A ready-made content plan for an online cosmetics store

Key Features

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Sketch markers in the case are suitable for both professionals and beginners in drawing. Stylish black case with a zipper, decorated with white contrasting lettering, made of textiles. Convenient for storing writing instruments, it makes the kit a beautiful and desirable gift for anyone creating anime, sketching, manga, or designing.

Illustrator's Arsenal

  • 48 Vinci double-sided markers;
  • case.

The color scheme of the set is represented by warm and cold tones. Each color is indicated by a numerical code.

The felt-tip pens on one side of the body have bullet-shaped tips (for thin lines), on the other - wedge-shaped (for wide strokes). This allows the young artist to perform several functions with one tool: draw lines of different thickness (from 1 to 7 mm), draw small details, paint over large spaces in the picture, and make inscriptions.

The ink in the markers is alcohol based. Therefore, the images they make do not spread on the paper and become moisture resistant after drying.

The triangular body fits comfortably in the fingers, which reduces stress on the hand.

The benefits of sketching

Creating quick drawings develops artistic and color perception, imagination, teaches to visualize ideas, sets up a positive mood and stimulates observation.

What to post, besides the cosmetics itself

Daria Sopina

Has been working with content since 2013. Writes articles on social media, marketing, finance, business and investment. Creates advertising materials for publications in Yandex.Dzen and Pulse from Mail.ru.

What can be posted in the profile of an online cosmetics store, except for the products themselves - creams, shadows, face masks? In fact, a lot of things - with the help of content you can engage, sell, inform. Here's a look at what types of content are and how you can use them.

There are decorative cosmetics, there is care. The principles of their promotion are the same, the content plan will work in both cases.

Specifics of maintaining an account for an online cosmetics store

A profile is perceived as a directory in most cases. People log into an account to look at the range of cosmetics, find out something about it and (possibly) order something. Therefore, companies use accounts for direct sales and most often post products.

Even globally renowned brands like CHANEL most often post products or content related to them

High competition - there are many stores on Instagram with thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of subscribers. Therefore, it is advisable to constantly publish new content so as not to "fall out" of the audience's information field. And you also need to detach from competitors, perhaps - find a narrower target audience. This can be done if you sell cosmetics of a certain group:

  • vegan cosmetics;
  • cosmetics for young people;
  • age lines of care products;
  • Korean cosmetics. <

If you have a wide assortment, try to differentiate yourself from competitors with visual - posts in the feed. Choose a specific photo style, use stylish fonts, draw creative illustrations.

For example, La Bouche Rouge Paris stands out for its expensive product photography, good videos, fashionable typography

Brand loyalty. The target audience often selects and uses a particular cosmetics brand. And if you only sell products of a specific brand, you just need to find your target audience. And if you have a wide assortment, it is important to make it clear from the feed of publications: then each post can "fall" into a certain segment of the audience.

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