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Payments to IDP pensioners have been stopped from time to time since 2016. The issue of debt recovery remains relevant today.

According to "Tribune" with a reference to "Legal Adviser for IDPs", the situation when a pension is blocked for violating the "56-day rule" happens quite often. The Pension Fund argues that the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 335 of 25.4018 is to blame and it is necessary to wait for its cancellation. According to human rights activists, such actions of the PFU bodies are illegal.

Lawyers clarify that based on Art. 9 of the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance", the payment of a pension by decision of the territorial bodies of the Pension Fund or by a court decision may be suspended in such cases:

  • if the pension was assigned on the basis of documents containing inaccurate information;
  • in the event of the death of a pensioner;
  • if the assigned pension is not received within 6 consecutive months;
  • in other cases provided by law (if the pension is assigned on the basis of other laws).

At the same time, according to Art. 46 of the same Law, when a pensioner applies for a pension that was not paid through the fault of the pension authority, the accrued amounts are paid for the past time without any time limit with the accrual of compensation for the loss of part of the income. If the pensioner himself was guilty that he did not receive the funds, then he still has the right to pay the pension three years before the day of applying for it. True, in this case, the amount is paid simultaneously for no more than 12 months, and the rest - in equal monthly installments in the amount of a monthly pension.

What to do if your rights are violated?

1. Apply with a written complaint to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (01601, Kiev, Bastionnaya st., 9). In the application, be sure to indicate your last name, first name, patronymic, RNOKPP (identification code) and contact details. Also, do not forget to indicate the essence of your appeal and describe violations on the part of a specific pension authority (groundless non-payment of pension for the period "from" to ", etc.). If the debt arose when assigning a pension or in connection with the transfer of a pension file, or if you were mistakenly included in the lists of persons who have been in the occupied territory for more than 60 days, be sure to indicate this in the complaint.

Human rights activists note that in some cases it is enough to file such a complaint to pay off pension arrears. However, if the appeal did not give the expected results, you should use the second option.

2. Appeal against the inaction of the pension authority in court. In this case, first you need to take care of the evidence that will be added to the statement of claim. In particular, come in handy:

  • a written response from the pension authority about the reasons for the termination of the pension and non-payment of arrears (provided at the request of the pensioner);
  • certificate of the amount of accrued and actually paid amounts of pension (provided by application of a pensioner);
  • an extract from a bank retirement account.

The statute of limitations for appeals to the court on the payment of a pension is not applied, however, in the claim it is worth remembering this anyway, using references to the ruling of the Supreme Court of April 24, 2018 in case No. 646/6250/17.

“We also draw your attention to the fact that in the statement of claim you should ask for and establish judicial control over the execution of the judgment in accordance with Article 382 of the CAS of Ukraine. If such control is established, the court has the right to impose a fine on the head of the pension body in case of non-payment of your pension arrears on the basis of a court decision, ”add the lawyers.

In addition, the implementation of the court decision in the future can also be helped by: contacting the enforcement service with an application to open enforcement proceedings; filing an application with the police for a criminal offense under Art. Art. 175, 382 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine; filing an application with the court, which considered the claim in accordance with Art. 383 CAS of Ukraine.

Pensions of IDP pensioners: blockages, arrears


A new political emigrant has appeared in the Ukrainian politician. The speech goes about Maria Yegorovna Gaidar, granddaughter of the writers Arkadiy Gaidar and Pavel Bazhov, and the daughter of the reformer of the elite call Yegor Gaidar. She, possibly, will be appointed as a substitute to another political emigrant, the governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili. True, after a few scandals that guide the girl Masha on the first day of her arrival in Ukraine, Sakashvili has already stated that this The most striking of these scandals is the question of the journalist "Who is Ukraine fighting with?" Marya ...

Why do people who helped Yanukovych's regime steal billions from the country and the people until now, go to freedom? Apparently because then they helped to steal billions of already new power. To this conclusion, to a new degree, we are led by the history of "miraculous passions" from the cornerstone responsibility of the former head of the NBU, Boris Prikhodko. Cheloveka, kotorye nepocredctvenno uchactvoval in bankovckix aferax 2014 goda, cledctviem chego ctalo padenie hryvnia and ekonomiki ctrany, proxodil obvinyaemym Po delu o fakticheckom xischenii 2 milliardov and dolgie godya yavlyalcya doverennym litsom ... <

The new owner will continue to fill up its ranks with old frames and make alliances with its predecessors. In this case, they receive the duties and sit on the schemes not only "poroxotes", but also "donuts", whose trusted persons actively tidy up Ukrainian energy. And if ye when Poroshenko ugolnuyu otracl and polovinu energogeneriruyuschix moschnoctey otdali nA otkup Axmetovu c ego "rotterdamckimi formulami" verily if Zelenckom ego nachinayut tecnit "druzhectvennye konkurenty" from cemi Viktora Yanukovicha - ego Sasha cynok Stomatolog and blizhayshy koresh Yura Enikievcky. SKELET-info already ...


The former top manager of Privatbank Yatsenko was taken out from under the sky for a reason. Photos from open sources

Yesterday, until late in the evening, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court chose a measure of restraint for the ex-first deputy chairman of the board of Privatbank, Vladimir Yatsenko.

It was stopped before the 22nd of April of this year and sounded the alternative - a deposit in the amount of 52 million 210 thousand.

Recall: a few days before NABU literally took Yatsenko out of the sky. He tried to take off in the direction of Vienna in Kolomoisky's plane. Already in fact, on the last few kilometers before the boundary, the airplanes were blown apart and the camera was sent to Borispol. And Yatsenko herself was declared a "fagot" according to Article 191 of the Criminal Code - abuse of office. He is charged with the use of Privatbank's funds in especially large sizes.

Later, the details of this criminal case, which spin Sytnik's leadership, have become known. It talks about spending 136 million hryvnias, which the bank lost literally on the eve of nationalization in 2016.

Business in the public plan is very large and is presented by the authorities, NABU and its group of support as a breakthrough in the case of abductions by the former co-workers.

At the same time, if you study the details, then you get a completely different picture.

The episode by which the suspicions of the ex-top managers of Privatbank are now announced is one of the smallest. The amount of 136 million is nothing in comparison with the figure of $ 5.5 billion, which after the nationalization came to close the

Nowadays 1000 rubles is a very small amount for which it is difficult to buy a really useful and necessary thing. Aliexpress in this regard breaks all records, if you search well, you can find very interesting decor items that will decorate your interior.

Creative Photo Frame

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Artificial Silk Peonies

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Scented candles

Candles in the usual format look pretty boring. The presented scented candles will literally change your apartment design and add a touch of airiness to it. The pleasant aroma from the candles will create an incredibly cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

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The long-awaited summer is approaching and now you need to think about arranging your garden and vegetable garden. On Aliexpress, you can find very useful and inexpensive products that will help you create a cozy garden, as well as make life easier for those who like to grow their fruits and vegetables.

Mini Solar Fountain

If you add a beautiful fountain to your garden, then the whole area will be significantly transformed. Dear and difficult fans to install, can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, we offer a mini version. The main advantage of this fountain is that it is powered by solar energy.

Ultrasonic mouse, cockroach, insect, rat repeller

Various insects, creepy rats not only cause disgust, but can also very much harm the garden. To be sure of your future harvest, it is worth purchasing an ultrasonic mouse that emits a sound that scares away any unnecessary animals.

Strong plastic plant support clips

Every gardener knows that if the fruit is too heavy, the branch may not support the weight and break from the weight. To do this, you need to tie up the plant. To avoid using simple, flimsy threads, get sturdy plastic clips. They are easy to attach and hold the plant with high quality for a long time.

Solar Water Pump

A water pump is useful for a fountain, pool or outdoor shower. Thanks to the design, the pump takes all the necessary energy from the sun, so complex electrical wires are completely unnecessary.

Mini Flower Pots

To decorate your garden, buy these multi-colored pots. They can be placed around the entire perimeter of a country house, thereby adding a touch of individuality to your territory.

With every new news we hear about Japan, we become more and more convinced that this country is from a parallel world. Only there you can buy a desktop washing machine, a transparent TV and much more that other inhabitants of the planet could only dream of.

We have collected 12 inventions, for which you will not hesitate to buy a plane ticket and go to this country.

Butter Grater

We all know it's not easy to spread frozen butter on toast. But this is not a problem for Japan, as the inhabitants of this country use special graters.

Water-efficient bathroom

This water-saving washbasin and bathtub combination was created in 1956. When you wash your hands, excess water is collected in a tank called a cistern and then all of the liquid is used to flush the toilet.

Compact fan

While everyone suffers from the heat, installs air conditioners in their homes and drinks a lot of cold drinks, the Japanese have gone further and invented compact fans.

Head Umbrella

There are frequent rains and typhoons in Japan, which can easily break a good umbrella. A fairly popular option here is an umbrella for the head, the main advantage of which is that it allows a person to free their hands.

Recently, the Japanese invented the first flying umbrella that not only protects you from rain and frees your hands, but also looks very cool.

Warning glasses

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