Blissful Shadows and Gluck's Evil Furies

The main feature of any slime is to stick to various surfaces and stretch. That is why the new toy is so popular with both adults and children. It is not difficult to make a soft and beautiful slime from hand cream on your own, at home.

How to choose a cream

First of all, you need to purchase a tool suitable for this. Hand creams differ from each other: in consistency, composition components. These products include essential oils, fats of various origins, petroleum jelly, glycerin, or other ingredients.

Each of these components will affect the composition of the future toy in its own way. Therefore, when choosing a hand cream, you need to be guided by the following rules:

  • buy only thick varieties of the product;
  • do not purchase products that have expired, because this is fraught with serious allergic and other unwanted reactions;
  • you need to abandon the cream, which contains active ingredients that can provoke allergies - for example, propolis.

How to make hand cream slime

Pay attention to the most affordable and interesting ways to cook slime. They do not require a lot of money and are extremely easy to learn.


The first recipe is basic and easy to use in preparation. You will need to squeeze no more than 100 ml of cream into a disposable container that you prepared in advance.

  • add two or three drops of cologne;
  • add a cream with petroleum jelly or glycerin to make the slime soft;
  • take a toy in hand and knead it for about 20 minutes.

Who is Gluck and how great is he - in the previous article ????

The story of the great operatic reformer Gluck is a great illustration of how transient human glory is. No, he was not forgotten, but he became something like a "wedding general" at the festival of classical music: everyone seems to be aware that he is an honored person, but he is not in the top of the most performed composers.

Why this happened is a difficult question. Perhaps his music simply did not fit into the rhythm of the new time. It is also possible that he was overshadowed by the brighter genius of his younger contemporaries - Mozart and Beethoven. Or the fact that his entire manuscript archive burned down in a fire at the beginning of the 19th century played a role (although a fairly large part of his works was published during his lifetime).

In any case, out of almost fifty of his operas, only one stuck in the repertoire - "Orpheus and Eurydice", with which this composer has been associated for two hundred years, as Oginsky with his Polonaise.

However, now the interest in Gluck is constantly growing. His operas and ballets are staged and recorded more and more often.

Here are some famous snippets from Gluck that you should definitely listen to to get at least the most general idea about it.

Dance of the Furies from the ballet "Don Juan"

This ballet was written by Gluck in collaboration with the Italian choreographer Gasparo Angiolini and at that time became a new word in the ballet genre.

Angiolini came up with the idea of ​​combining these dances with pantomime and connecting it all with a single storyline. And Gluck wrote such bright and expressive music for this ballet that it in itself makes a strong impression (before him, ballet music had a purely applied meaning). In fact, ballet in the modern sense of the word began with Don Giovanni.

French Philharmonic Orchestra Les Siècles, conducted by François-Xavier Roth.

This ballet has a lot of interesting music, for example, lovely ???? Serenade Don Juan (Andante) or ???? Fandango (Spanish dance), which Mozart later used in his "The Wedding of Figaro".

The sophisticated French style is an ideal space not only for real Frenchmen, but also for aesthetes and hedonists. Elegant, glamorous and eclectic. In delicate pastel and airy shades. What could be better?

Today we will talk about him - an elegant French interior. Who else but the French understands the art of living beautifully and the ability to create an aesthetic space around themselves?

And as an example, we will go in the footsteps of the heroine of the acclaimed TV series "Emily in Paris", which was successfully embodied on the screen by the charming Lily Collins. We will visit her cozy French apartment and office.

So get ready, we're getting started. A sea of ​​aesthetics and fantastic Paris awaits us. Let's go!

The art of living beautifully

Let's start with what sets the French style apart from the rest. Of course, first of all, refined grace and charm! Luxurious simplicity and minimalism.

French minimalism has long and firmly entered the homes of bloggers' insta. And this is not surprising, because the light interior in golden, cream and milky white shades is an ideal space for life and creativity, isn't it? In such an interior you want to live, love and create!

The main characteristic feature of the style is eclecticism. Eclecticism is a perfectly balanced stylistic mix that has absorbed all the best from other styles.

Such an interior perfectly expresses the unique individuality and reflects our daily preferences, tastes, mood and emotional background. It is easy to improvise here, placing your favorite accents and accessories according to your mood and changing them as soon as you get bored.

In a word, the French interior is an ideal space for a rich, emotional creative life. A paradise for bloggers, bohemians and aesthetes! Let's see

No matter how they tell us about the dangers of fast food, sometimes you still want it. A hot dog at home can be prepared easily and quickly, and it will turn out even tastier than the purchased one! I will cook a hot dog in pita bread with Korean carrots, 5 minutes and you can eat!

Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. l.

1. We cut the lavash into rectangles (the size may be different, depending on the size of the sausage).

2. Lubricate each rectangle with mustard and ketchup.

3. We lay out the Korean carrots.

4. We spread a couple of sausages (I boiled them beforehand).

5. Sprinkle with grated cheese and wrap in an envelope.

6. Put in a frying pan and fry for 1-2 minutes on each side.

Curd buns

Did you know there is a bun festival in Sweden? It seems to me that this is a very warm and "tasty" tradition. The aroma of cinnamon spreads throughout the country, giving emotion to many people. Today I brought a recipe, though not cinnamon, but still buns, with cottage cheese. They can be cooked even without sugar, with sweetener and honey, and the filling of jam or boiled condensed milk will make them even more interesting.

Mix cottage cheese with egg using an immersion or stationary blender to achieve a pasty texture (you don't have to bother and just mix, the buns will turn out to be slightly grainy, but this will not affect the taste).

Add the rest of the ingredients

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