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Guide to Diablo Demon Lilith

According to the plot of the game Diablo, the conflict between Heaven and Hell lasts for thousands of millennia. Angels associated with the High Council of Angiris have fought for centuries to gain dominion over a universe with demonic orders under the auspices of the Seven Evils.

The main hatred of the antagonists broke out because of the artifact - the Stone of the Universe. It is with its help that the one who owns it can independently create their own worlds. Neither side managed to keep it in their hands, and therefore the war did not stop for a moment. Many years later, those appeared who understood that everything that was happening around did not carry any meaning, and one of them was the Archangel Inarius, who was on the council of Angiris. In one of the battles, he was captured by the forces of Mephisto, who is one of the 7 Demon Lords. He was part of the triumvirate of the highest evils and was on a par with Diablo and Baal.

To be more precise, Inaria was caught by the demoness Lilith. It was the queen of the succubus, who was Mephisto's daughter. At that moment, when she wanted to get real pleasure from her new toy in the form of a prisoner, he decided to tell her his thoughts that endless conflict is futile and will not lead to anything. He was unrealistically surprised that Lilith listened, because she herself was tired of constant battles, wars, bickering of her father and other Demons for power.

Who is Lilith?

Lilith is better known as the mother of suffering, deception and mistress of betrayal. This is a powerful demon, and besides that, she:

  • Mephisto's daughter;
  • Lucion's sister;
  • Rathma's mother.

According to external data, she resembles a demoness like a person, but there were still differences. The head has large horns directed backward, excessive pallor of the skin, the presence of chic black wings. Once, when she was returned to Sanctuary, the lilith's skin was literally translucent, but her color was predominantly red. At the time of her resurrection, she was wearing a huge bloody cloak.

Daughter of Mephisto, she was significantly different from the rest of the demons. Lilith considered the conflict with the Angels, which lasted for so many years, completely meaningless. Once she fell in love with Inarius, decided to escape from the power of her father and herself founded Sanctuary, which became the world of people. The angel and the demon took a desperate step, which became fatal for the entire plot of diablo. Lilith, together with her beloved, stole the stone of the Universe, were able to collect many followers, among whom were representatives of angels and demons, formed their own world, their own quiet haven, far from conflicts, but close to peace.

The children of angels and demons were called Nephalem, and the first of them was Linarian, the son that Lilith and Inarius gave birth to. They are creatures with great strength that surpassed the capabilities of their parents. The Succubus mother decided to use this gift to conquer other worlds, in which her own husband refused to support her. He was horrified by such an act, but he did not manage to convince his beloved.

As a result, according to the backstory of the game diablo, he expels Lilith into the wasteland, infinity, where there is nothing but darkness. He not only expelled his companion from the vicinity of Sanctuary, but was also able to take control of the power of the nephalem, in which the Stone of Peace helped him. The son was disappointed in his parents, chose to hide and found a new patron - Trag'Ula.

Diablo 4 - Lilith character storyline

A living organism cannot exist without food and water. This fact is known to everyone. But what to do when life itself is threatened, if you drink dirty water or swim in it? Doctors try to answer this question with recommendations on how to protect themselves from infection through water. But the possibility of infection depends not only on the person, but also on the communications through which water is transported to apartments and houses. Water often enters homes with a pre-defined set of unwanted microorganisms.

Ponds where you have to swim in summer are not always cleaned of dirt. Naturally, you can get infected not only while drinking water, but also when processing vegetables or fruits, while washing your hands. Possible places of infection are a pool, a lake, a river, even the sea, an apartment, a summer house and a house. What diseases, transmitted through water, threaten to deteriorate well-being and health, up to death, read in this article.

Modes of infection from water

The quality of water supplied to apartments and houses depends on special services that purify and filter drinking water, as well as services that control the presence of pathogenic organisms in the water. In addition, when treated water moves through old pipes, through the thin walls of which sewage with a huge amount of microbes can seep, it can also lead to poisoning and infection.

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In summer, recreation near water bodies, especially urban ones - rivers, lakes, reservoirs is popular. In them, water almost does not circulate and stagnates, which further aggravates the pollution situation. If you swallow this water, you can easily catch a sore. Waterborne infectious diseases are very difficult to cure, some of them are so severely affecting the body that they lead to death.

It is horrifying that over 1.1 billion people simply do not have the ability to use clean drinking water. They have nothing left to do, how to use it for all needs and drink ordinary water from a reservoir, without purification and disinfection. More than 2 million people die every year from waterborne infections.

Among other things, even in the pool you can become infected with many ailments, feeling not only all the benefits of swimming, but also add health problems. This is why people are reluctant to take risks and do not go to the pool for swimming, so as not to undermine their health even more.

Waterborne diseases

The list of waterborne diseases is huge. We provide data only for those diseases that are the most common:

  • ascariasis ;
  • botulism;
  • anemia;
  • cholera;
  • diarrhea ;
  • campylobacteriosis;
  • Dengue fever;
  • fluorosis;
  • cyanobacterial toxin;
  • hepatitis E and A (Botkin's disease);
  • malaria;
  • Japanese encephalitis;
  • legionellosis;
  • trachoma;
  • poisoning lead;
  • typhoid;
  • giardiosis;
  • schistosomiasis.

Demon Lilith. The storyline of the character Lilith in Diablo 4. The importance of the main character.

And driveway grandmothers are quietly hunting me, I often hear "I wish I could catch this bitch because of which the light is constantly on in the Kalidori." Well, I steadfastly do not give up (do not reveal that it is me). I just turn on the light bulb at dusk, and I constantly say to them - "here is a bastard, at least I would have brought money for a light bulb to someone. How much money does she eat in a year? 20? 30 rubles?

But I noticed a tendency that not only grandmothers suffer from such a shit. Younger aunts - there, 35-40 years old, are just as annoyed about the light bulb.

That is, greediness, it does not always come over the years, for some it is either brought up, or gets into the body with genes (I look carefully in the mirror)

Neighbor is not easy

I met here at the garages of a neighbor with bottles of water and I remembered what he actually dragged around with them.

A neighbor is a man as a whole normal, but in some matters he is economical to the point of being tight-fisted, reaching the level of redneck.

Sometimes it works against him, but these people, as a rule, do not mind. As an example - he once had a "Lada" - four. He owned this car for ten years, dashed off on it during this time 40 thousand, shook over it like over a golden one - they went to Auchan with his wife by bus - because it’s rain, you can’t drive a car! And rushed home with the sumis on the bus. For some reason, he was sure that for such a low mileage he would receive money when selling it, as for a new one and was terribly surprised when all the buyers looked first of all at the year of release, and frankly did not believe the mileage. However, he also did not go to the store in the rain in the next car))

So, he has a house in the village. There is no running water in the village, but there was a well for two with a neighboring house. The well was normal, the debit was good, the water was clean and it was enough for both houses for the eyes - both for drinking and for washing. This has been the custom since the previous owners, of course, there were no papers for this business; when buying, the previous owners warned that the water supply was arranged like this, and everything seemed to suit everyone.

But the neighbor itched that the well was on his site. It turns out that the neighbor's neighbor uses HIS water! In general, a few years later the neighbor announced that from now on everything, his well and his water, and what they agreed with the previous owners and what was said when buying - he does not know this. Over the years, the neighbor's neighbor, apparently, studied with whom he was dealing and did not argue. I called the drill and drilled a well in my area. He called the drill on the ZIL-131 chassis (this is important), they drilled it for him in one day, quickly and accurately, the water went immediately good. We live with separate water.

Why the neighbor got in a couple of weeks after the "divorce" to pull out the pump, I no longer remember. Either he started to redo the water supply, or he decided to wash the pump, it doesn't matter. And the important thing is that, as expected, he began to pull it by the hose, which safely jumped off the pump almost at the end of the rise and the pump dropped into the well, where it got stuck somewhere in the upper third. An attempt to pull it out by the wire led, of course, to a wire break. Pushing the pump down did not work either. In general, it turned out to be a perfect stub. It was a good well, we need a new one now.

A neighbor found out where and how much his separate plumbing brother called the drill. I decided it was expensive and found it cheaper. But that one was self-propelled, on the Zila chassis, and he found masters with a non-self-propelled one, clinging to the "shishiga". But 200 rubles per meter is cheaper! And a well of 25 meters should be - what a savings!

It was last summer, it was rainy summer ...

Diseases that violate the human condition are divided into several categories, based on the localization of the problem. So, diseases that disrupt the functioning of the respiratory system are called respiratory. And if the digestive system is affected, the disease can be called intestinal flu.

Where does intestinal flu come from?

Guidelines for the treatment of intestinal flu

Disease severity

Do I need a diet after recovery

Where does intestinal flu come from?

The illness that causes intestinal upset and vomiting is not necessarily the result of food poisoning. It often happens that a person did not change his eating habits and ate freshly prepared dishes from quality products, but at one point he was overtaken by inexplicable sudden vomiting, which was replaced by diarrhea.

It turns out that intestinal infections can be contracted like regular flu. The most common of these is rotavirus infection.

Course of the disease

The incubation period for rotavirus is 3-5 days. If a microbe enters a weakened body, the first symptoms will develop within 12 hours. It is enough to ride in the same elevator with a sick neighbor in the evening to wake up from sudden vomiting in the morning.

After two or three bouts of nausea, culminating in vomiting, the patient develops diarrhea and the body temperature rises to 39˚C. A serious condition can last up to 4 days, during which a number of recommendations should be followed that will allow you to safely cope with the disease at home, excluding a trip by ambulance to the infectious diseases department.

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