A very beautiful flower that will decorate any area

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Error: Too many details

Complex monograms that make up the stucco should be placed in a strict geometric order in accordance with the proportions of the room so that they do not create chaos. In addition, one should remember about such an important nuance as dosage, because this is the main principle of working with details. It is very easy to overdo it with stucco molding: if there are too many planks, the interior will cease to be stylish and there will be a feeling of overload.

If the height of the ceiling allows, give preference to skirting boards of complex shapes. They will perform two important tasks at once. Firstly, they will act as a decorative accent, and secondly, they will successfully close the ugly joints between the ceiling and walls.

Error: Wrong location

If your interior is chaotic, simple geometric shapes, for example, rectangles and squares, can add concentration to it. But sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite: you yourself destroy the design concept when you place the molded parts in the wrong order, as a result of which an ugly shape is formed.

Try to place the stucco molding on the basis of not only beauty, but also functionality. Also consider the proportions of the room and the purpose of the decor. So, for example, if the room is too narrow and elongated, squares and vertical stripes can visually expand it. As for the wide room, rectangles will narrow it. Also, with the help of stucco molding, you can visually raise the ceiling - for this, use geometric shapes that are elongated upward.

Error: Large items

Returning to the question of proportions, it is worth mentioning very small rooms. It is categorically impossible to use large parts on the ceiling in them, as they will turn the room into a closet. Massive stucco molding of complex shapes will overload the interior and will "crush", as a result of which it will be uncomfortable to be in it.

In an amicable way, in small rooms in general, you should not use such bulky decor as stucco. But if you have already decided that it must be present, try to make the drawing as delicate as possible. Alternatively, use laconic planks that will place light accents in the interior, but at the same time will not "hammer" it.

7 mistakes in using stucco moldings that make an apartment look like a Soviet Stalin era

Zinnia is a popular annual crop that delights with its richness of colors and will effectively decorate any garden area.

The plant belongs to the Asteraceae family, the genus Zinnia has about 20 species.

???? Terms for planting zinnia on the site

The flower can be propagated by seed, sowing seeds directly into open soil, but only in regions with warm climates. In cooler areas, zinnia is grown only by seedlings.

To select the optimal boarding time you need:

  • Be guided by weather conditions. If the soil has warmed up and no return frosts are expected, flowers can be planted.
  • Choose the appropriate month depending on the planting method. Sowing seeds in open ground is best done at the end of April. Seedlings are planted in mid to late May, depending on the growing region.

???? Conditions required for growing


Both seedlings and zinnia seeds need humus-rich, loose, fertile soil with a neutral acidity level. The plant does not tolerate heavy soils, therefore, the site must be prepared before planting flowers.

The garden should be dug up in advance, preferably in the fall, and fertilized with compost or humus.


You can choose a site located on a small hill, the plant does not like the close occurrence of groundwater.

7 mistakes in using stucco moldings that make an apartment look like a Soviet Stalin era. Receive one most read article by mail once a day. Join us on Facebook and

Wood-fired home appliance

Self-assembly of such a model is not difficult. When creating it, you need to buy or remove the Peltier element from the old refrigerator. It is a thin-walled lamellar square. One of its panels is made from copper and the other from nickel.

Contact clamps are attached to them, which are connected to the network. The operation of such a generator lies in the fact that at the moment the current passes through the metal surfaces, one side of it heats up and the other cools down.

When the generator is running on solid fuel, the reverse method of action is used: one plate is heated by burning wood, and the other is cooled by a cooler and a radiator connected to the unit. At this moment, an electric current is formed between the parts, which needed to be obtained.

In addition to the Pelte element, the generator assembly process will require:

  • metal sheet for the case;
  • part that stabilizes the voltage;
  • cooler and heatsink;
  • heat-conducting paste;
  • rivet setting device;
  • metal scissors;
  • riveting, drill and soldering iron.

First you need to make a metal body in the shape of a cylinder. The openings for air intake must be arranged from below, and a stand with a container under the water should be installed on top.

The radiator is fixed with thermal paste from the cold side. The main heating element is fixed on the other edge. When assembling, you will also need an electricity stabilizer with a USB connector. This device will create tension and allow you to cook food and charge various electrical appliances. The stabilizing part must be insulated and soldered to the main element, taking into account the poles.

When examining this device in detail, there is one big flaw - a high price for many tourists and summer residents. But with frequent use, the cost is justified by the savings in fuel. Firewood is cheaper than diesel and gasoline.

In addition, when operating such an electric generator in a room, you need to install a chimney. It emits combustion products into the atmosphere. But, despite these shortcomings, the wood-fired appliance also has advantages:

  • is able to heat a house up to 50 cubic meters;
  • can be used as a stove for cooking;
  • the device is small, so it can be installed in small spaces;
  • long service life;
  • light weight;
  • no noise during operation;
  • fuel economy ...

Let's start assembling the unit

Stage one: fixing the engine from the brushcutter

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