Citrus fruits are the most beneficial for the body

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A wonderful dessert for any holiday that will be appreciated by both adults and children - popsicles. Unlike store copies, there is definitely nothing superfluous and suspicious in such ice cream. And ice cream can be made from any berries or fruits.

General recommendations

Whipped cream mixed with sugar, milk, egg yolks and other ingredients is most often used as a basis for preparing a cold dessert. Some recipes include adding cottage cheese or yogurt. Despite the varying composition, there are several common culinary subtleties that allow you to quickly make a sweet homemade dessert.

To get delicious and soft popsicles, you need to use only fatty dairy products and ripe juicy fruits. In order for the dessert to acquire a delicate, velvety and sufficiently dense structure, various thickeners are additionally introduced into it. Lemon juice, powdered milk, starch, agar-agar, egg yolks, or gelatin are best suited for these purposes. Due to the presence of these components, the delicacy does not melt for a long time.

Many culinary experts recommend using powder instead of sugar. This will make the treat more uniform. And to make it light and airy, the milk mass is first ground through a sieve and only then frozen.

Fruit ice is the easiest dessert

Fruit ice is considered the easiest ice-cream dessert to prepare. Making ice popsicles at home is simple - grind any of the fruits you like, add powdered sugar or sugar if you wish, and pour it into the appropriate form.

How to make ice cream ice at home so that it is ideal for all family members. The first thing is to determine the type of fruit that everyone loves. Ice-cream ice at home does not require special cooking skills - all that is required for this: simple step-by-step actions, and you will get a wonderful frozen dessert.

Fruit ice can be prepared in several ways: using sugar syrup, using gelatin or starch, yoghurt and fruit ingredients. You can use several different fruits at the same time, dividing the dessert into layers. Any fruits and berries will do, for example, one of the classic recipes is frozen pear ice, and here's what you need.

How to make popsicles at home

It only seems that the roles have long been assigned: lemons - for tea or fish, lime - for tequila, oranges - as juice for breakfast. Even the usual citruses are capable of pleasant surprises.

What's the use of an orange

Citrus fruits are the healthiest ones. Few people know that the most popular of the citrus fruits, orange, is a hybrid between pomelo and tangerine. More than 600 varieties of it are grown in the world today. From a culinary point of view, it is important to isolate the bitter variety with tart, sour, but very aromatic pulp and sweet, Valencian, which most often ends up on our table.

Also popular are the Jaffa orange, which has a thick, ribbed peel, and "pointed".

Why red orange is good for you

Red orange stands alone. These red-veined citrus fruits are some of the healthiest. They are high in anthocyanins, antioxidants that reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Please note that bitter oranges are extremely fragrant, almost all of their harvest goes to the production of liqueurs, candied fruits and jams. Marmalades, jams, orange confitures are good both on their own and as an addition in the form of glaze, marinades and sauces to poultry, meat and cheese plate.

Under the label "juice oranges" most often there are sweet varieties of the "valencia" type - they are smooth, juicy, with a smooth skin. "Ribbed" and "navel" - universal varieties with a refreshing and harmonious sweet and sour taste, are good both squeezed out and "alive". Orange slices fit perfectly into those dishes that need to give astringency, pronounced fruitiness and a subtle tropical aroma, and at the same time, do not overdo it with acid, for example, pumpkin soup or baked duck.

In terms of vitamin C content, orange is one of the leaders among citrus fruits. 100 ml of orange juice contains about 40-50% of the daily requirement for vitamin C. But you need to drink the juice really fresh - vitamin C is very fragile, after half an hour in the air it begins to rapidly disappear from the contents of the glass.

The orange or reddish color of the pulp indicates the presence of vitamin A in it, which is necessary for the eyesight and health of the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, the orange is rich in pectin. This substance improves digestion and removes excess cholesterol from the body.

Fruit icecream. How to make a delicate and healthy dessert yourself. Sorbet - made from raspberries, mangoes, grapes, cherries, peaches. Apple, banana, orange ice cream.

Cut sunflower flowers are distinguished by enviable durability, and such bouquets can delight you for a long time, keeping their freshness. But, nevertheless, minimal care for such a composition is required. Experienced florists share their secrets to preserve cut sunflowers for as long as possible.

Basic rules and tips for caring for cut sunflowers

The main rules for caring for such a bouquet include, first of all, the preparation of water and the stems themselves:

  • The liquid should not be cold, because these are heat-loving plants.
  • The water in the vase needs to be slightly salted, this will allow the flowers to keep their brightness of the buds longer.
  • The water in the vase needs to be changed every two or three days. You can look at the state of the buds. Before pouring in fresh liquid, the container is rinsed with boiling water.
  • Each time the water in the vase is changed, the cut is also processed, the stems are cut obliquely.
  • The stems are immersed in water for 3-5 centimeters.

The right temperature for a bouquet of sunflowers

Sunflower flowers do not have special temperature requirements, the main thing here is that there is no freezing. If the bouquet is protected from drafts and cold, flowering will last much longer.

The decorative sunflower is very fond of sunlight. But, at the same time, direct sunlight can damage it, because these flowers have the property of "fast ripening". It is better to store the cutting not on the window, but somewhere closer to the center of the room.

How to choose the right sunflower flowers

Fresh cut of sunflowers will last the longest, of course. But if you buy a ready-made composition, pay attention to the condition:

  • Leaves - they must be firm, the color is bright green.
  • Stem and cut - the stem must be straight and free from damage, the cut must be clean and free from decay.
  • Bud - it is the freshness of the bud that determines how long the bouquet will last, the buds should be bright, the petals should not show signs of "drooping".

Taking care of a bouquet of sunflowers is easy enough. The main thing is to follow the rules and change the water in the vase on time. It is only necessary to update the cut of the stem with clean tools to avoid infection. The time of its flowering will depend on what kind of care the bouquet of sunflowers will receive. The flower family also plays an important role, ornamental plants grown specifically for sale are less mature than those grown in the field.

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