shtrob.

Stage three: laying new wiring and checking its functionality

Using the drawn-up work scheme, install the new wiring. It includes the following steps:

  • Wall chipping;
  • Cable attachment;
  • Installation of all necessary electrical products (switches, sockets, boxes);
  • Assembling the shield.

Note: In order to check the functionality of the new wiring, you will need a multimeter. With this device, you will find the wrongly connected reins. And if during the check you do not find them, the line can be connected to the input panel and use electricity.

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