Diamond embroidery

What costume to make for the new year for your daughter? Where can you get everything you need for him so that he does not go out of fashion and is always in trend?

The herringbone costume, like snowflakes, due to the constant demand, will not go out of fashion or will not cease to be relevant.

So, you have a lot of options on how to make a Christmas tree (Christmas tree) costume for a girl with your own hands at home.

Let's analyze from the simplest costumes, which are easy to make in 2-3 hours, to more complex ones. From the most affordable, requiring minimal investment, to more sophisticated and demanding sewing skills.

Just imagine how much: nerves, time and money you can save by making a gorgeous suit 1 time. And what will happen to those who see your exclusive costume on a child?

So now you need a pen and a piece of paper to quickly jot down all the ideas and resources you need.

What can a herringbone costume be made of?

When thinking about a Christmas tree costume, always keep spare options, for example, it will be useful to learn how to make a squirrel, bunny and hedgehog costume with your own hands quickly and easily. Hairstyle - which one to choose for a New Year's costume? How to decorate it so that your baby is irresistible at the New Year's party and it perfectly matches the costume, you will find at this link.

We will tell you about a snowflake costume, which is always in stock with wise and smart mothers, but how to make it yourself at home quickly and beautifully in detail with photo and video master classes here.

DIY Christmas tree costume

The model presented in the article is simple, but at the same time looks impressive. We propose to consider what the costume consists of, and how to make it yourself step by step.

Suit Components

How to collect correctly

The technique of making a diamond mosaic is a simple process that delays and at the same time soothes. In my opinion, it even slightly resembles meditation. In order to correctly assemble the mosaic, you must adhere to the following algorithm step by step:

  • The first thing I do is place the canvas on a flat surface.
  • After that I remove the protective film from a small part of the circuit. Having thought in advance what fragment I can upload. For the right-hander, it is best to start laying out from the upper left corner. Thus, during further work, the already finished section will not be damaged by hand.
  • Next, I find the color designation on the image, which I will post first. I determine the designation of flowers according to the scheme of letters and numbers, the number of the package with stones and find it.
  • I pour the rhinestones into the tray and, slightly shaking it, I make them turn their faceted part up.
  • Then, with the stylus, I pick up the silicone mass and pry the crystal. And I transfer it to the diagram.
  • It is better to finish the area from which the film has been removed immediately, so that the adhesive base does not dry out. Otherwise, the sticky layer may lose its properties, become covered with dust and lose its tack.

Working with large paintings is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to keep a canvas of this size constantly unfolded. In such cases, part of the canvas is left folded and in the process of work unfold the diagram and carefully fold the laid out part.

How to work with protective film

The protective film is designed to protect the glue on which dust can adhere, so you cannot remove it all at once. A new section is opened as the picture is filled.

If the adhesive layer is left open for a long time, it will become covered with lint and dust. Eliminate this problem with a damp cloth, light pressure. When the time comes to work further, you need to check how the rhinestones are glued after cleaning with water. You may need to apply glue to each stone separately. If the adhesive base remains without film for a long time and has dried, you will need a glue gun.

How to lay out a picture with round and square rhinestones

Technically, there is no difference in the layout of the mosaic with round and square rhinestones. Visually, square ones are more suitable for full-length paintings, as they give integrity to the canvas. Round diamonds are more often used to decorate certain areas of the painting.

Process Features

In the course of work, the finished fragments must be immediately leveled with a ruler until the glue dries. To do this, a ruler is applied horizontally and vertically, correcting stones knocked out of a row. So the work will be as accurate as possible. Thus, the entire scheme should be laid out.

Large areas in one shade are easier to spread using the stylus attachment for several rhinestones. Instructions for use with a pencil of this type:

Halloween makeup and makeup: DIY make-up at home

Witch, ghost, skeleton or clown - who will you be this Halloween? Look for dozens of ideas for themed make-up in our beauty dossier

will take> 5 minutes to read

Text: Veronika Gnezdilova

What should be Halloween makeup? Awesome and original! There is enough time left before the holiday so that you can choose an interesting and vivid image. Our Halloween makeup guide will help you!

Any holiday or party is a reason to try on an unusual make-up image. But if, for example, a New Year's or wedding make-up still has its own unspoken rules, then Halloween makeup can be anything: eccentric, frightening or absolutely insane. Do not forget that to complete the look, you need to think over and choose the right hairstyle for Halloween.

On the eve of All Saints' Day, we all feel a little like children - and we should not suppress this feeling. Be bolder! And we will tell you how to get the maximum practical benefit from this mood. By the way, you can find some useful tips in the video below.


In order to depict the scar in the most natural way, first we need to understand what kind of scar we need: hypertrophic (protruding above the surface of the skin) or atrophic (as if drawn into it). Most often, the characters of movies and computer games proudly wear the latter. For this, one makeup will not be enough, you need to create a "screed" effect.

It is also worth deciding in advance when this scar was received: a couple of days ago or many years have passed? Yes, yes: the color of the "wound" will depend on it.

1. We cleanse the skin so that the future scar will reliably "attach" to it. Any micellar water will do, in extreme cases - wet wipes. If you have sensitive skin, before using makeup, apply a special makeup glue: it will protect your face from aggressive effects.

This glue is also worth using if you plan to make yourself similar scars often: regular use of "harsh" cosmetics will not do you any good.

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