Oneiromancy in the Witcher 3: what will happen to Corina Tilly in the future

In The Witcher 3, Corina Tilly is a clairvoyant dreamer (oneiromaniac), a sorceress who specializes in the interpretation of dreams. Geralt met her when he was looking for Ciri in Novigrad.

Oneiromancy, the magical art of deciphering the past and future with the help of dreams, which is difficult for even a well-trained sorceress to master. However, those born with such a gift do well in this endeavor even without any formal education. Such was the case of Corina Tilly, whose fame spread very far.

This gifted clairvoyant could not only learn through dreams about past events, but also cause visionary dreams in people seeking answers to specific questions. These abilities proved to be very useful for Geralt in his search.


Oneiromancy in The Witcher 3 is a form of magic, or mental ability, that allows the practitioner to read a subject's future and past using dreams. The most skilled dreamers are characterized by the specific way their endocrine glands work, while others are forced to rely on intoxicants.

To perform the ritual, you need to establish a connection with the person who is to be investigated by asking a number of personal questions (if he is ready to answer), or by studying as many stories and images related to him as possible.

Meet Sarah and the White Wolf

In 1272, like many magicians, Corina in The Witcher 3 hid from witch hunters, but in need of money sometimes went out of hiding to earn extra money. At some point, the banker Rudolph hired her to use her gift to learn the story of the "haunted house" (the "Dream in the City" quest).

When the dreamer Corina Tilly fell asleep in the house, a little lord named Sarah sent her nightmares. Pribozhek secretly lived in the house and scared away the new owner with small pranks so that he would not have to live with him. On the oneiromaniac, she sent nightmares for a joke, not realizing that this would not seem funny to her at all.

A little later, Korina was freed from the spell by Geralt, who dropped in to ask her for help in finding Ciri. She agreed to help and met with the witcher at the Golden Sturgeon.

What to answer when talking

Oneiromancy in the Witcher 3: what will happen to Corina Tilly in the future

UPD: Voting is over, the clear winner has been successfully identified. I will not disclose the name, like last time, but I will give a list of games / series that received at least 3 votes (the winner, by the way, exceeded 10): Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex, Devil May Cry, Dishonored, Dragon Age, Dreamfall, Fallout, Far Cry, Half-Life, Hitman, Planescape: Torment, Red Dead Redemption, Silent Hill, Star Wars: KotOR, StarCraft, Thief, Witcher, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Well, what. The winner of the December vote, Mass Effect 3, has been sorted out successfully. You can start thinking about the object for the next "Spoon".

The voting rules for the most part remain the same (I will repeat them under the cut), with one exception: in order to increase the number of intersections of votes and weaken the immediacy of decisions, this time each registered user can be named not one, but three projects or franchise. But if three is not recruited - you can not force yourself, of course.

P. ... You can also post links to good collage pictures that combine many different games in the comments. After all, if voting becomes a tradition, such pictures will be spent quickly.

P. ... ... The picture at the beginning of the news is given solely for general development, games from there, for the most part, do not fit into the framework of "Spoons".

Fly in the ointment: Mass Effect

Oh. Mass Effect 3, you say? I don't know if the love of Russian gamers for RPGs is to blame for this (although this is not an RPG), whether BioWare is cult ("excellent" combined with a drop in quality in recent years), or scandalousness, surprising even by the standards of the gaming industry, but yes Mass Effect won its second consecutive vote. Congratulations, dear winners, you made me complete Leviathan and Omega. What sacrifices do not have to go for the amusement of readers ...

... Okay, okay, it's actually not that bad. ME3 is a good game. In such, extremely dull, conveyor-quality sense of the word. Actually, why was "Spoon" late (well, apart from the holidays)? Because I decided to refresh myself by going through a couple of available DLCs ... but I could not bring myself to do it, then consciously, then subconsciously looking for other things. For all my great love for Mass Effect 2, the thought of returning to the game in triquel plunged me into a rare despondency. Why?

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