Makeup lessons for beginners at home

Don't get us wrong: we love spectacular makeup just like regular girls. But makeup basics are very important - they will help you with a basic makeup that you will be ready for in just five minutes in a few simple steps. We spend a lot of time highlighting your beauty, but here we go even further: we talk about what you have with your makeup kit. Whether you're embellishing the smallest details of each product, or simply learning to build a daily routine that suits your personality or schedule, consider this your guide to keeping your makeup simple and accessible. This foundation of knowledge can also be your stepping stone to more advanced creative uses of makeup.

Here's everything you need to know about makeup basics and how to use it.

In this article, we'll look at basic makeup tools such as:

  • Foundation;
  • Concealer;
  • Bronzer;
  • Highlighter;
  • Blush;
  • Cream blush;
  • Eyeshadow;
  • Smokey Eye;
  • Eyeliner;
  • Eyebrow pencil;
  • Mascara;
  • Eyelash curler;
  • Lipstick;
  • Lip pencil.

Foundation + Concealer

Foundation: Besides your usual skin care, foundation is what makes your skin flawless; evens out her tone and hides any fine or age spots on the face. The most important aspect of foundation to consider is coverage. Generally speaking, there are two ways. If you want a lighter finish, choose a tinted moisturizer, a lightly tinted cream that you can apply with your fingers to give your skin a tint of color. If you are interested in more coverage, then Liquid Foundation - the classic form of foundation is your best bet. This foundation is best applied with your fingers, a flat synthetic foundation brush, or a foam blender.

Take concealer to the next level: if you really want to be neat, add concealer to your makeup bag. It is your remedy for blemishes and more obvious skin discoloration, and can also be used to brighten and even out the under eye area. Concealer comes in a variety of media like creams, sticks, and liquids. As with foundation, you choose a product based on the amount of coverage you need for your skin type.

Bronzer + Highlighter

Bronzer: Imagine a sunshine bronzer in powder form. By applying foundation to your skin, you even out skin tone, but at the same time get rid of natural shadows and highlights on the face. Think of bronzer as a way to use shadow to create depth or to create the illusion of moving back a part of the face. This is the first step in bringing back warmth and volume to your face. The “right” bronzer for your skin tone should look like your naturally tanned, not too orange or too dark.

For extra lighting, use a highlighter: A highlighter is essentially the opposite of your bronzer. Instead of making part of your face smaller, you'll use the highlighter brightness to highlight areas of the face (when you see images of a girl with such glowing, dew-like skin, there's a very good chance she's wearing a highlighter. Secrets Revealed!) ... You can get highlighters in gold, pearlescent and opalescent colors. There are other options, such as a matte highlighter that adds brightness without flicker. Finding a highlighter that works well for your skin tone and personality is easy.

Blush + Cream Blush

Blush: When you are not wearing makeup, you will see a natural blush on your cheeks. But then again, with a little foundation, you cover it up, trying to get a smoother foundation to work with. Try blush, a product that will revitalize your facial features (yes, you can apply blush to more parts of your face than just your cheeks). Since there are so many shades of blush, you can take them literally and match your natural blush, or use a more playful shade to brighten your look. Usually, beginners use a powdery blush because it is easier to apply for a more natural result.

Pump up a creamy blush: Creamy blushes are a really fun way to take your blush to the next level - they're more pigmented and therefore a bolder way to apply blush. To do even more, you can use a creamy blush as a base and set with a powder blush for an even brighter shade that lasts all day.

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