20 dangerous animals that seem completely harmless at first glance




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Vernal Awakening Openwork Pullover

You will need: Manos del Uruguay Milo yarn (65% wool, 35% linen; 350 m / 100 grams in a skein) - 3 (3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5 ) a skein, circular needles No. 4, 40 cm long, No. 4, 40 cm and 60-80 cm long, a set of double-edged needles No. 4., loop markers, loop holders, tapestry needle.

Density of knitting: 21 sts and 31 rows = 10 cm of an openwork pattern made with 4 knitting needles.

Attention! The pullover is knitted in circular rows on the bottom edge to the beginning of the armhole.

Animals have always been interested in humans, and not only because of selfish goals (extraction of meat and skins). Their beauty and nobility have been reflected in art since ancient times. But the harmless appearance of some animals does not always match their physical capabilities. Any animal can stand up for itself. This article presents the most unpredictable and dangerous animal inhabitants, which are very cute and friendly in appearance.

Elk is a magnificent animal, the largest representative of the deer family. Outwardly, this is a very beautiful, majestic, calm and friendly animal. Elk live in central Russia, in the northern regions of Canada, in Alaska. Males have huge, heavy, spreading horns, which serve as weapons not only for love duels. These antlers are able to protect the elk from the attack of predators.

Females do not have horns, but they are just as dangerous as males, especially during the rearing period. There have been cases when females with babies attacked humans. Statistics indicate the number of such attacks on people, and it is clearly not in favor of wolves and bears.

Dogs can also influence moose aggression. Homeless dogs, gathering in flocks, easily hunt young individuals. Therefore, having met dogs, the elk becomes very aggressive.

Males become especially dangerous during the rutting season. Approaching them during such a period is life-threatening. Herbivorous moose do not consider people as potential prey, but consider them dangerous for themselves and their offspring. The attack of a 500-kilogram animal can cause injury, and even death.


Outwardly cute and fluffy animal resembles a docile badger or small bear. But this is only at first glance. It is an insidious and dangerous predator with sharp claws and powerful jaws that can gnaw bones. Wolverines live in the northern regions of Russia, in Canada and Alaska.

The fur of this animal is very beautiful. Short round ears and a cute face can be misleading. This aggressive predator is no different in danger from a wolf. He easily copes with prey, in many respects larger than him in size and weight.

Some wildlife enthusiasts raised little wolverines, but they never became tame. There were times when they attacked their masters.

Wolverine is very rare in nature. For ordinary travelers and tourists, it can become a hidden threat. In a time of hunger, a person can also become an object of hunting. Against a wolverine, an unarmed person has no chance. Therefore, the wolverine in this list takes one of the leading places.

Cone Snail

On the reefs of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, you can find stunningly beautiful shells with a cone-shaped brown shell. They are decorated with light beige, pink or white thread-like stripes. These marine life attracts divers and tourists. But taking such a beautiful shell in your hands, you can get a fatal bite. More than a dozen curious divers died from a poisonous thorn hiding in the mouth of a mollusk. A small amount of toxin from these molluscs can kill up to 10 people. Even gloves cannot provide a person with 100% safety.

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