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PRO: DIY mechanized flooring: yes or no?

In terms of development rates, only electronics and IT can compete with the construction industry. Both materials and technology are improving at an astonishing rate.

Example - flooring. This direction is experiencing a kind of boom. And the way of mechanized pouring of dry screed sets the tone here.

What is this method, why is it actively used in Europe and how much it costs - more on that below.

Mechanized pouring of dry screeds: what's in your name?

The method has replaced the classic "wet" screed and traditional manual labor, when a team of workers spends 1 month only on flooring.

The mechanized method is based on German technology, the purpose of which is to save time and money while improving quality.

To make such a combination a reality, a mortar pump (mixer) is used. The screed components are poured into the unit:

  • Cement
  • Water
  • Sand
  • Additives depending on the final goal. The floor can be high-strength, chemical-resistant, non-slip, etc.

After that, the unit prepares the mixture in the required proportions and delivers it directly to the work site through special hoses.

Due to this, there is a reduction in the cost of work, because the solution does not need to be delivered to the object, and then raised to the floor - it is prepared, so to speak, online. Moreover, the unit runs on a diesel generator, it does not even need electricity. And the height of the ready-made solution supply through the hoses reaches 90 m.

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Embroidered bumblebee with woolen threads, it is a pleasure to create works with these soft, fluffy threads. Have you tried embroidering with them?

I forget to take pictures of the process..that is

⚜ handmade, artistic surface

⚜ felt base, woolen threads, sharp pin

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I'll show you a good hanger for drying hockey uniforms. Whoever played hockey himself or with whom children play hockey will understand how necessary this is both at home and at the training camp.

Of course, the hanger is foldable so that it is convenient to take with you on trips. It is better to make the hook from thin metal, it will be more convenient to hang.

I didn't show how the form hangs

I'll wait until they make a woman out of plastic pipes)

Zhiguli on a sweatshirt Hand-painted with special paints on fabric

This is the first Zhiguli sweatshirt from the big triple order. The painting is done with paints on the fabric. Washable.

Christmas ball

For a long time I wanted to learn how to knit with beads and before the new year this desire took shape in such a ball. Crocheted, inside a plastic ball - the base. My scheme.

I don't think there will be room for purchased toys on the tree next year!

Dragon of Zubei

Zubei is a character in the animated series Dragon Prince.