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****** Before taking part in the JV, please read carefully the RULES of the JV (click), as well as familiarize yourself with the terms of this JV

Terms of Purchase

1. The minimum order amount is 10,000 rubles. ? The minimum order amount is the amount that we must collect all together for this purchase. Your personal order can be of any amount, even 100 rubles. But only by typing the minimum amount required by the supplier, we can buy the product at the wholesale price.

ATTENTION - in our unstable time, prices may change. With a large price change - more than 10% - UZ has the right to refuse such a position.

2. Org. percentage 15%. ? Organizational% (org%) - includes payment for bank services for money transfer, telephone calls, packaging of goods and other expenses.

In case of non-timely payment of ORG%, it can be increased + 1% for each day of delay, but no more than 20% for organizers with the status of newcomer org and no more than 25% in total with ORG% for other organizers. ORG% will not be charged: - for re-grading - for marriage. In the event that a marriage is found after the distribution, the Organizer is obliged to return the ORG% for this position to the Purchase Participant. - on positions that were not available - underinvestment.

5. Collecting after counting? The money is collected after receiving the invoice from the supplier.

In exceptional cases, the org may hold an early collection for some procurement participants. These may include: - Participants who have complaints about payment from this and other organizations. If you find out about the claims from other organizations and do not agree with this, then you can write PM - beginner participants, i.e. participating in the joint venture less than 20 times or having a registration period less than 3 months - participants with very large orders - participants with a special product. Suitable only for this participant, which does not fit other participants in the purchase, for example, lenses with a special curvature

If your order falls into one of these categories, the org will send you a message in the LAN. If your item is not on the invoice, the organizer will return the money within 3 days after the invoice is issued.

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In the community you can post ANY screenshots of comments from any site !!


1. If, when mentioning the author / the author himself does not indicate a link to the comment thread / post within 24 hours, the post will be placed in the general feed.

2. If the author systematically violates the rules (makes many posts without giving a link, repeatedly does not respond to mentions of him in the comments) - the user is prohibited from adding posts in this community for a week

It's hard being a grandma

Two electric brooms are worn on the playground, years 3 and 4. Grandmother follows them, so as not to flop. And in parallel, all this is interspersed with loud questions: "When will dad come?", "When will mom come?", "And where is grandfather?".

Apparently, it went on for a long time, since my grandmother already had the face of the great martyr on the cross. And finally, the questions come to naught.

Here a car pulls into the yard, the glass falls, children fly towards it shouting "daddy-daddy". The man says something to the children and to the woman: "Mom, I forgot the keys, I drove on, I'll be there in the evening" and quietly leaves.

In a couple of minutes I hear: "When will dad arrive?" And a very sad face of my grandmother.

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