What is the meaning of the plot and ending of Little Nightmares 2 - explanation of the essence of the story of the game

Little Nightmares 2 is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The developers managed to very accurately convey the atmosphere of their world of dreams and nightmares, as well as introduce a deep idea that lies on the surface and does not require additional explanation. However, many events require additional explanation and analysis. In this article, we will try to reveal in more detail most of the plot details that might have gone unnoticed, as well as analyze the game's finale and answer a few main questions that interest players.

Main synopsis and brief description of the plot

In the second part of Little Nightmares, players will play as the child Mono. This boy walks most of the game with a bag on his head, hiding his face. Throughout the adventure, players will have to visit several locations, where most of the inhabitants are zombified by a huge tower. It resembles the All-Seeing Eye from The Lord of the Rings and sends its signals throughout the city, distorting reality for all its inhabitants.

In the first chapter we get to know the Sixth - the heroine of the first part. If you carefully examine the drawing on the wall in her room, you will notice a painted tower with an eye at the top. Arriving in the city, the heroes will more than once meet this symbol on their way. They are decorated with clocks and pictures in the school, and they are also painted by children on the floor and walls

What to say about the hospital, where the eye sign is generally found at every step, and in the Pale City the heroes will see a real tower. This is not the only coincidence, because the mysterious image of the eye can be found not only in the locations of this game, but also seen in the first part of Little Nightmares. There constantly met eyes on various buildings that burn Sixth as soon as she entered their line of sight. For a simple coincidence, this symbol comes across the player too often, isn't it?

Let's go through the final, in which everything turned out to be not so obvious either. Mono and Six meet a mysterious man in a black hat who kidnaps the girl, leaving the hero alone with a decaying world. Mono successfully overcomes all trials and wins the battle of the Thin Man in the Hat. Before the battle, the boy reveals his face and gets rid of his headdress. The hero goes in search of the Sixth and finds her enlarged, evil version, which protects her music box.

Mono manages to bring the girl back to reality and her friends have to run away from an amorphous pile of meat with a huge number of eyes. Before entering the real world, the Sixth releases Mono, who is hanging on the ledge, who ultimately falls into the abyss and, passing through an unknown substance with eyes, climbs onto a chair that previously belonged to a man with a hat. Then you can see how the boy, after a while, gradually turns into that very strange man who pursued the children in the last chapters.

What is a TV tower for

The theme of the zombie of humanity is the main one in the game and sweeps through all corners of the Pale City. The tower changes not only the reality for all adults, but also their inner world, depriving them of their usual human appearance. For example, all the inhabitants of the city have faces twisted into a spiral. And this is not the last coincidence. All of these spiral-shaped signs come across as often as symbols with an eye. In a mental institution, there is a leaflet hanging in the torture room with an electric chair. The entire city is distorted by the impulses emanating from the tower, so twisted or bent houses constantly surround the heroes.

The main purpose of the tower is to isolate society, break any human relationships and control what is happening. A sort of analogue of the state system. That is why people in the Pale City no longer communicate with each other. They are buried in the TV and do not notice what is happening around them, ready to jump from the roof and go to the call of the tower. This means that there is something in the tower that can distort the minds of living beings and deform the appearance of the city.

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