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For some reason, today I again remembered the one from Thai boxing. I don't understand why, but I often think about her. Emotions overwhelm and I want to cry. She's gone, she's on vacation.

My vacation has been going on for only a week, and I already miss it. I don't know why, because when she is present at work, special emotions do not arise. Well ... if I was not married, I would gladly take her somewhere. For example, play chess. Or to the gym, where you can at least look at the ass. And her priest is cool. I don’t want to think about silk sheets and the sea view. Not in this life and not with me.


Constant idiotism on the part of the wife leads to confirmation of her demand for a divorce. With her, too, emotions overwhelm and I want to cry. No sex, no respect.



Recently there was information that the water supply could be turned off at the summer cottage. I gave it to her today. The ingenious answer: "We need to dig a well." Not a well, but a well. And the well needs about one hundred and twenty thousand rubles.

Everything would be fine and a well could be done. One "BUT". Even three "BUT". The well could be made on credit, having accumulated half of the amount in three months. But I have minus thirty on the map. But she decided to make repairs and looked after the wall, stretch ceiling and wallpaper, and this is also one hundred and fifty thousand. But you need to send the children on vacation, and this is also a hundredth. And the salary is not a hundred and we spend it in full. She is not interested in this. Emotions overwhelm and I want to cry from the boundless stupidity.


Emotions overwhelm and want to cry

Sensual world view

Perception of the world greatly influences our emotions and feelings. Each of us has his own, formed throughout life, starting from childhood. Through various events, we seem to come to certain conclusions about life. By definition, all at once, initially, all pictures of the world do not correspond to reality. Reality is richer. Our picture of the world is a kind of scheme in which some important elements of reality may be present, while others may have a completely different meaning, a different “coloring”, or some kind of distortion.

For example, part of the worldview of a person who has had some kind of dramatic experience in the past may be the following: “Trusting is dangerous. You can't be fully involved in a relationship. " Or "A real man shouldn't show feelings." Or "A woman should always make a man feel like a good fellow." These beliefs are strokes of paint on the canvas of a picture of the world. Accordingly, the picture of the world never coincides with reality. This is generally impossible, because the map is not equal to the territory. But a person is guided in his life by his own picture of the world, arranges life in accordance with it and strives to avoid contradictions. He does not communicate with people whose worldviews do not coincide with his own. But it is impossible to completely adjust reality to your picture of the world, because we do not live in isolation from the world, but rather actively.

The first thing a person does when faced with inconsistencies is to interpret, adjust reality to his picture of the world. For example, a person is looking at me attentively, and I do not think that he is sincerely interested in me, but I think that perhaps he wants to take something away from me. I interpret this as a danger, in my picture of the world the danger is "spelled out". Suppose there was no communication with this person, we parted ways, and I remained with this opinion, retaining my picture of the world. But, let’s say, the contact happened, let’s suppose that in response to a look that seemed to me to be a manifestation of interest, I sincerely responded, expecting open, kind communication. And then suddenly a person starts talking to me coldly and rationally. And this inconsistency between my picture of the world and reality causes emotion - resentment, anger, depression. If everything coincided, then I would be as calm as possible. If any super-significant expectations coincided, I would be happy.

The meaning of a person's emotional state

Certain responses can motivate people to take action. The emotional state affects relationships with others, therefore, for successful socialization, one must be able to subtly feel the mood of the interlocutor.

Strong expressions of affection inspire creative people to create their masterpieces. A person becomes more receptive to the world around him. Therefore, it is impossible to completely suppress feelings and not express your thoughts.

Emotional control is not only the key to successful communication. A person learns to follow his facial expression, gestures, behavior, begins to better understand the inner world of others and create a favorable environment. Self-correction teaches you to concentrate on solving important problems and pleasant emotions. Controlling your thoughts, feelings and other manifestations of feelings is one of the sections of psychohygiene.

What Psychology Says

Psychologists advise not to restrain your emotions, but not to throw them out on others. There are other ways to learn how to control and restrain your emotions that are productive:

  • projecting feelings on a sheet of paper;
  • using anti-stress coloring pages;
  • a good way to relieve stress is playing sports or work related physical activity;
  • watching your favorite movie or reading a book;
  • relaxing with a suitable music or audiobook.

For some reason, today I again remembered the one from Thai boxing. I don't understand why, but I often think about her. Emotions overwhelm and I want to cry ...



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What is cruelty and how is it manifested?

Every day we talk and maybe even get to know different people, and we get the impression of them: he is good or bad, evil or kind, cruel or merciful. And, no matter how we would like, but there are a lot of cruel people in the world. They mend wars, kill, take revenge, inflict mental pain, and it is from them that evil comes. They say that it is necessary for the world to have a balance. As for me, it's better without balance, as long as everyone is safe and sound.

Cruelty is a very insidious psychological trait. We are all endowed with it from birth, like any other quality. Only someone refuses to develop it, and someone does everything possible to become even tougher every year. Cruelty is always accompanied by anger, envy, rudeness, destructive aggression and terrible selfishness. A cruel person, achieving his goal, will go over the head, kill if necessary, and will never show mercy, even if there is an innocent child in front of him. The worst thing is that a cruel person always takes pleasure in his atrocities.

Important: there are two forms of cruelty: active, in which a person himself commits crimes against any living being intentionally, and passive, when a person observes the manifestation of cruelty, does not respond to a cry for help, but enjoys the fact that sees. Both forms of cruelty are very dangerous. And, unfortunately, it is not always possible to identify people with such qualities immediately, because they skillfully disguise their true face.

Violence can be physical or mental. I propose to consider the main manifestations of cruelty in a person:

  • Gossip, slander, ridicule, humiliation and other verbal aggression against another person.
  • Physical harm: beatings, sexual assault.
  • Destruction of all living things: animals, plants, people.
  • Negative emotions in an extremely pronounced form: irritability, anger, intolerance and hatred.
  • Destruction of inanimate objects is intentional.
  • Refusal to provide assistance to the one who asks. Here we are talking about saving human life and health.

Sadists have all of the above manifestations. These are mentally ill people who simply cannot live without inflicting bodily pain on someone. They get tremendous pleasure from their actions. For example, these are maniacs, murderers, terrorists. Such people believe that the harm and evil that comes from them is a mission that they must fulfill during their lifetime. As for me, such people just need to be exterminated. Maybe this is how my cruelty manifests itself too, but I believe that cruel people are “metastases” that only poison the life of the planet's population, take away their strength and energy.

The virtues of cruelty

Cruelty as a character trait can only have merit for that person. All others experience only negativity.

Despite this, a cruel person wants to stay that way in order to be taller, cooler than everyone else. Psychologists say that this desire may be unconscious, since a person was once unable to overcome the psychological trauma he received and the pain caused by it. He could not overcome the injustice, and in order not to feel this way ever again, he became cruel. But in reality, he is scared and needs support. However, he believes that he is feared and will never be bullied again.

Disadvantages of Violence

If we compare cruelty with aggression, then an aggressive person can at times become kind and pitiful. And cruelty is irreversible in itself. As a result, the cruel person himself suffers and degrades. In severely advanced cases, mental and physical disorders appear as a result of loneliness and lack of communication. And how could it be otherwise - no one wants to communicate with an immoral, immoral and unprincipled person. He remains alone with his problems.

It is undeniable that sometimes turning off emotions is very important, but in some cases this behavior can be regarded as indifference or disdain. For example, it is often difficult for such a person to build a romantic relationship.