7m / lot 4cm cotton color herringbone / faux leather / cotton webbing / woven ribbon for DIY sewing 22 colors 1375

If you want to do something with your own hands, for yourself or as a gift, but do not have enough skill or do not have time, then today I will offer you a very simple and original idea of ​​making a knitted gift.

You need

Yarn (cotton, acrylic, linen, silk will do) - remnants of different colors, hook, ribbons.

Manufacturing is very simple, here is the main idea.


We collect a chain of 20 air loops.

1 row. We make 1 air lifting loop and in the next loop from the hook, knit a single crochet. We continue to knit to the end of the row.

Row 2 - Row 20. We knit in the same way as many rows so that we get a square, I have about 20 rows.

Finally, tie the square with single crochets on all sides to make it look complete.

Gift Ribbon

I just took a brown yarn with lurex and tied a gift for her, you can knit a chain of chain loops or even use a satin ribbon and tie a gift for her. You can also decorate a gift with sequins, beads to your taste.

Ideas for using the "New Year's Gift":

  • a potholder for the kitchen (for this, knit a larger square, for example 15x15 cm.)
  • a glass holder (you can knit a set of 4 or 6 pieces)
  • Christmas tree decoration

Bound gift

Product Description

Before my picking with 7m / lot 4cm cotton colored herringbone / faux leather / cotton tape / twisted tape for DIY sewing 22 colors 1375, I put under a magnifying glass every imaginable kind of simple. Seven days ago I discovered this site and settled down to the choice to try it. On untested sites I always initiate with marginal amounts-only investing and make my mind whether to continue with the seller or not. I am not someone who has Ventures problems especially when it comes to money matters. I made the decision this product was something that I should invest in - and there really isn't much waste in it. I frankly never imagined this point as it might be a real stroke of luck, but I was completely unfair. Who could have guessed? Well, not me, for sure. in any case, he does exactly what he claims to do, and he does it perfectly.

Concept 7m / lot 4cm cotton colored herringbone / imitation leather / cotton tape / twisted tape for DIY 22 colors 1375 is so flat and costs so tiny that I was positive it would not function ... But he does exactly what he wants to do. Absolutely worth the cost. I have tried many products of this kind in the past. I couldn't ask for a larger item. Respect for the manufacturer!

This is really very well crafted. Appearance proves that aesthetic touch can make the world a change in article usage. I bought this one after checking the rave reviews and hoped they were right. They were. Some advantages to this version over other ones I've tried:

-Looks attractive. -It's not expensive. -This is a high quality item. -He totally agrees with his descriptor and is not disappointed.

If you are in the market for an item like this, I cannot get pregnant you will find one larger than this one.

No customer pity; purchased your purchase just in time, total A + + + product. I highly recommend!

Delivery and payment

Delivery Methods

We offer a variety of shipping methods to ship our products around the world safely and quickly. We work with UPS, DHL, EMS and seller's shipping method. You can choose the shipping method you like. However, if your order contains too many branded products, we may ship using different couriers to avoid the customs problem. And we will inform you of the situation before we ship your items. so please keep in touch with our sales.

You can also choose "Pick Up", which means that you pick up the item directly from our warehouse without paying any shipping fee.

Delivery time


Beautiful congratulations on Victory Day in your own words

Hurray! THREE HURRAY! A holiday for all people free from fascist oppression! The triumph of our compatriots! Our great national pride and tragedy. I wish you peace in relations with people and within yourself, as well as free thinking and freedom not only external, but also internal!

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Congratulations on Victory Day in prose

Happy Victory Day. The most important thing that I want to wish on this day is what our grandfathers fought for - peace to you! May there always be a clear sky and a bright sun overhead. I wish you health, joy and happiness on Victory Day. Let the victory accompany everywhere and always, let there be only kind and sincere people nearby. I wish that the heart does not know pain and melancholy, and a victory march always played in my soul.

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Short congratulations in your own words since May

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