Arrival of LANIKAI ukulele

Arrival of LANIKAI ukulele

NEW - Julia Michaels Signature Ukulele

Julia is a popular American singer and songwriter. She has over 2 million Instagram followers.

She has been nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best New Artist and Song of the Year for Issues. Her songs can often be heard on soundtracks for popular films.


The Quilted Maple (QM) ukulele series is crafted from corrugated maple with a glossy finish and black ABS multilayer edging. Ideal for stage and recording. Available in five colors: natural, black, blue, red and purple. Selected patterned wood, premium chrome open-type Deluxe Grover tuners, safe and comfortable chrome belt clip, black ABS multilayer edging, innovative NuBone XB * nut, D'Addario strings, high-gloss finish, black nylon foam padded pouch.

The cutaway models are equipped with a Fishman Kula preamplifier with a built-in tuner.

New purple color in the series in QM-PUCEC concert size and QM-PUCET tenor size.

Series All Solid Mahogany (MAS)

All Solid Mahogany (MAS) ukuleles are made entirely of solid mahogany. Mahogany is a traditional ukulele wood and gives the instrument a rich warm tone with good sustain and projection. Classic herringbone purf and glossy finish. The chrome-plated Deluxe Grover® open-type tuners allow for more precise tuning without weighing down the headstock.

The cutaway models are equipped with a Fishman Kula preamplifier with a built-in tuner.

Acacia Solid Top Series (ACST)

Acacia Solid Top (ACST) ukuleles are made from selected acacia wood with a patterned texture, which gives the instrument a beautiful, noble appearance and great sound. The top deck is made of solid acacia. Open chrome tuning pegs and belt clip, wood inlay, innovative NuBone XB * nut nut, D'Addario strings, matte finish, branded soft case with 10mm insulation.

Arrival of LANIKAI ukulele

Vinyl images have been very popular lately. They are made of elastic material, retain the pattern for a long time, are easy to apply and remove.

Like most drivers, women strive to decorate their favorite car and make it stand out from the crowd. And they use stickers as a way to demonstrate to others who is driving. The modern market offers girls a variety of car stickers.

Stickers for the rear window of a car for girls

The rear window is a good place to hang an identification plate. Girls often choose standard stickers:

  • “Novice driver”, when driving experience less than two years;
  • “Spikes”, if using spiked tires on wheels;
  • "There's a child in the car."

Stickers for the rear window of a car for girls

But more often on a woman's car, you can find thematic stickers that a representative of the fair sex is driving. The most popular is with the image of a high-heeled shoe.

Woman driving

Stickers on the car "Woman behind the wheel" are in great demand. Often on the rear window of a car you can see the following signs:

  • The high-heeled shoe in the red triangle is one of the most popular ladies' icons. In fact, it does not give any advantages on the road, but it signals that you need to be more attentive to the vehicle. Especially should be alerted by the proximity of such a shoe with the sign "Novice driver".
  • Funny sticker "The cooler girls". The bright design with a pink heart will undoubtedly attract attention and give the car a personality. This is a silicone plate and can be used repeatedly.
  • The lady in the hat is a hint of mystery and elegance. The sticker is made of vinyl - durable and resistant to any weather surprises. The size of 150 × 80 mm will not interfere with the review.

"Woman driving" car stickers

Smart girl

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