Apartment decoration: basic rules for choosing curtains

When the question arises about buying new curtains for an apartment or a cottage, first of all it is worth choosing whether you want a finished product or make it according to the original design in your size. Consider the pros and cons of both.

Pros of tailoring curtains to order

1. Of course, this is saving your nerves. And this should be taken into account, perhaps, in the first place, because it is difficult to imagine a more valuable resource.

Sewing curtains is very convenient. You just need to call the appropriate company (for example, us) and show your favorite photo from the Internet ... Or describe your request in words. Or not explaining anything and not inventing anything at all, racking your brains - after all, it is much easier to entrust this to a professional designer! He, in consultation with you, will select the shape of the curtains, and the color, and the most suitable fabric, without forgetting to take into account your budget. And at this time you will be able to do much more pleasant and useful things, for example, work or communication with loved ones.

In addition, you will not need to hang either the curtain rod or the curtains themselves - the master will do everything for you in record time!

2. You do not need to take measurements yourself and worry that the curtains chosen in the salon or store will not work. And half the trouble, if they turn out to be larger than necessary - they can be hemmed, trimmed on the side, or more folds can be made, but if you make a mistake with the size of the curtains downward, it will be impossible to fix the product.

And, by the way, after such an experience, many people still apply for tailoring to order ...

3. A professional look at design and textures.

Hardly anyone wants to argue that the work of a professional with many years of experience is always preferable to the work of a complete beginner in the field. The designer will select the fabric and style of curtains based on the design of the room and your wishes. Our designers work perfectly well even with those who don't know what they want!

Cons of tailoring curtains to order

There are not so many minuses - or rather, only one. Price.

It's no secret that the cost of individual production of anything is always higher than the cost of a ready-made serial product. But in this case, you will receive neither the convenience of ordering, nor the originality of the curtains, nor the saving of your time and effort.

Cons of buying curtains in the store

For active growth and harmonious development, plants need not only light, heat, air and water. Soil quality is another important condition. In poor soil, even the strongest, selected seeds are unlikely to yield a full harvest. You can buy a ready-made soil mixture, but experienced gardeners are sure: the best soil for seedlings is obtained at home. What and in what proportions to mix - this article will tell you.

What should be the land: the main criteria

Ideally, the composition of the soil should be selected for each crop. But it is unlikely that at the stage of growing seedlings, summer residents have the time and energy for this. In order not to prepare several options for soil mixtures, you can make a substrate that is close to universal. It will suit most garden crops. General requirements for seedling soil:

  • moderate fertility - too "oily" soil is not always useful for young plants;
  • the presence of both organic and mineral components in the composition, and their balance should be strictly maintained;
  • neutral level of acidity - this will satisfy the needs of plants that need acidic or alkaline soil;
  • lightness, looseness, ability to retain moisture for a long time;
  • absence of harmful impurities and extraneous components - metal salts, toxins, pathogenic microflora, etc.

By the way. The soil is considered neutral, the acidity of which is at the level of 6.5-7.0.

Self-prepared mixture should not contain clay, otherwise, due to this heavy component, the roots will be limited in nutrients and air. Weed seeds are often disease vectors and must be removed as well. Even for a young root system, insect larvae are destructive, as well as actively decomposing elements. For example, fresh manure. Like plant residues that have not yet had time to overheat, it increases the temperature of the soil. Because of this, the sprouts may die.

Main components of the mixture

In the optimal seedling soil, organic and inorganic components must be present, mixed in the correct proportions. An important role is played by peat, compost, biohumus, humus. These are the main components of the soil mixture. It is better to take low-lying peat. It is less acidic than horse, which is usually used for mulching plants.

Ready-made vermicompost, like peat, can be purchased separately. The second name is vermicompost. Choose a mixture that is a waste product of earthworms and contains humic acids, enzymes, natural antibiotics, etc. All this information should be indicated on the label.

The proportion of garden compost depends on the total composition. In combination with garden soil and coarse sand, its amount should be the same - 1: 1: 1. If the substrate is already saturated with useful components due to peat, vermicompost, then garden compost can be taken literally 2 tbsp. l. for 1 liter of ready-made soil mixture. By the time the seedling soil is prepared, it should be 2 or 3 years old.

Note. The best is compost made with EM preparations.

Auxiliary components

Coconut fiber, sphagnum moss can be found in recipes for soil mixtures for flowers and vegetables. Both substances are alternatives to peat, they perfectly retain moisture. Fiber is more expensive, but moss can acidify the soil. Therefore, together with sphagnum, it is advisable to add a little lime to the mixture.

Which is better, custom curtains or a salon? Cons of buying curtains in the store. Sewing curtains - pros and cons

Coziness occupies one of the main places in the interior of the home. Color schemes should be combined, styles should not contradict each other, and cute things should be harmoniously blended into the atmosphere. Today we will talk about curtains and their role in the interior of the apartment.


Shade selection is the most difficult stage in the curtain selection process. An incorrectly chosen shade can become a critical mistake in interior design and disrupt the holistic perception of the room's design.

Experts advise focusing on the following parameters:

  • to the color of the walls - the curtains should not completely merge with it, choose a shade darker or lighter;
  • by the same principle, you can choose curtains to match the color of the furniture; <
  • the principle of contrast - if the interior is made in neutral colors, then the curtains can become a bright accent spot (for example, yellow or terracotta shade).

You can also duplicate the color of the curtains in the interior - for example, choose the same cushions.

Curtain length

Traditionally, curtains should not touch the floor. The optimal length recommended by interior decorators is at least 1cm above the floor. But some modern designers allow curtains that go down to the floor and make a slight break. In this case, we add + 3 cm to the length. There are also more daring options - for example, the Art Deco style, in which curtains can lie on the floor in interesting folds. In this case, the length is increased by 20-30 cm in order to achieve such a stylistic effect.

Curtain width

In order for the curtains to look aesthetically pleasing and gather nice folds, the gathering factor must be taken into account. This indicator depends on the density of the material:

  • for thick curtains it is 2;
  • for medium density - 2.5;
  • thinner options (for example, net curtains ) have an exponent 3.

For minimalistic interiors, it is permissible to use almost straight curtains, or narrow curtains that have an aesthetic, decorative role.

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