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Every little thing at home has its own story. The memory of holidays and happiness, growing up of children, suddenly visiting friends, family celebrations or quiet evenings. Let every thing in the house be not accidental. Choose a decor for your home in the purchase from Sima-Land, there are more than 30,000 items for every taste and interior, and now at wholesale prices! Let the house be cozy with Sima-Land!

The delivery area is limited in the purchase. Goods from the purchase are transferred without restrictions for distribution only to the point of issue of the Caravan. Maxi pickup points accept orders up to 0.15 cubic meters. ... and weighing up to 20 kg without limitation on fragile. Standard pickup points accept orders up to 0.07 cubic meters. ... and weighing up to 20 kg without limitation on fragile. Mini pickup points accept orders up to 0.07 cubic meters. ... and weighing up to 10 kg with limitations for fragile. Please check all fragile items at the pickup point upon receipt. Plaster products are handed over for distribution only to the Caravan pick-up point. There are additional transportation costs in the purchase. TRs consist of: transportation Yekaterinburg - Samara, TRs are distributed depending on the volume of goods. If the MIX color is specified, then the choice of color is not provided, that is, the color can be any. There may be more colors in stock

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Description: Height, cm: 31. Vase type: On a column. Vase type: Tabletop. Design: Others.

Description: Width, cm: 20.. Height, cm: 31. Topic: Animal world. Topic: Children. Free shipping: Yes. Our development: Yes.

Description: A desk lamp is a great helper for adults and children working at the desk. Pleasant light does not hurt the eyes, and the design is designed in such a way that the lamp does not distract from work. read, write, draw, count and play with pleasure! Type of power supply: From 220 V. Type of lamp: Incandescent. Number of bulbs: 1. Base: E27. Base power, W: 40. Lamp included: None. Mains powered: Yes. Base material: Metal. Base color: Yellow. Diffuser type: Plafond. Mounting type: On a stand. Diffuser color: Colored. Diffuser material: Metal. Lamp control: With dimmer. Lighting control: With a switch on the body. Free shipping: Yes. Product sizes: 14/14/34. Note: The color and texture of the product may differ from their images on the website ..

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I decided to dilute a bit of a wave of negativity about life in the 90s. We must be objective. Someone was worse, someone even worse. and you will have enough to scare the kids. I'll tell you about my absolutely average life in the 90s in the suburbs. Then I was still a child, and I did not see many difficulties of my parents, but still. Tets worked as an electrician all his life. Mother in kindergarten. When the crisis broke out and the salary was not paid, it was delayed. My father got a part-time job. He repaired electrics in private houses. I came home late in the evening when I was getting ready for bed. she worked in the garden without part-time jobs. But, I remember, my parents had to get a job distributing advertising newspapers. We had a Zhiguli in our family, and on Saturdays and Sundays, our parents quite successfully carried newspapers around the doorways. What no but a penny was. Sometimes I helped them too, which I really didn’t like. Newspapers were packed in packs of 100 pieces, and such a bandura weighed 20 kilograms. We had 2 sites also in the Moscow region. And these areas were planted with vegetables up to every centimeter. I still remember how we went to dig potatoes. Unrealistic areas of the beds. It took a week to dig everything up and sort it out. The potatoes were sea. All year after the harvest, we only ate potatoes. There were potatoes almost every day. If instead of potatoes there was pasta, it was happiness. By the way, since then I hate potatoes. Fu. Also, in addition to pickling potatoes, everything that could be salted was salted. Salted immediately with 3-4 liter cans. And also all winter and autumn they ate only salted vegetables. So that you understand, eating a fresh cucumber in winter was a delicacy. Because fresh cucumber is expensive in winter. mushrooms. When honey mushrooms began, my grandfather went to the forest several times a day to pick mushrooms. And he did not stop until the whole forest took out. Because mushrooms are very nutritious and have been feeding us all winter. There were almost as many mushrooms as there were potatoes - the sea. They were salted and dried. Imagine 40 tres-liter jars of mushrooms? Pfft. I've seen it personally. It was my grandfather's battery. And they all ate it. FIRED with potatoes. And then they slept and ate again with potatoes. From fruits - in the summer that will grow in the village. In winter - Antonovka apples. Disgusting sour apples. Stored in a garage in the basement. And to be honest, after a couple of months, they were smelly. But there was nothing else. Bananas that are now worth a penny? Only for the new year. Things 2 and no more. There were still no compotes. What coca cola is there. Millions of hood cans made by my mother and grandmother were also stored in the garage. They drank only them. I'm with? I ate meat of two kinds. It was either chicken and rabbit, which my grandfather bred. Or canned food. And that's all. And so that you understand - these are not hundreds of carcasses. That's 10-15 rabbits a year. Juicy steak? I tried it for the first time at 15 years old. The sweet one was also of two kinds. Type number one - a charlotte from my mother with that same vile Antonovka. And the second is bread and butter sprinkled with sugar. And believe me, in those days, bread with butter and sugar was cooler than your Nutella or whatever you eat there now. clothes. We bought clothes. Yes. Once and for the whole year. If you grew out of it, this is your problem. Must be worn. It was lucky if you had older brothers who grew out of their clothes and gave it to you. But all the same I remember everything was one at a time. One sneakers, one shirt, one pants, one jacket. And so on, it was all one at a time. Because two by two is an unprecedented luxury. I don't know what else to write. I had it like this. This is not such a fierce fuck that others had, but also not heaven. And most importantly, my parents have always worked. We have always tried to earn at least some money. And if it didn't work out, they labored in the beds. It all depends on ourselves.

On an industrial scale, from 10 acres, it was possible to score.

Don't blah blah. No matter how sour it is, Antonovka baked with sugar is finally delicious. By the way, that one can no longer be found, closely similar, yes, there are.

Well, about compotes. Even in the 90s, he preferred compotes to himpoil, no matter how killer taste the latter might have.

Sometimes I just wanted to eat, and not eat a bucket of Antonovka. Also passed

Not a topikstarter, but I'll write that it depended on storage conditions.

The garden was 3 hectares. Antonovka. The aroma in the basement from the tons of apples in the boxes is fantastic.

I experimented myself with a specialist to save until February.

Since 88 I have been receiving the average salary in the country (whatever that means). + -10-20%, it doesn't matter. Therefore, I am sure that there was no particular poverty, and the standard of living is completely determined by oil prices.

I reminded about potatoes. 92-93rd. Student. I'm taking a bag of potatoes on my own hump from Zhodino to my beloved (future wife) to Minsk. Relatives gave me a lift to the train to Zhodino. 50 km in a train packed to overflowing. In Ozerishche I go out and drink, then flowing half a kilometer to the bus. From the bus to the house of his wife, too, about half a kilometer. How tired I am. How I cursed these potatoes.

What you described is fiercely fucked up. I still remember the garden with horror

Bread with butter and sugar - "in Moscow", said Dad. Bread with margarine - Leningrad style. I was 94 - 17 years old. Bitch, I all remember that.

And, I remember dragging a chain of under 100 keels for scrap metal to buy Snickers and a pack of Bond. At this time

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Many owners of houses and apartments are increasingly taking the decoration of premises into their own hands. And if it is sometimes advisable to entrust the creation of a common interior to specialists, then figurines, vases, paintings and other small elements are best done on your own, so that in the end you get completely unique things. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of opportunities to master the simplest ways of making various decor.

Initially, modular paintings, which are several canvases united by a single sketch, semantic or color composition, appeared in the 1960s and were actively used to decorate interiors in the modern and minimalist style. In modern design, such elements always look organic, you just need to choose a suitable plot.

In this article we will tell you about do-it-yourself modular paintings from wallpaper. A master class describing a simple technology and its features will allow you to understand the principle and use it when creating original home decorations.

Variants of modular paintings

Painting segments can be the same or different sizes. A clear square or rectangular shape is considered the most optimal, however, there are also original compositions with round, oval or polygonal elements.

Depending on the number of components, the following types of paintings are distinguished:

  • diptych (2 segments);
  • triptych (3 segments);
  • polyptych (more than three segments).

Modular decor can be located:

  • strictly symmetrical horizontally;
  • strictly symmetric vertically;
  • offset in different directions.

To change the visual perception of a room, asymmetry is best suited, allowing you to expand, stretch or otherwise adjust the space.

In order for the do-it-yourself paintings for the interior, the photos of which will then show off in the home album, turn out to be complete, all segments must be at the same distance from each other.

Moscow and Moscow region! URGENTLY. We are looking for a house for the cat Vasily! Vasily was once found in the cemetery, frozen, almost immovable, with frostbitten ears. Kind people picked up the cat, brought him to the veterinary clinic, where he was treated for a long time and had ear surgery. But now the time has come to leave the clinic, and Vasya has nowhere to go! Vasya was taken for a very temporary overexposure, but the woman who took Vasya is going to go to the hospital and wants to return the cat. But they no longer take him to the clinic. The clinic is not overexposure. Due to the nervous conditions associated with constant treatment and wandering, Vasya's blood sugar increased. Again, to give it to overexposure, it's just to ditch the cat! In this regard, we are URGENTLY looking for a house for Vasya! Vasya is incredibly affectionate and outgoing! Loves people! Friends with the tray! We will bring you around Moscow and the region ourselves! Contact phone 8 968 792 53 44.

Good evening) Call our Lena. Her post number. she has more information.

Take a loan, pay the most-ideal-and-great cat for overexposure, PR and so on.

Well, or leave it to yourself. I suppose you need such a magnificent one, what are you.

PS How the fuck can I get rid of the "who'd shove" section on the ENTERTAINMENT site? Already it seems that all the tags of the zooshiz are ignored, no, they are climbing.

PPS post is typical from zooshiza, and not from normal curators. 1 - pressure on pity with a tearful story. 2 - a story about the fact that a cat / doggie / unicorn is about to be deprived of life. 3 - a minimum of information about the problems that a happy owner will face (well, you guess, there's something with sugar. But TRAY is in friends. They don't piss in friends)) Knocking tears out of Internet lemmings without sensible information.

The kid really wants to be at home, Luhansk region

This puppy has been wandering around the city for several days. There were the most severe February frosts, he was already eating. One caring woman took him for overexposure, but the stay in the cold was not in vain, the result was an inflammation of the bladder. The baby is 3-4 months old, will be medium or large. Passed a course of treatment, proglissed, treated for fleas and parasites. Very smart and affectionate, we are looking for a home for him. Overexposed in Severodonetsk, call 050-702-52-24 Natalia

Looking for blood donors for a cat Urgently! Saint Petersburg

Diffuse intestinal bleeding, emergency surgery. Without blood, the cat will die!

If there is an opportunity to help, donors are needed in the Sotnikov clinic, on the street. Bucharest 122 to 2.

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