Yak raspovidati about writers and їхні create, how the scholars "got it"

Yakimi buli kulіnarnі addictions in the homeland of Kosachіv? The teacher of geography №144 of KievOksana Danilovay asked such power not only to pick up recipes with her own scholars, but she got to many schoolchildren and readers from the Ukrainian schools and from behind the cordon.

You can come to see the tsikaviy pidhid not only until the biography of Lesia Ukrainka. It is still possible to start the creation of Ivan Franko's creativity, having learned that he is a dot granite. And here are the words of Vitamin D from the creativity of Kotsyubinsky.

And also a little comic, vlashtovuvati online parties and chalabudne reading.

“Nova Ukrainian School” talked with the teachers about the unprecedented ways of writing literature.

You can find the creative and specialty of the writer in the remote mode, having found scientists from the old regions of Ukraine and completed one-line from outside the cordon. Until the day of the People's Day of Lesia Ukrayinka Oksana Danilova, teacher of Geography Lyceum №144 Kiev, at once with her six-graders organized an online party “On Zoom to Lesia”.

“Less scholars have spoken to the people of the Central Idea. And why shouldn't we celebrate the day of the People's Day of Lesia Ukrayinka all at once for the pleasure that Lesya fell in love with and baked in the homeland of Kosachiv? I gagged all the time Pavutin, I knew that about the gastronomic likeness of the Kosach's motherland, that especially Lesya, there is still little information, and now - є, what a little bit of information, ”- Oksana Danilova.

Meta cі цї zustrіchі, even a teacher, - create the classics of the Ukrainian literature close and intelligent for modern scholars through the reconstruction of native gastronomic traditions and through a special preparation of food.

Peers from other regions of Ukraine were asked for this. The first ones were recognized by the scholars of the Novograd-Volinsky Lyceum No. 11 at once from the patroness of the director Oksana Andriychuk.

“There are also people from France, Latvia and Norway who have come to us,” - Oksana didn’t.

Until the end of the hour, the leather study will spend a little bit about the love of the Ukrainian Lesia, about the gastronomic traditions of the homeland of the Kosachs, and prepare them for their homeland and present them at the spilny Zuma. Before the kulinarny part, they decided to add the theme of mriy poets and stosuns with Olga Kobilyanskaya.

Marvel at the presentation of scientists and recipes

Teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature of Kropyvnytskyi's Litsey of Naukoviy Iryna Melnyk, it seems that the happy children do not just want to read the artist's literature. More foldable zavdannya - zatsіkaviti postattyu writer.

“Varto respect, for the scholars and for the satisfaction of knowing about the writers-fellows, you can also talk about them in social festivals, hear the video, for the opportunity to see the festivals. And from the living and the creative nobility of the great authors in the artistic creations at the handlers from the literature, it is smoothly intriguing.

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