5 very stylish men's dress watches under $ 100 that visually seem more expensive

Even if the driver violated the Traffic Rules, the traffic police inspector after stopping the car must behave in strict accordance with the law. The regulatory framework requires him to respect human rights in all situations.

There is a list of actions that a law enforcement officer must perform in the process of communicating with a citizen. Let's see if it has changed in 2021.

Transport stop

Traffic police officers carry out their activities on the basis of several documents. Firstly, this is Federal Law No. 3-FZ "On the Police". The second fundamental legal act is the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia No. 664. It approves the Administrative Regulations governing the work of the police to ensure road safety.

According to the law, in 2021 the traffic police inspector still retains the right to stop the vehicle to check documents (clause 84.3 of the Administrative Regulations). However, this is not done out of idle curiosity, as many believe. The purpose of this procedure is to detect possible violations of the law. This contributes to improving road safety in general.

A traffic police officer can signal a stop in several ways. In 2021, such a sign is given using a loudspeaker or a hand gesture. In the latter case, the police officer can use a black and white baton or a disc equipped with a red reflector. The hand with the device is directed towards the vehicle. Then the guardian of the order is obliged to indicate the place where the driver should stop. At the same time, the police officer must ensure that all signs given to him are understandable.

If the situation so requires, the traffic police inspector has the right to use additional light and sound signals, for example, a whistle or a flashing beacon. And in the dark and in case of insufficient visibility, the "flasher" on the company car always turns on.

According to clause 87 of the Administrative Regulations, transport stops must be carried out taking into account the Rules of the Road. The traffic police officer is obliged to take care of the safety of the driver whom he is going to check. In 2021, clause 88 of Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 664 still prohibits law enforcement officers from stopping cars where it is not permitted by the traffic rules. This is only permissible in an emergency, for example:

  • to suppress a crime or offense;
  • when regulating traffic after an accident and other emergency situations on the road;
  • if life, health or people's property is in danger.

If the need to stop at a prohibited place still arises, traffic police officers must turn on the flashing beacon on the patrol car. At the same time, they are fully responsible for the safety of road users.

I tell you what are the duties of the traffic police when cars stop in 2021

Finding a decent watch under $ 100 isn't as hard as you might think. However, finding a very good $ 100 watch that looks more expensive than its real value seems even more unrealistic.

Of course, a watch for less than $ 100 will not have elegantly decorated mechanisms, dials, mechanical movements, luxurious hands and metals, probably there will not even be any complications of watches, but for such money there is still a chance to get an excellent device that will be of high quality and stylish. But only if you know exactly what to look for.

Today we will consider 5 good options for stylish suit budget watches that will visually seem much more expensive than their real value and will serve you a long time:

(American) FOSSIL FS

The Fossil company is well known for producing very stylish and high quality watches, but at a very low cost, and their FS4835 model, which we decided to talk about today, is no exception. The combination of a navy blue dial and a rose gold-colored case really stands out visually from its competitors.

It's worth noting right away that the watch is quite massive, its 44 mm stainless steel case with PVD coating looks quite stylish on the wrist of any man, and luxurious Roman numerals and luminescent hands illuminated in the dark add a few extra points the appearance of the watch.

The watches come into motion thanks to the high-quality Japanese quartz movement, which can also be attributed to the significant advantages of these watches. And the dial is protected by tempered mineral glass, of course it's not sapphire, but you don't have to choose for such a low price. Fossil FS4835 is also water resistant up to 50 m, so it is quite suitable for swimming in the pool or general fishing.

The Fossil FS4835 looks cool and is the watch you will definitely see on your wrist. In our opinion, this watch is quite good value for money and is quite affordable, making it, for example, the perfect gift.

(American) TIMEX TWB

As one of the largest American watchmakers in the world, Timex watches are renowned for their reliability and quality. Therefore, a real classic in the face of Timex Expedition TW4B10700 is a functional and attractive men's watch.

The 43 mm case is made of PVD-coated brass, and the blue dial is clearly legible thanks to INDIGLO luminescent illumination and, together with the bezel, gives the watch a rather stylish look. The disadvantage here is that the brass case, like mineral glass, can be attributed to disadvantages, but for its price it is a compromise solution.

This watch also has a date function at the 3 o'clock position. As for water resistance, the Timex Expedition TW4B10700 can withstand pressure up to 50 meters. This means that you can submerge with them while swimming, but it's better not to risk it.

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