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1. How to choose and prepare utensils for whipping egg whites

- Copper utensils are ideal for whipping, as they produce the most fluffy and tough foam that will last for a long time. Copper dishes are not so common in our everyday life, so it is best to replace them with glass or metal ones. But it is better not to use plastic dishes for whipping, because fatty films form on its porous surface, which prevent proteins from reaching their maximum volume. Aluminum containers are also not very suitable, as this metal will react with any acid added to the proteins, and the mass will turn gray.

So we use copper, glass or metal utensils for whipping the whites.

- Preparing the utensils for whipping is, first of all, so that they are absolutely clean and dry. Any, even the smallest amount of fat can lead to the fact that proteins rise only by a third of the potential volume. This is because the fat interferes with the formation of protein bonds in the protein foam. It is often a good idea to rub the bowls and whisk with lemon juice before whisking and then pat dry. But I always just have enough clean and dry dishes.

2. How to choose eggs and prepare egg whites for beating

- You can beat almost any egg, but keep in mind that the freshest eggs will take a little longer to beat due to the fact that they have a very thick protein. But they stay whipped longer.

Renault Duster replacement stabilizer struts: we consider carefully

The screwdriver is a fairly popular tool that greatly simplifies the process of screwing in and out of screws. Most of these tools run on rechargeable batteries, which periodically fail. Many people who are faced with such a breakdown are interested in how to repair a battery for a screwdriver and what needs to be done for this.

Things to know before starting a screwdriver battery repair

Before you try to restore the battery at home, you need to read the basic recommendations:

  • before starting repair work, it is necessary to determine the type of battery used;
  • in the process of disassembling the battery case, it is necessary to find out the polarity of the connections;
  • all "banks "Installed in batteries to protect against overheating have a soldered resistor and must therefore be removed very carefully;
  • Lithium-ion batteries cannot be repaired.

Additional information! Almost all elements in Bosch, Interskol and Vortex power tools have a serial connection.

Structural elements of the screwdriver

People who decide to repair a power tool should familiarize themselves with its main structural elements:

  • electric motor;
  • planetary gearbox for transferring rotation from the motor to the spindle;
  • clutch that regulates the torque;
  • electronic control unit;
  • battery;
  • chuck, with which the working attachments are fixed.

If the screwdriver is used incorrectly, each of the listed components may fail.

Checking the screwdriver battery

Before you start repairing the tool, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of checking the battery.

Battery performance test

Renault Duster replacement of stabilizer struts: we consider carefully As a rule, such malfunctions lead the driver into a panic state and he immediately

FABULA leather goods - the start of sales of the limited collection CROCO!

The 274th buyout started 13 minutes ago

A limited spring collection of CROCO leather has been released by popular demand!

CROCO is a minimum of decor and a maximum of color with a characteristic favorite texture.

FABULA is a trademark of original accessories made of genuine leather, focused on the mass-market segment, part of the ASKENT GROUP, which has been successfully operating in the leather goods market for over 20 years.

Attention! The original may differ from the photo: the product's color may be distorted due to color rendition and monitor calibration; components and skin tone may vary from batch to batch.

Large photos can be viewed on the supplier's website

Description: Women's mini-bag is made of genuine leather. Closes with a metal zipper. Inside main compartment, zip pocket and 2 additional patch pockets. The set includes an adjustable removable handle-belt (min length: 1130 mm., Max: 1280 mm.). External dimensions: 225 x 170 x 070 (accommodates the A5 format). Packing: Spunbond bag.

Description: Women's bag is made of genuine leather. Closes with a metal zipper. Inside there is a roomy main compartment, two deep patch pockets and a roomy zip pocket. On the outer back side there is a zip pocket. Hardware color: nickel. External size: 335x260x090 (accommodates A4 format). Packing: Spunbond bag.

Description: Women's backpack is made of genuine leather. Closes with a metal zipper. Inside there is a main compartment, a deep side pocket with a zipper, two large side pockets. On the outer back side there are two adjustable shoulder straps. Special feature: leather brush. Hardware color: nickel. External size: 270x290x080 (accommodates the A5 format). packing: spunbond bag.

Description: Men's multifunctional wallet is made of genuine leather. Inside there are 2 compartments for banknotes, a compartment for coins, 5 compartments for cash and paper, compartments for checks and papers, a compartment with a zipper. Hardware color: nickel. External dimensions: 100х125х020. Packing: gift box.

Description: A medium volume key holder in an original design, closing with a zipper. Has an O-shaped key ring inside with a long leather strap. Hardware color: nickel. External dimensions: 125x075x025. Packing: gift box.

Description: Passport cover made of genuine leather. 2 pockets on the inner fold: a leather pocket with 4 welt pockets for credit cards and a narrow pocket made of transparent plastic. Distinctive feature: "passport" embossing. External size: 095x135x003. Packing: gift box.

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