Outdoor flooring from IKEA: beautiful floor for one, two, three

Balcony repair with IKEA decking: quick and natural

The pandemic has changed our lives beyond recognition in various areas. During the lockdown period, it turned out that the balcony is not just an extension to the apartment, but a full-fledged corner in the fresh air, which allows you to do morning exercises, work with a boring look and talk with friends via video link in the evenings over a cup of fragrant tea. If you think that replacing the floor on the balcony is long, difficult and expensive, then we hasten to convince you. Flooring from IKEA is the hero of our review, which will save the most valuable thing - your time.

Everything you wanted to know about RUNNEN decking

RUNNEN decking offers four options for balconies or terraces. Polypropylene, solid acacia and synthetic rubber - different materials make it possible to obtain a coating that is different in texture. What unites them is that the flooring of RUNNEN and the street is not afraid of temperature drops and precipitation.

  • Flooring from IKEA RUNNEN from solid acacia (buy photo 1) attracts with the texture of natural wood. The boards are covered with acrylic stain that needs to be renewed. On average, once a year, but it all depends on the operating conditions. If you need to clean the floor, use a warm soapy solution and run it over the surface. Finally, use a dry cloth to remove excess water.

Decking can be trimmed to fit your needs to fit nicely in corners or around circular supports. Many are interested in how to clean under it: just disassemble and reassemble the structure, because it easily tolerates such actions.

  • A street flooring in the form of artificial grass (buy photo 2) is a good opportunity to give the city balcony a little bit of the lacking greenery. It is made of synthetic rubber which is pleasantly soft. He is not afraid of the sun, he does not fade - for more than one year you can enjoy a juicy shade. Like the entire RUNNEN series, the artificial grass modules are easy to connect - press them down until they click. After installation, remember to vacuum the flooring to remove any debris. It is also worth remembering that after rain, the surface of the new floor becomes slippery, and therefore it is better to walk on it with caution.

  • Plastic flooring is one of the most versatile coatings that is not demanding to maintain and easily endures any use. It is better to lay it on a hard surface: stone, wood or concrete. It can be safely washed even with a hose, and the sun will not leave its marks on the surface. You can buy flooring in two colors: universal beige (photo 3) and capacious dark gray (photo 4).

The edging of the flooring with corner elements in dark gray color (photo 5) will help to concisely outline the flooring structure. Regardless of the color, it looks good with all shades of the series. Its task is not only to create a complete object, but also to prevent excess debris from falling under the flooring.


Decking for a terrace from IKEA ALTAPPEN (photo 6) is made of light gray polypropylene, in which at least 20 percent is recycled material. The company strongly adheres to the policy of environmentally friendly attitude to the production, operation and disposal of goods. More and more items presented in the catalog use raw materials that used to be simply sent to landfill.

The series differs from the previous one in its geometric pattern, combining triangles and in circles, between which there are rhombuses. Surface care does not differ from the recommendations for the previous series: wash with warm soapy water, and then wipe with a dry cloth. The kit is assembled by connecting the locks, which click to notify about the successful action.

This flooring can be purchased for a balcony or terrace. Many people use it to equip a corner in the country for comfortable breakfasts and dinners. Complement it with outdoor furniture and an awning that will keep out possible rain and sun - the perfect corner for relaxation is ready. The set consists of nine elements with a total area of ​​0.1 m².

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