The doll drank with his own hands

First, a few words about me and the channel

I'm actually a city dweller. But there is a house in the village that I am developing. Both the house itself and the area around it. And this is not my first home. The current house is from the end of 2017, although I bought my first house in 2008. More about this in a separate article, which was the very first and key article of the channel.

At first I tried to output content to this very first thread created on the channel. But then I thought it was not right. What is better is to create a separate content, with links to all topics and a short description of each topic. So that the reader, who is interested, can quickly find information. And to make it clear how the different topics are related. Because some articles are self-contained, others describe a long process and the description stretches over several topics. For example, creating a fence or covering a roof. And a number of others. Here, in the content, all this will be clearly visible.

There will also be a division into "village" and "city" / "non-village" sections. Where possible, necessary and justified.

What can also be interesting - all articles are accompanied by photographs of exactly what I am talking about. Because I used a camera somewhere, somewhere a smartphone. I will do something - I will photograph from different angles. I will not say that I am some kind of super-duper photographer, although since childhood I was fond of photography. I still keep Zenit-ET and a couple of lenses for it, a standard and an additional wide-angle one. It seems like it is not needed, but I don’t want to sell either, because you can get a penny for it. Filmed on black and white negative film, black and white slides, color slides. I handled all this myself. I also shot on color negative film, but here I already ordered a print from specialists. Because I tried it myself, but my color rendition turned out badly.

I try not to overload articles with photos. But after all, as the proverb says, "it is better to see once than hear a hundred times." Moreover, some moments cannot be described at all. For instance, colorful sunset ????. As for some technical points, when I do something, the description and photos complement each other very well.

I also sometimes insert small videos shot by myself. But I try not to get carried away with them. I show only those that better convey information and mood than photos and text. Although, however, sometimes they all complement each other well: video, photo and text.

The very first article to read ???? is called "About Me". As the name says, in this article I am talking about myself. Briefly, of course. If necessary, I will add details.

Village Articles

There are a lot of articles in this section. For the most part, they are tied to a specific month. Although, of course, there are whole groups of articles describing the same thing, but from different angles or at different points in time. That is, about complex or long-term actions. This is the manufacture of a fence, a greenhouse, a bathhouse, a walk-behind tractor adapter, and not only them - everything is presented in the list below.

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