11 living room design ideas for any budget

The first thing that the eyes of a person crossing the threshold see is the entrance hall. This is the name of the buffer zone between the front door and living rooms. It is also called the "front", because this is the first room when entering the apartment, you will not be able to bypass it. Due to its location, the entrance hall becomes the hallmark of an apartment or house, it is from it that the first impression of the owners' habits and the desire to stay in this place is formed. The French were the first to think about creating a beautiful and functional interior in the hallway. Today, people all over the world care about the improvement of the hallway, realizing its practical importance for an easy and comfortable life.

Fashion trends in design for the hallway in

Entrance hall - the area where we contact guests and solve everyday affairs, bringing purchases into the house, going to meetings, placing things that must be taken with us. At the same time, the front one should be not only functional, but also “welcoming”, so that, crossing the threshold of the house, we can fully feel comfortable and safe.

Designers offer a lot of design options for the hallway. You need to give preference only to the concept that reflects your real tastes and meets your actual needs. Starting from this point of view, it will be easier for you to decide on the materials, their quality and form a budget for the upcoming work on creating the interior.


When developing an interior design on your own, you should preview ready-made solutions for the interior of the hallway 2021. See which style direction is closest to you. See what materials will be appropriate for interior decoration, select furniture options in the chosen concept. Only after you can clearly imagine a completely satisfying result, proceed to translate the idea into reality.

Among the owners of small-sized apartments, there is an opinion that it is unrealistic to create a unique design in a small hallway. The practice and experience of designers clearly demonstrate the fallacy of such an installation. Compact dimensions are not a reason to give up the desire to arrange a cozy front room.

Today, manufacturers offer a large number of solutions for interior decoration, decoration, as well as furniture and storage systems, allowing you to make the most of even the smallest spaces without cluttering.

Interior design ideas for a small hallway in the year

Houses of the sample of old buildings differ in the minimum area of ​​the hallway. Then the emphasis was on compactness, the pace of construction and "whatever it was." But even the consequences of "Soviet minimalism" can be ennobled with the right approach.

In case of an extreme deficit of space in the front, it is recommended to stay on the hallway-vestibule option. To make the most of the available space, you will have to study the principles of ergonomics and the possibilities of furniture proposals. You can visually expand the space by using some design techniques.

Top 10 hallway interiors of 2021

No matter what your budget, these 11 design tips will help you improve your living room style.

Rearrange furniture

For the cheapest upgrade, just work with what you have. The new furniture arrangement will do wonders in updating the look and functionality of your living room. Move everything around until you find an easy-to-use diagram that's perfect for chatting or watching movies.

Create eye-catching vignettes

Try this simple update without spending a dime. Round off similarly colored accessories to create a pleasing vignette on your coffee or console table. The grouping of such accessories makes it possible to make the interior sensual and thus gives a pleasant impression of the design.

Revise the bookcase

A free way to update your living room: change the style of your bookcase. Take everything away and consider which parts you really love. Start by grouping stacks of books, some vertically, some horizontally; then add accessories and artwork. Use small groupings and combine elements in different sizes, colors and textures for a more appealing look.

Add more light

Consider adding new lights to brighten your living space. Whether it's a glamorous chandelier or simple recessed fixtures, lighting the right way is key to showcasing a beautiful design. In this example, the designer chose a nickel light fixture next to the sofa as her reading light.

Improve the palette

Narrow down the colors. Take an inventory of your living room, identify your three favorite shades, then edit. Choosing a simpler palette results in a more dynamic design. After editing, check to see if the room needs a few more accessories to highlight the new layout. Go shopping, but remember to buy only what you really love.

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