20 light and delicious salads with boiled sausage

Flax seeds have a powerful healthful effect! Therefore, back in ancient Russia, one of the most popular healing drinks was flaxseed kissel.

Besides, if you prepare it correctly, it will not only bring benefits, but also please with a pleasant taste! At first, the close consistency of kissel may not seem very pleasant, but after seeing the first results - an improvement in well-being, work of gastrointestinal tract and a decrease in appetite, you will definitely love this drink!

Kissel based on small flax seeds or ready-made flaxseed flour is completely harmless, and unlike whole seeds does not irritate the stomach walls. It can be enriched with additional ingredients, enhancing its effect, for example, adding weight, chicory, berries. Below we will share with you the best recipes.

Flaxseed kissel - general principles of cooking

To prepare a portion of flaxseed kissel, two main methods are used:

  • an infusion of flax seed is prepared;
  • flaxseed flour is stirred in the water - a resinous seed.

And in that, and in another case, a useful drink is obtained, which is absolutely not irritating to the intestinal mucosa. You won't have to do anything special. You need to either boil the whole seeds with boiling water, or grind them into flour.

Starch is not used: flax seed by itself gives a slimy, rather dense consistency to the drink. The absence of starch enhances the benefits of flaxseed kissel. In addition, to increase the useful properties of the drink, the following are used: oat grains, chicory, beaks, lingonberries, apples and other berries and fruits.

From dishes and equipment, depending on the recipe, you may need a thermoc, a saucepan, a coffee. If the recipe requires heating the infusion in a water bath, you need to prepare two pans of different sizes. The smaller pan is installed on top of the larger one, in which the water should boil. On the bottom of the boiling pan, it is advisable to place a cotton cloth to reduce the intensity of the boiling. The top pan should lightly touch the surface of the boiling water with its bottom.

In this way, containing the upper, small pot, steam from the lower pot is processed.

Flaxseed kissel in the "Anti-inflammatory" thermal bath

Flaxseed jelly - intensive cleansing and rejuvenation

Salads prepared with the addition of boiled sausage are light and delicate in taste, but at the same time they are quite nutritious and satisfying. We have collected 20 of the best recipes among which you will definitely find one that the whole family will love!

Boiled sausage salad with cheese

A very simple and quick salad that even kids can make!

You will need: 50 g of boiled sausage and hard cheese, 3-4 ripe tomatoes, 1 pickled cucumber, 1 fresh cucumber, 1 can of green peas, 4 hard-boiled eggs, 2 tbsp. l. lemon juice and vegetable oil, 1 tsp. dijon mustard.

Preparation: Boiled sausage, pickled cucumber and sodium cheese on a coarse grater, cut fresh cucumber into strips, eggs into small cubes. Whisk the mustard, oil and lemon juice with a fork, pour into a salad bowl, garnish with tomato slices and drizzle a little more with dressing.

Salad with omelette and Doctor's sausage

The main ingredient of this salad is an egg omelet; to prepare it, you need to beat eggs with salt and fry a few thin tortillas.

You will need: 3 raw chicken eggs, 130 g of hard cheese and boiled sausage, 2 carrots, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 mango or sour apple, mayonnaise.

Preparation: Cut the mango (or apple) without skin and core into small pieces, pour over with lemon juice. Fry four thin pancakes from beaten eggs with a pinch of salt, roll them into tubes and cut into thin noodles. Combine with grated sausage, raw or boiled (whichever you prefer) carrots, garlic and cheese. This salad can be a great breakfast dish, but in this case, you should not put garlic in it!

Bean salad with boiled sausage and cheese

Boiled sausage with small pieces of cheese is perfect for this salad, but if you can't find one, just add some grated cheese.

You will need: 210 g of boiled sausage with cheese, 1 can of red beans, 2 tomatoes, 2-3 hard-boiled eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tbsp. l. Greek yogurt and mayonnaise.

Preparation: Combine finely chopped sausage, eggs and tomatoes in a bowl with washed beans and garlic. Mix natural yogurt with mayonnaise, add spices, if necessary, season salad.

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