5 designer interiors in trendy gray and yellow tones

As you probably already know, Pantone has announced two main colors for 2021 - the calm gray Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and the upbeat yellow Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating. As the experts of the Institute explain, these shades symbolize strength and hope, their combination speaks of resilience and inspires. And we have already asked Russian designers their attitude to new trends.

One gray can look gloomy - it needs to be diluted with something. There is a reason to use yellow together with gray: it fills the house with “sunlight”. By increasing the percentage of yellow in the interior, you can “add the sun”. And one more plus of this combination is unconditional grace.

But, in fact, hardly anyone will stick to the announced shades of 2021 exactly. There are so many shades of gray, so many different shades of yellow.

In general, the combination of gray and yellow is not really such a discovery: it has already proven itself well in modern interiors, and in a variety of styles: from classic to minimalism. Let's see what tasks designers solve using this color scheme.

Urban chic interior

The windows of this apartment offer a magnificent view of Moscow, which is why the author of the project, Alla Shumeiko, decided to make the interior in the style of "urban chic". I wanted to connect the interior and exterior, so that the impression of the city landscape would be enhanced by the interior. Laconic rectangular shapes and dense gray, chosen as the base color, meet the task: this is the symbolism of the city. “Gray itself looks harsh, so I diluted it with gold,” explains the author of the project. "It turned out to be a subtle, balanced combination." And we add that the result is a timeless interior, which today has acquired a new meaning and new relevance in the light of the philosophy of color-2021.

Laconic and boring apartment

The owners of this apartment themselves asked the designer Olga Solnyshkova to decorate the interior in shades of gray. But at the same time, they wanted sunshine, an atmosphere of warmth and joy. Olga figured out how to do this: you need to add golden-yellow accents, and the space will acquire an optimistic "mood". She chose light gray as the main shade; it is complemented by a complex and very delicate yellow: in the living room it is a large carpet and a floral arrangement. (The bedroom has a higher percentage of yellow, with yellow carpet and curtains.) In addition, golden brass items are used as decorative accents.

Apartment in an old building

Many generations of one family have lived here: the owners' great-grandfather received this four-room apartment even before the revolution as one of the leaders of the Trekhgornaya Manufactory. The apartment, by modern standards, has unfortunate proportions: rooms of a very small area with very high ceilings. It was necessary to do something about it. The author of the project, Natalia Guseva, “expanded” the space with the help of mirrors, broke the walls with moldings, concealed the height with high cornices and, of course, worked with color. To create an impression of lightness, she chose a combination of light shades of yellow and French gray. As a result of painstaking work, the proportions "fell into place", a competent combination of shades added air, and the classic style received a modern interpretation.

Functionalism in the nursery

The laconic design of this room might look simply boring if the author of the project, Alexey Golub, had not introduced an active, optimistic shade of yellow into this functional space. With him, gray is by no means "gray" (in the sense of banal and dreary). It would seem that such a simple solution as a shelving unit with yellow sections should have required some more decorative support in the interior. But he does a great job on his own.

Yellow as main

The original and at the same time classically restrained houndstooth pattern is once again becoming popular in streetwear. In addition to street-style fashionistas, this print, which is also called "dog's tooth", "pied-de-bul", will surely find a positive response among followers of the universal wardrobe.

The print does not cause dissonance in the outfit, it is good in any situation.

Excursion into the past

Previously, fabric with such a pattern was used only for sewing Scottish folk clothing. The first to introduce the shepherd's pattern into secular society was the Prince of Wales, who later became King of England Edward VIII. Thanks to him, outfits with the "dog's tooth" ornament have found a worthy place in the wardrobe of royalty, diplomats, and other high-ranking personalities. However, the pattern did not leave the UK for a long time.

The situation changed dramatically when fashion designers Coco Chanel and Roger Vivier drew attention to the "broken cage". The legendary Coco, actively promoting outfits with elements of men's wardrobe in women's fashion, has focused on this particular print in her tweed collections. And gave him incredible popularity.

In the 50s, this print became a hit, and by the 70s - the personification of French chic.

Princess Diana loved “pied-de-bul”: she combined coats, jackets, and houndstooth dresses with classic pumps, wide-brimmed felt hats, and her favorite pearl jewelry.

By the 90s, everyone was bored with this topic, and the print was written off in the category of "age". ⠀ At the beginning of the 21st century, Marc Jacobs, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emporio Armani and Louis Vuitton rekindled their love for the broken cage. And this pattern has reached a new level of popularity.

After all, now we can safely refer this print to the category of "basic". Let's figure out how to wear things with such a print.

A houndstooth pattern on a straight knee-length skirt or a slightly tapered pencil cut in combination with a white or black shirt is traditionally considered a classic of business style.

In short cuts, this print evokes associations with youth. Skirt-shorts, mini-skirt, straight or trapezoidal to mid-thigh, are a great solution for creating a rebellious grunge look, especially if you include denim or khaki here.


The use of beige tones in the living room is a rather conservative interior design idea. A good choice for people who prefer a calm color scheme without sharp contrasts and combinations.

Beige tones are ideal for most classic and many modern interior styles. Beige is a versatile color that will be appropriate for any room size.

Benefits of beige

Color has several important characteristics:

  • Creates an atmosphere conducive to calm and relaxation.
  • Fits with most modern and classic styles.
  • Good for compact spaces. Beige, like other light colors, visually expands the hall.
  • It has a good effect on mood, helps relieve stress, increases self-confidence.

Room decoration

Walls, ceilings and floors can be finished in beige. It is not necessary to use one shade. It is better that the colors differ by several tones. Otherwise, the interior will look overly monotonous and boring. But, and unnecessary contrasts should not be created, for pastel colors such solutions are not suitable.


Beige walls in the living room can be created with wallpaper of the appropriate color or decorative plaster. The walls can be decorated in several similar shades of beige, this will add dynamism to the design. It is allowed to create separate inserts of different shades. It can be an imitation of natural wood or stone.

An abundance of beige can make a design look too dull. To avoid this, the interior should be supplemented with several bright and rich details. This can be done with furniture, textiles and individual decorative items.

As you can see in the photo of the beige living room, it is fashionable to use wallpaper with a pattern. The finishes with a light beige background and a brighter pattern look especially elegant and luxurious. The walls can also be painted and decorated with patterns or individual decorative inserts for a change.


It is best to decorate the ceiling with painting. It is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but also safer for health. It is also permissible to use stretch canvases or drywall suspended structures. The last 2 options are especially good due to the possibility of incorporating main and additional luminaires.

The ceiling in light beige looks sophisticated and light. Beige can be combined with white. Also shades of ivory go well with it.

Arrangement of the hallway is an important task, thanks to which it is possible not only to maximize the functionality of the room, but also to realize the most extraordinary design ideas. At the same time, depending on the size of the room and the taste preferences of the owners, a sufficiently spacious set of furniture and other items can be installed in it. In this case, a compact and comfortable ottoman can be called an indispensable attribute that simply must be in every hallway. After all, you must agree that it is much more convenient to take off and put on your shoes while in a sitting position than standing in full growth. And the most interesting thing is that such a product has many varieties, which allows you to choose an option for any stylistic direction of the interior, and, as a rule, does not take up much space, which deserves praise and applause. In our article, we propose to take a closer look at this type of furniture. About what types of ottomans can take pride of place in your hallway, and how to choose the right attribute, read on.

An ottoman in the hallway - the advantages and features of the product

Such an amazing piece of furniture as an ottoman is presented today in a fairly large assortment, therefore, having come to a furniture store, each buyer can easily select a suitable model for himself. Ottomans are made in relevant and convenient sizes, so they can be used to equip a hallway of any size. It is an ideal auxiliary surface and a cozy place for changing shoes, which once again emphasizes the ergonomics of this type of furniture.

In addition, such accessories can have a wide variety of designs, and can be used not only as a decoration for the hallway, but also serve as shelves, a comfortable shoe rack, an upholstered chair or additional storage space for various things. In any of the options, the ottoman is practical and stylish furniture that will make the interior design more original and complementary.

Hallway ottoman with drawer

Models of poufs with a spacious storage box are a product that combines both a decorative and a practical function. By purchasing such an accessory, on the one hand, you get a beautiful attribute that serves as an excellent addition to a particular style of design. On the other hand, you have an additional compartment for storing various items, which is hidden from prying eyes. These ottomans have a low height and a soft lid, and in most products there are no sharp corners. In addition, these ottomans are lightweight, which allows you to move the product at your own discretion.

Varieties of ottomans with shelves

The purchase of this type of furniture allows you to supplement the hallway with several shelves, which, as a rule, are used for storing shoes, therefore such ottomans are often called shoe racks. The upper part of such devices, as a rule, is equipped with soft upholstery, which is pleasant and comfortable to sit on.

As for the shelves, these can be both open horizontal devices and inclined options, shelves with doors and combined models.

Models of ottomans in the hallway with a set

An equally attractive and multifunctional option for arranging the interior in the hallway is the use of a device in which the ottoman is a continuation of the hanger. This solution allows you to compactly combine in one place an area for the location of outerwear, hats, various accessories and an ottoman, which in turn can act as a shoe rack, supplemented with practical shelves or serve as a cabinet for storing many things. In most examples, such a furniture model is a vertical structure, where the hanger remains the dominant item. The ottoman in this case serves as a complementary detail.

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