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It's 2021, and the designers seem to miss the past. They conspired, remembering the wide shoulders and low rise of jeans, as in the 90s. The wave of nostalgia has already swept across the world. Supermodels Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid managed to join fashion trends. What do designers Carolina Herrera, Alberta Ferretti and Loewe suggest to wear this year? Read today in MORE magazine:

top trends for women of all ages

Check print

The cage seems to be timeless! In 2021, this print got a second life. Clothes in a box are offered to be worn by the fashion houses Fendi, Ganni and Proenza Schouler. Moreover, the designers did not limit clients in the choice of clothes. Plaid can be anything from skirts like the Sandro show, and jackets like Prada, to trench coats and coats like Tommy Hilfiger.

Plaid print fits well into a basic wardrobe. For example, a plaid coat can be worn with a fur hat and milky jeans, as does Gigi Hadid. A baseball cap and beige joggers (on the example of Sofia Coelho) will successfully complement a bomber jacket in a cage. And a long coat in black and green check can be combined with black stiletto boots, as Olivia Palermo did for her release in New York.

Broad shoulders

Bulky shoulders from the 80s are back! Designers Moschino, Givenchy, Maison Margiela and Comme des Garcons made an emphasis on them in their collections. But each of them approached the creation of clothes individually. While some added volume to the sleeves of jackets and blouses, others did it with dresses and tops.

Balmain suggests wearing wide shoulders with skinny denim shorts and trousers, and Alexander McQeen with black skinny jeans. You can also take note of examples of celebrities. So, Aimee Song combines a romper with voluminous sleeves with matching boats. Leonie Hanni wears a shirt dress under a wide-shoulder blazer. And Kara Daur wears a voluminous white shirt with classic trousers and it turns out to be the perfect office option.

Sheer Clothes

The most feminine trend of the current year. For the first time, the fashion for translucent things appeared at the shows of Sportmas, Fendi and Dior. And they didn't look vulgar. An enlightening layer was used over classic basics such as miniskirts, tops and turtlenecks.

Want to be trendy? Put on a dress with a sheer insert as Leonie Hanni did. Or wear a sheer-sleeved blouse that can be paired with tailored trousers like Olivia Palermo. Alternatively, you can wear an enlightening T-shirt over the top and replicate the image of Kim Kardashian herself.

Cutout garments

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