Relaxing massage technique

Massage has many health benefits, from relieving muscle pain and stress relief to improving circulation. Massage can improve your mood as well as normalize your sleep. If you don't have a massage chair (or even if you do and want to try something new), check out the tips in this article for the perfect full body massage.

Massage includes both physical and mental rest. Play soft, gentle music or nature sounds. Smells are also important for the atmosphere and overall well-being. Lighting candles can bring a relaxing mood to any room, and dim lighting can help. Do not use very strong smells of oils and candles - something light and neutral is better. It is also important that the room is warm enough and there is a comfortable massage surface.

Don't massage without oil

Massage oil helps you not only to completely remove discomfort, but also to ease the overall work of your hands. You can use store oils or natural oils such as sunflower, almond, jojoba, or grape seed. If you are a fan of essential oils, you can also add a few drops of essential oils. The main thing is not to use them for pregnant women. Finally, make sure your hands are not cold because cold hands will not relax enough.

Use lots of towels

Place towels on the massage table to avoid oiling it. Also, keep a small towel handy to dry your hands when too much oil starts to build up on them.

Practice your own massage technique

Place your thumbs on your shoulders and neck so that they go deep into the muscles. Avoid pressing your fingers on the collarbone of the person you are massaging. Then massage and work down along the neck to the hairline. Then use your knuckles to work out the top of your shoulders.

Foot massage is a subject of resistance. Massage the sole with your thumbs, taking extra time to the arches of the foot, because this is where most of the load occurs, then move on to the heel and ball of the feet. Pull gently on each finger to relieve pressure.

Take turns kneading your calves, moving up to your thighs and repeating the movements. Finish the foot massage by pushing down on the heel.

Place your hands on either side of the spine and move up, kneading his shoulders with your hands. Rub the muscles in your lower back on each side of your spine to loosen the muscles in your spine.

Stretch your forearms and shoulders, then massage your palms in small circular motions with your thumb. Pull gently on each finger.

The last part of the massage is the head. Have the person lie on their back and massage their scalp with their thumbs. Rub the folds and lobes of your ears with your thumb and forefinger, and then use your fingertips to apply pressure to the indentations where the neck meets the base of the skull. Press and release several times. Place your hands under his jaw and gently lift your head, stretching your neck muscles. Finally, massage your temples in a sluggish circular motion.

Pep Guardiola's players defeated Borussia Mönchengladbach in the first match / final

is the year of Manchester City?

BBC correspondent Tom Rostans saw in the dominance of Manchester City signs that Guardiola's team could dethrone Bayern this year.

“Bayern officials may challenge the notion that Manchester City are the favorites to win the Champions League, but one German rival is virtually eliminated by the Citizens in Hungary.

Borussia has undoubtedly been hurt by not being able to play at home due to coronavirus restrictions. And yet she struggled to fight back and walked away from her own box, not to mention making it to Ederson's domain.

Only Bayern (18) have scored more Champions League group stage goals this season than Gladbach (16), but City's monopoly on possession was such that Ederson made his only save in compensated time of the second half.

This is the pattern that is becoming the norm. Not to mention, City have allowed just nine shots on goal in four European away games. If Guardiola's charges continue in this vein, even Bayern will find it difficult to cope with them.

The leaders of the English Premier League play football with such composure, quality and control that they achieve phenomenal achievements, such as, for example, a 12th straight away win - a record for an English club.

Their dominance in the first half was rewarded when Canselo, playing mostly in the center of midfield rather than the nominal left-back position, delivered a beautiful cross from deep that Silva closed.

After the break, Jesus was supposed to score a couple more goals, but scored only once after an excellent pass from Silva.

Kevin de Bruyne sat on the bench for the entire match, and top scorer Sergio Aguero came on as a substitute after missing 14 victories to give City an extra boost.

Manchester City is striving to reach the Champions League final, but will this year be successful for the townspeople? ”Rostans asks.

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