Choosing soil for seedlings - which must be included in the composition

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Every gardener and gardener faces the problem of choosing a soil for vegetable and ornamental crops from year to year. Buying land or harvesting it at home? What to add to it and how to process it? After all, the health of plants and the entire future harvest depends on the quality of the soil!

You can independently prepare a substrate for growing seedlings in the fall: mix deoxidized peat with vermicompost or mature compost, add baking powder (river sand, perlite or vermiculite), take care of fertilizing, check the acidity of the resulting soil mixture.

Of course, this is a troublesome and time-consuming process. And if it is not possible to prepare the land in advance, you can always purchase ready-made soil that is suitable for growing a particular crop and will contain macro- and microelements in the right proportions. In addition, the purchased soil is free of phytopathogens and weed seeds.

Seedling soil

Vegetables with a short growing season require more nutrients than plants with a long growing season. It is also important to take into account that the nutrition of the seedlings should be balanced.

Nitrogen is required early in plant growth and before flowering. This macronutrient is part of the protein and is the basis of all life processes. With a lack of nitrogen in the soil, seedlings lag behind in growth, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. However, an excess of nitrogen is harmful to seedlings: plants quickly grow green mass, and flowering and fruiting are delayed.

Phosphorus ensures the development of the root system, the process of budding and flowering, as well as the transport of nutrients to all organs of the plant. Seedlings require more potassium than nitrogen and phosphorus. Potassium helps plants to assimilate nitrogen, promotes resistance to adverse conditions, participates in protein metabolism and in the assimilation of carbon dioxide. Magnesium plays an important role in all metabolic processes, stimulates the intake of phosphorus from the soil and its assimilation by plants, promotes the accumulation of essential oils, increases the protective properties of plants.

Soil for seedlings Agricola from Technoexport contains nitrogen (200 mg / l), phosphorus (100 mg / l), potassium (350 mg / l), as well as magnesium, iron, boron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum. Such a set of macro- and microelements will provide adequate nutrition for seedlings and allow seedlings to grow and develop quickly.

The basis of the soil is sphagnum peat, which has high porosity and moisture capacity. Even with abundant watering, such a substrate will contain at least 20% of the air, which is very important for the normal functioning of the plant root system. In addition, high-moor peat has antiseptic properties, since it contains phenolic compounds that prevent the appearance of root and root rot.

When sowing seeds, the containers should be filled with soil by 4/5 of the volume, watered well, spread the seed at a certain distance and sprinkle with soil on top. Small seeds of some crops (celery, strawberries) do not need to be sprinkled. Then the containers must be covered with glass or foil and put in a warm place until shoots appear.

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