Where is the head? Strictly 18

Strictly 18 + Good day everyone. I want to tell you a story that happened quite a long time ago. I just came to work in the police from the university, zero experience, the same brains. They put me on duty for a day. from I am on duty. Summer, sun, heat is incredible and suddenly a challenge. So they say and so tovornyak knocked a person to death and say the coordinates. We are looking at the map, and the nearest road is 6-7 kilometers from the scene of the accident, and there is a forest all around. How to get there? They called the railroad guys on a railcar. we went safely, I went (first shift in my life), sledak, also not a very smart guy and forensic scientist (young girl). We arrived at the place, we look, a man is lying, his body is in order, and his head lies a little further, about 10 meters away. We have described everything on the spot, photographs of everything. And how to load, where, no special bag, no stretcher, nothing. They simply put the body on the trolley and head next to it and drove to the city. And there a truck from the morgue is already waiting for us, it takes about 30-40 minutes to go. I am without any heat, the sun is hot, I stood in front of the trolley so that the wind would blow at least a little head-on. from we arrived at the station, we approach the corpse, but there is no head, only a trail of blood in half in the direction of the hole in the floor. I'm starting to specifically point out, the investigator and the criminologist too. They gave the body to the truck, themselves to the station attendant so that he would be allowed to go through the window along the route where the body was found. They gave him a bottle and he gave the go-ahead. We arrived at the place, said a huge thank you to the men and went to the station on foot, so as not to miss anything to look for a valuable artifact. And I and a young expert girl set off, we walked for a long time, it was very hot. And now a miracle, they found traces of blood on the concrete rails, but there was no head, only traces of drops going into the forest. Since we didn't find it, maybe wolves or dogs, who can figure it out. They went to the chief, told everything, rewrote all examinations and removed the photographs of the head, got a little on the head, but without consequences. those were my first days. And I had an incredible number of them in my life. Let me do it this way, if the article came in and is really interesting, I will often write my memoirs from the service, a whole book will be typed)

Besides the plot, I would like it to be easy to read. This is not your case yet.

I left my grandfather and left my grandmother

What a horror, but you all had to be fired. And if it were your relative, wouldn't the head be important either?

These are the guys in our bodies that work.

Smells like shit. Let them work. And do they work?

Retired Scammers

The administrator of one of the stores calls: “we have an inadequate customer here, I was with my wife yesterday (apparently), asked the cashier to show him the shaving cream, to which the cashier answered him“ I can't leave the cash register, now I’ll call the employee of the hall ”, to which this character, together with his wife, began to shout, curse, frighten the trade inspection and lawyers from Moscow (I even neigh when they told me about it) and ORDERED the store administrator to financially punish the cashier and report to him (he left your phone).

Today is a repetition of hysteria, only this clown came without his wife. The administrator called me, I arrived quickly enough, I went into the store, I saw some man of about seventy standing at the entrance and carefully photographing our stand for buyers with his phone. While I went to the administrator and talked to her (about five minutes maximum), this guy ran out of the store and disappeared into the crowd.

I call him back, I introduce myself, I am very politely trying to find out what the problem is, and then immediately, as they say, without declaring war, - threats by the governor, Moscow lawyers (again), trade inspection and other bullshit.

To my question "So what happened?" he almost screamed that the cashier had offended him, was naughty, etc. (and I know that the cashier is a young girl, very polite and completely adequate. Rudeness, and even more insulting anyone, never allowed herself).

The man again in an ORDERING tone demanded that I punish the cashier financially and report to him, otherwise - heavenly punishment in the form of everything I wrote about above)).

On my offer to return and talk in person, in response I heard something like “I'm already far away, it's a lot of honor for me to return to you. Call me to report on the employee's fine, indicating the order number and providing a copy of it to me personally, otherwise you will regret it. " I even laughed into the phone.

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