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There are many different signs and superstitions associated with flowers. According to some of them, potted flowers and freshly cut flowers take all oxygen from the room where the sick person is.

Superstitions About Plants

As mentioned earlier, there are many unusual superstitions associated with plants. For example: Blooming plants and trees out of season is considered a bad omen. Previously, all people believed that the white flowers brought into the house contributed to the acceleration of the death of the owners. That is why no one gave white flowers, especially if they had drooping heads or they had a viscous smell.

The British have a prejudice towards bouquets that combine white and red flowers together. If such a bouquet is given to a sick person, then it was perceived as a wish for him an early death.

Color combination

Red flowers are a symbol of happiness, and scarlet flowers are a symbol of vitality. That is why the combination of scarlet and red colors was perceived with approval. This cannot be said about the combination of white and red colors, which are perceived as bandage and blood.

Flowers cannot be brought in English hospitals. Earlier, nurses were fired because they were allowed to put such bouquets in the patient's room. The nurses were given such a description that then no one hired her in any medical institution.

Flowers brought to the hospital should never be placed on a patient's bed. There used to be a custom, according to which, a person who was discharged from the hospital left flowers in the ward in pots. If he takes the flowers with him, he may end up in the hospital again.

The Danger of Flowers

Previously, people were sure that cut flowers and flowers in pots that were in hospital wards sucked out all the oxygen, and patients were left without air. According to researchers, this superstition has its roots in the Middle Ages.

In reality, flowers cannot in any way suck oxygen from the room in which they are located. It has been proven by scientists that plants use oxygen at night. During the day, they give it away in large quantities. Those who are afraid of leaving flowers next to a sick person at night need to know how much oxygen they consume.

Plants weighing 0.5 kg consume 0.1 liters of oxygen per hour. A person weighing 75 kg, being in a calm state, uses 71 liters of oxygen in 1 hour. A nurse who regularly visits a patient at night uses much more oxygen than a plant in a room.

What hospital superstitions are associated with flowers

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