Choosing cheese for cheesecake: classic cheeses and inexpensive counterparts

Cheesecake is a cheese dessert popular in Western cuisine. The basis of its preparation is soft cheese, thanks to which the dish turns out to be unusually airy. Both commercial and homemade cheeses can be used to prepare these pastries.

Cheesecake qualities

90% of the cheesecake is cheese and only 10% is the accompanying ingredients. This is why it is so important to choose a good product. This is the only way to hope for a classic, soft cheese dessert, which is similar at the same time to a casserole or mousse.

The wrong choice of cheese is necessarily reflected in the appearance and structure of the dessert - during baking, the cheesecake will crack or blur.

  • soft creamy;
  • low-fat curd.

Cream cheeses made from sour cream and cream are most suitable for cheesecakes. Their consistency is very tender and soft - ideal for a cheese dessert.

Cheesecake and cheese substitutes

The classic cheesecake is made from Philadelphia cheese. It is mixed with sugar, cream, eggs, fruit is added if desired. The mixture is placed on a substrate of grated cookies and decorated with chocolate chips, fruit slices, and cream.

Philadelphia is an American cheese brand. This product is manufactured by Kraft Foods. It has been produced in the USA since 1872. This cheese got its name from the city of the same name, in which it was once produced in large quantities.

  • has a creamy texture;
  • easy to spread on bread;
  • can replace mayonnaise / sour cream in a recipe - for example, in minced meat for cutlets ;
  • saltiness is present in the taste.

Philadelphia is a rarity in the domestic market, and you have to look for some kind of replacement. Of those cheeses that are freely available.

  • Chavroux, Boursin, Petit-suisse (country of origin - France);
  • Snofrisk (made in Norway);
  • Mascarpone (Italian cheese);
  • "President Cream", "Almette Curd", "Rama Cream Bonjour" (domestic product).

What kind of cheese cheesecakes are made from, its properties and characteristics. What can replace Philadelphia cheese? Inexpensive substitutes, and how to make cream cheese at home.

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