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Top 5 scary comics for the month of March, according to readers' estimates, is ready to delight you again with creepy stories from the life of the reckless family of the protagonist Domovik. He had just returned from a trip to Africa, where it was really hot. Because so many things to do in a few days spent on this wonderful continent. Only the little daughter of the protagonist, Zemlyanochka, could. Who managed to fly home with overseas gifts. And then at home she managed to mischief, so much so that her parents got it and her school friends. And indeed to everyone else who was around at that time. In general, you can't tell everything and it's better to look at it once.

So for those who have not seen the top 10 comics in March, you can always find it by clicking on the link here

Let's get started quickly on a review of the new scary comics for the month of March, which you have been waiting for. So, let's begin.

Scary Short Comics

I am in charge here - the fifth place in the top 5 scary comics, was taken by the family drama of the confrontation between the cat Ponytail and his owner Domovik. Which led to the tragic events that happened during the suppression of the riot. Scary comics with cats still occupy the leading positions in the rating of the site's readers. If you are also interested in this prankster with four legs. And you would like to see what this smart cat is capable of, then follow the link here

Power Outage - Watching this scary comic will never be the same again. And this reckless family, in which the little pinnacle is the gray cardinal. It will forever settle in your hearts and will more and more draw you into the world of adventures that happen to this family. Start your acquaintance with Domovik and his family with a scary comic by following the link here

Scariest Comics

About ants - this scary comic rightfully took the third place out of the top 5 scary comics for the month of March according to the readers of the site. History in paints shows what small insects can do if they are pissed off. When the ants flew into a rage, they took a terrible revenge on the people. All the details of what happened in the scary comics, which won the bronze, you can here

Life situations - silver in the top 5 scary comics for the month of March, receives a collection of life stories in which a thin line between humor and danger is read. This explosive mixture, served by the author under the sauce of the main characters loved by the readers. And it makes these comics scary and memorable. Immerse yourself in the world of fear. And relive all the events that happened together with the main characters by clicking on the link here

Day of the cat - once again the gold of the top of scary comics is occupied by the robber cat Tail, who has already managed to please readers with his deceptive appearance and explosive character. A collection of scary comics consisting of three short stories with the cat Tail in the lead role, and took first place in the March top. You can see by clicking on the link here

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