Bashkir Soda Company "found a director in Cyprus and itself in the hands of the Federal Property Management Agency

An offshore company has officially turned into a state-owned

Just before the decision to nationalize 95% of shares of Bashkir Soda Company JSC (BSK) came into force, its controlling shareholders from Bashkirskaya Khimiya JSC gathered to include a Cypriot citizen Zakharolis Paraskevas in the Board of Directors, never before noticed in the management of companies of a similar profile. Perhaps this is the only surprise that has accompanied the process of nationalization of the BSK in recent months, at first full of surprises. As experts predicted, the 18th Court of Appeal in Chelyabinsk upheld the decision of the Bashkir Arbitration Tribunal on the claim of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. Since yesterday, "Bashkir Soda" is again state-owned. In this regard, observers draw attention to two points. First, the Prosecutor General's Office in court did not contest the 2007-2013 deals at all, as a result of which the block of shares owned by Bashkortostan decreased from 62% to 38% - and therefore, the assumptions about the criminal prosecution of the Bashkir officials behind these processes look like pulling an owl onto the globe. And secondly, outside the court building, the BSC until the very last moment pretended that there was no court, with might and main building strategic and tactical plans for its own development. As if she knew something.

“Everything that happens only confirms that, firstly, property rights in our country are an illusory category and obey the needs of the moment. And, secondly, justice itself often boils down to the beautiful design of decisions made in other offices, ”economist Vsevolod Spivak commented on the verdict of the court to Pravda Volga Federal District. “The situation affects the investment climate: it turns out that any asset can simply be taken away and transferred to federal ownership,” says Alexey Kalachev, analyst at FINAM Group.

At the same time, the transactions of 2007-2013, as a result of which the Bashkortostan-owned Soda came under the control of the offshore owners of Bashhim, were not challenged by the Prosecutor General's Office within the framework of this claim. And in the opinion of some experts, they could not be disputed: because the supervisory authority itself allowed them. “The transaction itself was accompanied by such a number of examinations, permits (even from federal agencies), and approvals from the prosecutor’s office that if all those involved were imprisoned, the columns of police wagons would be similar to those that we have seen since the recent rallies. Therefore, the Investigative Committee is quietly draining this case, and the perpetrators will not be punished, "the Case for a kurai Telegram channel believes. Observers find the prospect of criminal prosecution of the people behind the denationalization of Soda dubious.

The likelihood that Bashkortostan after the completion of the deal will again receive 38% of the shares of BSK or more, Spivak considers small. But this is not the main thing, according to the expert. “Taking into account the fact that, apparently, the process of changing owners is controlled in higher offices, any block of shares less than the controlling one will mean that the amount of dividends will be determined not based on the shares of shares and interests of Bashkiria, but on the basis of how many a pity to maintain decency. The real profit will be structured wherever the new owners want, ”the source of Pravda Volga Federal District regrets.

At the same time, BSK itself has been pretending that nothing happened during the last months outside the courts: the company through its “daughter” is challenging the revocation of the license for the raw material development of Shikhan Kushtau, as if nothing had happened develops a strategy for its own development , and meetings on this topic are also held at the level of the government of the republic. From the same series - and the company's new initiatives to form the Board of Directors.

Bashkir Soda Company

Marble Portal Execution

Many cannot afford to make a full-fledged fireplace in the house and therefore resort to home improvement by other methods. Most often, they choose the installation of an electric fireplace and make a portal for it, which creates an imitation of a real structure. This has its advantages:

  • the effect of natural flame;
  • does not require large expenditures, you just have to buy the necessary materials;
  • the ability to manufacture on your own, which significantly reduces the cost construction;
  • available materials: wood, chipboard, drywall, foam concrete, brick, polyurethane, pebbles and many others;
  • the ability to change the decor near the combustion chamber;
  • the possibility of making a portal at your request, making a unique design.

Many began to install electric fireplaces, and at the same time marble is used to decorate portals. This is the most characteristic material for a classic fireplace. Portals for electric fireplaces made of marble are in great demand and serve as an adornment for many houses (see the article "Framing for an electric fireplace - constructive and style solutions"). Of course, this is, although prestigious, but rather expensive material, and not everyone can afford it. Therefore, we decided to tell you how marble portals for electric fireplaces are made and at the same time save on materials.

Don't make mistakes

Often, many make mistakes when choosing a pattern or shade when installing an electric fireplace: marble can be of various types and shades, it should be selected with great care, think over everything to the smallest detail. It should fit into the interior of the room and match the color scheme.

  • The style of the fireplace and the construction of the portal should be coordinated. To create a realistic design, one should take into account not only the technical capabilities of the hearth, but also its design. If you prefer a classic English hearth, then it is installed at floor level. If an elevated fireplace suits your interior, you should choose a wider design. Installation is possible at almost any height, but the design should be selected accordingly.
  • The frame of the hearth should not be hidden behind the made portal. The portal is made to emphasize the design of the hearth, and not to close it. It is preferable to put the framing on the surface of the portal, and not mount it in the depth of the structure.
  • A portal for an electric fireplace made of marble should be installed after carefully considering the proportions of the structure. Marble electric fireplaces require their own space. Let it be quite a bit of space, but it will be separate.
  • Purchase an electric fireplace before installing the portal. The dimensions and appearance can be found in the catalogs, but in reality the appearance may not be the same. Provision should be made for all fasteners of this design and decorative details. You should also consider the location of the air intake and exhaust openings, the location of the controls and sensors. A portal for an electric fireplace made of marble should be installed taking into account all these details.

Safety standards for the installation of an electric fireplace and portal

To install an electric fireplace with a portal, you must comply with some safety standards:

  • There must be a suitable electrical outlet nearby. It should be calculated for the power of the electric fireplace. It is best to consult a professional electrician for this. Sometimes it is required to remove the hearth for cleaning and it is necessary to have a convenient ability to quickly disconnect from the network, many do not fulfill this requirement, which they later regret.
  • Pay attention to equipping the unit with a thermostat, this will significantly reduce energy consumption. In this variant, the fireplace will work at full capacity even with the heating function on for only half of the working time. This significantly reduces power consumption.
  • When installing, consider the need for free replacement of structural elements, such as light bulbs.

There are many materials for the manufacture of such a structure, which you can easily select (see the article "Do-it-yourself fireplace portal: the subtleties of manufacturing"). However, marbled finish is painstaking work that should be done slowly and correctly. We will describe all the stages of the work. This will help make the design realistic.

Portal finishing

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