My Style

New seasons bring on new trends to invest in. Romantic dresses, jeans and a t-shirt, figure hugging bodysuits and oversize jumpers.

When it comes to my style, well, it changes a lot. I dress depending on my mood and my purchases are often influenced by my travels. I’m all about simple elegance, buying items that are versatile and won’t break the bank.

Fashion to me is being able to express one’s individuality. It’s a chance to play dress up even in adult hood. I don’t consider myself a trendsetter, nor do I consider myself to be keeping up with the latest trends. I just know what I like and I dress in whatever makes me happy.

In regards to my beauty routine, I’m a huge fan of natural, organic products. The less chemicals on my skin the better!

I believe a person’s inner beauty is what matters most and what truly makes someone shine. Because at the end of the day, those are the faces you’ll remember.

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