And I have other 90s

I look at posts about what the 90s were. Most are depressingly sad. I may be younger than most storytellers, but at 90 I was 4-14 years old, respectively. And here's what I'll tell you - it was one of the happiest times. Now I understand that my parents had no money. I will not paint over the years, but here are flashes from my memory without reference to chronology: - I wear a lot of things after my brother. Well, yes, and do not care, everyone does that; - Snickers cut into four family members - super pleasure. - NEW big "Kama", but already with the prefix "Velta" is essentially the same Kama, but with white wings! - I ate a roll of cake, really wanted something sweet, but the cake was like new, I just fell down. - We always go with my brother and father to the garage. My father repairs the Volga, we repair bikes or ride them in a cooperative. High! - All summer months are warm and dry. Shorts and a T-shirt are my permanent clothes. I live in Perm. Many people know: "If suddenly there are clouds in the sky, then you are in Perm who's ***." But as a child, there was sunshine all summer, a fact! or so it seemed to me)) - the father often drinks. He taught me everything related to men's affairs. I can't sort out the engine of the car, but I can change the pads, oil and other standard work can be done without problems. From him I have a love for all technology. - Friends. I have had them from school to this day, I am 33 years old. No further comments are needed. You can write dozens, if not hundreds of posts about them and the situation with them. - "Take money in your pocket and buy everyone (family) two popsicles. I always brought change, but my parents always said: keep it for yourself. I knew, I always knew, that the change will remain with me!) With several changes it was possible to buy something for myself (some other sweets). - we smoke, tried alcohol, bad. This "bad" did not stop, sometimes we drink with friends. Oh, how little I didn’t need alcohol)). I didn’t become a drunk.) Party in apartments, when parents were at the dacha. (I wrote and thought that it’s already 2000s, but this is not certain. - mothers are given a salary with gingerbread bags), condensed milk, some clothes. Father seems to be getting paid. - Pasta with a slice of boiled sausage - a good dinner. No irony! But then it didn't bother me at all. There is a sausage - cool. No sausages - and besides - half the summer in the village or camp. High.

One thing I’ll say, we didn’t live very richly. But then I was really, happy! Maybe it's all because of my age.

In general, you can write endlessly, I'll stop abruptly, here.

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Children are always happy if their parents are normal and the point is not in the Bolshoi and the Volga.

- What did you do better under the communists?

- Yeah. I would have lived my whole life as I lived under the communists. fed, clothed, taken to the kindergarten. there you drive the bald all day, you play, you sleep, you eat. I lived well under the communists

Don't cook a pot. The whole Peekaboo is already filled up, stop.

That is, at that time you didn’t know a damn thing. Well, what are we talking about. I was 10 - 20. So fuck them, those 90s.

Well listen, friend, from ohm and speech. The old ones remember a lot of terrible things, but personally I was in the Union for *****. Natural lemonade, natural milk, DUMPLINGS. from MEATAA. Che was missing. 60 varieties of shit and soy sausage? Moral: Appreciate what you have.

My -e On the Wave)

What is the current rate of liquid currency. And that was mined in 1987. (real photo of a box of real vodka from 1987 "my bins").

What I remember bad from the 90s

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