Bouquet period: by March 8, flowers can rise in price by 30 percent

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In Russia, March 8 is perhaps the most "flower" holiday of the year. Indeed, according to the established tradition, on this day it is customary to present gifts and bouquets to their close women. But in 2021, the cost of flowers will not be able to pull everything.

- I have been working with flowers for more than five years and I can say with confidence that this year the situation with prices for flowers has changed a lot, - said Alexey, an employee of the Many Flowers chain stores. - Actually, by the holidays the price usually rises by 15–20%, but, as a rule, such an increase does not apply to the entire assortment, a bouquet at a budget price could always be bought. But now all flower companies fear that there will be many leftovers due to lower incomes of Russians. In addition, there are fears that there will be problems when imported goods cross the border, and all these risks are included in the price.

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Currently, about 90% of flower products sold in Russia are perishable imports, which must be brought in, cleared through customs, properly stored and be able to deliver to all points on time. At the same time, along the route of each flower, there is an increase in official and unofficial tariffs, a surcharge is expected somewhere in the region of 30%, Aleksey emphasized.

According to BusinesStat, the economic crisis caused by CoViD-19 led to a drop in the incomes of Russians, and this negatively affected the sales of flowers. Despite the fact that many flower sellers managed to arrange the delivery of their goods in the context of the pandemic, all sales of cut flowers in Russia in 2020 amounted to 1.58 billion pieces, which is 9.9% lower than a year earlier. At the same time, experts point out that the flower market in the Russian Federation is recovering at a very slow pace.

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- I think that this year those flower growers who will be able to introduce new approaches to the sale of their goods will make a profit, - says Alena, manager of Tsvetomania. - For example, before Valentine's Day (February 14), we conducted an information campaign for pre-orders in advance, as a result, more than 60% of all sales were made by them. And this despite the fact that most of the orders were paid delivery. But, as it turned out, Russians, and especially men, are willing to pay for their convenience.

Those who prefer to buy flowers in the old fashioned way, day in and day out, should understand that the "holidays" in stores begin long - a week or two before the date. This means that part of the ordered products have already been sold, and the rest cannot be sold without taking into account risks and losses. All this is directly reflected in the price, which can be higher than for a similar product, but paid in advance.

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—In 2020, a lot has changed in the flower business, ”said Pavel Malinsky, founder of the Planeta Leta company, which has been selling flower and garden products in Russia for many years. - For obvious climatic reasons, our main garden centers are located in the south of Russia, but in order to provide everyone with excellent quality flowers in February-March, we still have to buy a large assortment at world sites in Holland. Two or three years ago, average wholesalers, like us, bought spring flowers abroad and brought them to Russia. But now, many choose not to bear the risks associated with delivery. After all, as a rule, orders are formed about a year before the goods cross the border. And now it is not a fact that refrigerated vehicles with flowers that were cut today will deliver day to day by the scheduled dates. As the story of the coronavirus crisis has shown, various kinds of emergency situations are possible - and then you have to incur losses, because on March 9, such a number of flowers is no longer needed.

Inexpensive bouquets are best found in large garden centers that hold prices, but specialty flower shops cannot afford this. Even now, the difference in price for one and the same rose may differ by 50% - and this is on an ordinary day, not on a holiday.

- I think that this year the rise in prices for flowers by March 8 will be due not only to demand "by the date", - says Nina Andreeva, master florist of one of the Moscow flower boutiques. - The flower market in Russia is very sensitive to any event. After the pandemic, the most notable drop occurred in the sector of "premium" floristry. More than half of those who previously could afford the most exquisite bouquets have now begun to refuse flowers as a gift altogether.

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