Water Rabbit (Cat) Key features of the Chinese zodiac sign

The Water Rabbit stands out for their reserved nature, but also for the amazing dedication with which they get involved in other people's problems.

Those born in the Year of the Water Rabbit are calm and modest. Anyone can influence them because they would be happy just living a peaceful and simple life. They can become dependent on others and suffer when loved ones try to distance themselves from them.

It is not necessary to take matters into their own hands, because they prefer to let others rule. Although they know how to solve problems, they just don't know how to be independent. And this can affect their success in life.

Briefly about the water rabbit

Rabbit people will struggle with money in their youth, but later in their lives, everything will change. They should pay attention to how they spend when they are adults if they want their older years to be careless.

Characteristics of the Chinese Water Rabbit

Water-Rabbit People have great intuition, popularity and attention to others. It is very easy to offend them. More precisely, these people will think a lot about what they should do, having an amazing memory.

As shy as the animal that represents them, Rabbits are still courageous enough to take on any challenge. But Water Rabbits cannot stand conflicts and disputes, because they feel what others are going through, and therefore they are overwhelmed with too many negative feelings.

It would be nice not to cross them. Things should be discussed calmly and naturally, otherwise they will go away. It is possible that Water Rabbits will want to avoid romantic or intimate relationships because they are too preoccupied with arguments.

Low-key and true intellectuals, these Water Rabbits love to learn or read. They enjoy being alone and don't need to be around people all the time. Smart and careful, they don't start anything without thinking it over.

This is why Water Rabbits never take risks. But they can be subjective and let their feelings get in the way of their rationality. When it comes to making a decision, Water Rabbits prefer to let others do it for them.

Water Rabbit (Cat) Key features of the Chinese zodiac sign

The Water Pig stands out for the tremendous passion they put into what they really care about and for how loyal they can be to their families.

People born in the Year of the Water Pig hold on to their responsibilities and are very serious. Lucky with money, they'll probably retire with pockets full.

They know how to listen and also know how to communicate. The intelligent and versatile Water Pigs are also very good at public speaking. At work, expect them to do their job thoroughly and get along with everyone. However, they can have ambivalent personalities and rebel against those they love.

Briefly about the water pig

Stubborn and sometimes dependent on others, they will often argue with their loved ones and have to do certain things on their own. At the very least, their love life will be good because they are very attentive to what their partner is feeling.

Characteristics of the Chinese Water Pig

Those born in the Year of the Water Pig are kind people who are respected by others for their sincerity and kindness. Loyal to their friends and loved ones, these people will always struggle to stay on good terms with those they meet in life.

And they won't be annoying. While Water Pigs will do their best to make others happy, many will take advantage of them.

They enjoy walking, hiking or fishing. But at the same time, the Water Pigs are also party lovers. When it comes to work, these Pig people are hardworking workers who can do great jobs no matter what profession they may be.

The Chinese horoscope describes them as open to others, and they love to make friends, are sincere and reliable. They may find it difficult to understand what cheating means because they never lie and cannot understand how someone would not tell the truth in order to get something.

But it can hurt their lives, because the Water Pigs won't know what to do with those who have less good intentions. Many will not hesitate to take advantage of their generosity and kindness.

Water Pigs cannot be happy if they don't have a plan to follow. They cannot be rushed because they are the kind who think carefully about what to do before taking action.

The Water Rabbit stands out for its low-key nature, but also for the amazing dedication with which they get involved in other people's problems.

What does a water vole look like (photo)

Name: Water vole, European water rat Lat.:Arvicola amphibius

Class: Mammals - Mammalia Order: Rodents - Rodentia Family: Hamsters - Cricetidae

Description of the animal

Water Rat: A peaceful neighbor or pest.

The European water rat or water vole belongs to the hamster family and is the most harmful of its kind. It is distributed over most of Europe, almost throughout the entire territory of Russia, except for the Far East, Eastern Siberia and the Far North.

Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary rat, but it has a short muzzle with small ears. The body is oval, covered with silky long reddish-brown fur, with short legs and a long tail. Its length can be 15-25 cm, the maximum weight is about 300 grams.

The tail of this animal is remarkable, it is covered with hair, and not naked like some representatives of this species. It can reach 2/3 of the entire length of the mouse itself.

There was a time when the water vole was a fur-bearing animal and its skins were highly prized. Now they are no longer used in industry, so the population has grown significantly.


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