Magic; letter to Putin: Officials agreed to help the victims of the terrible fire

It took over three years. The case got off the ground only after an 11-year-old schoolboy from a family of fire victims wrote a letter personally to Vladimir Putin, which, through the efforts of Constantinople, was submitted to the head of state for consideration.

In Rostov-on-Don, the city authorities confirmed their readiness to pay compensation for housing lost in the terrible fire of 2017, when an entire block in the center of the southern capital burned out, to three families who had been trying to achieve this for more than three years. <

This became known during a meeting between Alexander Molchanov, head of the Tsargrad Society's Human Rights Center, and Natalia Drobysheva, Deputy Director of the Construction Coordination Department.

Of the seven hundred victims of the fire, only about four hundred received payments at once

That terrible fire that destroyed more than a hundred residential buildings - both private and multi-apartment buildings (mostly in two-story buildings), took place, as we recall, in August 2017. As many fire victims later said, this happened after some "realtors" began to persuade people to sell their homes at a bargain price. But, of course, most of them just pointed to the door.

However, when they left, they promised: if you don't want it in an amicable way, it will be in a bad way - everything here will burn for you! They say, you still won't be able to resist, serious people have decided to build VIP skyscrapers here, so there are no options.

And then "unexpectedly", residents recall, there were several fires one after the other - relatively, however, small, although a number of houses have suffered decently.

And finally, on August 21, 2017, it flared up - creepy, scary. And, as eyewitnesses say, in several places at the same time. By the way, the authorities also admitted that there were at least three sources of flame spread. Even a criminal case was opened by the Investigative Committee on the fact of arson.

They extinguished the whole day - then almost five hundred people of the Ministry of Emergency Situations were involved, about two hundred units of special equipment, including four helicopters - even a fire ship was involved, which poured fire from the Don (everything happened, by the way, very close to river - a hundred meters from the main square of Rostov - Teatralnaya, where Victory parades and major city events are held).

Everything that remains of the house where Dima Antoshin lived with his family. Photo: TV channel Tsargrad

692 people were officially recognized as victims, however, less than four hundred of them received payments for the purchase of housing in exchange for the lost - and then after a separate regional law was adopted (in agreement with Moscow), allowing to expand the categories of recipients of compensation in return lost housing. But over one hundred and sixty simply did not receive anything, another one and a half hundred are proving their right in court. The authorities promised everyone to deal with each case individually.

Is there another living space? Compensation not due

The reason for the refusals was standard: the ownership of another home. It doesn't matter that it is - even, relatively speaking, a hut.

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