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The closer Friday is, the more full the day becomes, in the morning a hike with a builder for materials for repairs has already been drawn, and in the evening the bosses have planned to mark the move, so it will be necessary to get there after the exhibition. @Danon_Konnik I'll get to Sokolniki by 14.

When I was studying there, yes, the arena seemed small to me, but a lot of people got in there. After a huge amount of time, that year we stopped at Izmailovo, and I realized that the arena is BIG. It is clear that it depends on what to compare with, but I realized that in size it is even very normal.

At first there was a sports school, then it was closed, a lot of horses were sold and yes they began to focus even more on ponies. It was a shame, but the money is still not enough, so there was a sports school. And there is a separate pony arena. Of course, I don't know exactly where they always train, but many people think in a pony-arena. And in the summer there are 2 platsva, dressage, show jumping. There is where to turn around.

The price tag is hellish. But the people there are decent, so so what.

I managed to visit wherever it is necessary, my legs ache at the end of the day, but this is a trifle that will quickly pass, and the joy of what I have done will last longer.

Another meeting with the builder, brought him plans for the apartment and popped into the market. Next week we will start wiring the electrics, at the weekend we will partially close the issue on the balcony, it will remain for the window to wait and later to buy the insulation. Wasted here and not the last time, so.

After the market I walked around the equiros fair as a spectator, how many beautiful things, but so far past me. We met there @Danon_Konnik (now we will know each other personally, you owe me 5 rubles!) And set off towards the arena of master classes.

The first was MK with Martyanova, she brought 3 riders with her, including her daughter. On traken, ditch and frieze.

Upd: I wanted to write about the exercises that BB gave, but it is already detailed in the next diary, so I will not repeat myself. I will only write a couple of points. The canter yield helps to develop collection well. And when entering the acceptance, in order not to lose the impulse, you must first send an inner step and then move the outer one. And I just liked the shoulder-volt-shoulder ligament.

MK with Beletsky was declared an hour in time, but he got so carried away that at the end of his time he begged for more, in the end, 1.5 hours of true pleasure. Listening to him is no less pleasant and interesting than VV. Unlike VV Beletsky did not bring anyone, the rider in the arena was completely unfamiliar to him. He walked on all questions - on ammunition, the length of the stirrups, the fit of the girl, work at the gaits and the answers of the horse. And only at the end did they start jumping. The barriers were placed in exactly the way that AN usually puts on the parade ground - the chukhonets and oxers along the diagonals, plus the distance and the system along the long walls, sometimes the system is replaced with a row. It is easier to put in the arena, but we always have diagonals in our work. Such an arrangement makes it possible to work out all the moments, you can even put more complicated diagonals or straight lines on a different number of gallops, a lot of variations for work.

After the MK, a corporate party was waiting for me, for which I was already late, and with a delay of half an hour, I no longer hoped to catch something, but nothing, galloped for an hour, chatted, drank and went home.

The weekend was no less active. Trainings, a trip to Dolgoprudny and to the apartment.

Lover, horses

Metal Horse solves problems simply.

People born in the year of the Metal Horse have a kind heart and are always optimistic. But sometimes they can hurt others with their directness and directness. That's why they need someone who can put up with them. It is difficult for them to embellish anything.

Confident and courageous, these people can innovate with their ambitious ideas. They don't mind when life hits them hard because they love to deal with complications. Since they are independent, they are worried about any outside interference.

Briefly about the metal horse

They are adorable but very stubborn. Impulsive shoppers are advised to think twice before buying expensive items. Sociable and always attending parties, they have many friends with whom they spend most of their time.

The character of the Chinese Metal Horse

The first and most obvious trait of people born in the year of the Metal Horse is their ambition. These people are able to overcome any obstacles in order to get what they want.

Many might think that the Metal Horse is fighting for nothing, but she couldn't be wrong because this horse has endurance and incredible intelligence.

The Metal Horse People can show this great desire to be free. However, this will not make them less able to take a good position in life. They will likely own more than one home, each on their own continent, and travel a lot among themselves.

Smart and full of ideas, these horses usually have the best social standing and success that others can only imagine. Despite their many talents, they are pretty pretentious when it comes to what they want to do.

Not to mention the fact that they always need to change, because new experiences help them. Once you see that they are interested in something and repeat tasks, expect something new to grab their attention.

While this will give them a lot of experience and skill, the Metal Horse people also won't be able to see things as they really are, because they won't have time. When things around them become less exciting and interesting, these people lose interest.

Only Metal brings a little more discipline to them and the desire to excel at exactly something.

What a plush pony! The beauty is simple.

We will note it modestly. Costumed show jumping and general tea drinking in a barrel with a samovar. The people like it. So the idea for the clubs is very sensible.

In the next disarray, the horses are mixed up.

On Saturday, Goofy was sluggish, only moved to the ligaments, jumped well, but I'm more and more dissatisfied with myself, my legs are not there, my hands are not there, the position of the body was also lame, in our pair only the horse was good.

On that day, there was another martyr, I only realized in the evening why I didn't want to meet with his friends, how to say without a mat, zae. got it talking about giving birth, some crazy, like breeding, good health, just don't meddle with me. By the way, they are all ten years older and they forget something about it, I did not plan before 30, and until I met the man from whom I want to give birth, now I just feel comfortable, besides, he himself does not want children and does nothing to appear normal lawn. I was very tired morally this evening, I wanted to say so many nasty things in response, but I restrained myself.

On Sunday morning I went to my apartment, there was a meeting with another installer, but managed to get to the stable by 14. Then I realized that it was a bad idea, was scattered and not collected. As agreed, they gave me a big black horse, a new one with us, an affectionate tractor. And in general, I was overwhelmed specifically, I wanted to either get off or walk the whole trenya, right up to hysteria. After a while, everyone resolved and rode alone, overcame myself and went all the same at a trot and gallop. Strange reaction to a horse that didn't do anything like that.

Favorite boys were put nearby.

@Danon_Konnik don't think you said it, it's just not the first time, in theory, not only my question, but also my martyr, their best friend, but I agree that our business and they do not concern them. And my mother is looking for a better man for me.

We jumped on Tuesday, with varying degrees of success, how much failures upset me and how easily I take everything personally, we fought with a horse, went afterwards with thoughts of throwing nafig show jumping and generally driving, temporary clouding, let go quickly.

Tomorrow there will be a FREECE at the Moscow Agricultural Academy, though only children's rides, I would like it from PPU, in any case I will not get there for a working day. I choose which day to go to Maxima, show jumping is more spectacular in itself, but in dressage there is more room for costumes, I want everything at once))

A funny picture from the Internet, everything is simple))

I continue to collect events, this time in Pegasus.)

The Water Horse stands out for the many talents they possess and how easy they look in company with literally anyone.

Those born in the Year of the Water Horse are sensitive people who don't have much patience. However, their friends will always be there. At work, they will be recognized for their talents and hard work. People are easily attracted to them, but they need time before they begin to develop relationships.

Striving to leave behind their own hopes and dreams and put their loved ones in front of them, they are greatly appreciated for it. No matter how low they feel, these people will always retain a sense of humor and remain positive.

Briefly about the Water Horse

With their special charm, they will attract people of the opposite sex. Discerning, Water Horses can have a lot of luck in business. But for that to happen, they need to be pressured by others. Money comes to them if they use their talents and really work for it.

Characteristics of the Chinese Water Horse

Water horses are known for their friendliness and sense of humor. These people are smart enough to talk to anyone on any topic.

When it comes to business, Water Horse people know how to take advantage of different situations and make big bucks. In life, they follow the moment, so they are not very disciplined.

The Chinese horoscope says that they move with the speed of the wind. Water horses are more self-centered, believing their comfort is most important.

Aquatic horses are smart and resourceful, they will find good solutions at work, and this will help them become winners in any situation.

Most of them have no problem making new friends, but they just don't put as much energy as they should into their relationships.

Well, yesterday we jumped and life got better. We jumped well, the only sun was beating through the windows and the horse was right in the eyes, but he doesn't like that. As a result, we entered part of the barriers in a wavy manner. There were 2 chuhs on the diagonals and bars on the wall, from what had not been for a long time, arcs were like.

I love the days when our veterinarian and farmer come, it is always communication with pleasure and new knowledge, they will definitely tell something or you can find new procedures for yourself. A couple of weeks ago I got to pulling tops, and yesterday I heard about interesting cases of forging. I also plucked up the courage and asked to teach me how to do all sorts of manipulations for stretching and massage for relaxation, it turned out physically hard, what it looks like from the outside, but it is very interesting to watch the horse's reaction, all stages go through from misunderstanding and fuss, then offering what he can and up to relaxation when yawning and nodding.

We left the start, were the first and my feelings about this are ambiguous and mixed. Yesterday, instead of rejoicing, I was self-flagellating.

Small man had time before me to start under the child in cavaletti, he was the first in time, but according to the result in the middle of the table, he walked such a vigorous trot that he and the girl forgot to go through the stepping gate more slowly, well, and got a fine. The horse had a very responsible look throughout their entire performance, leading to victory.)

About the good, he also drove me to victory - we were the first, they unexpectedly gave money-5k, although according to the position they had to give only a meter. The horse got a bag of Anilin's sponsored muesli. We opened the starting season 2020 on a good note. There are more photos from 2 photographers ahead. I love Melky, he gets separate carrot thanks from me every time. This is where the good ends.

Now I'm going to be like a dancer with eggs, but the ground is sh ** but I didn't like the route either. I don't know if anyone remembers how I wrote about September on the street, illogical, here is the same garbage, well, here it is just uncomfortable and not in level, I do not like it when it is not the coach who bets. = (Bundles of difficult turns and bad ground lead bluntly to injury.

Conclusion: does it need such a 1st place.

2 thoughts that I still remember: -Trolled me slightly with a question about why the meter does not go when I paid for the start. (Yeah, I already got medals from the children, the credit was general) -After the back ached from the stables to the house, but after the shower it passed, but after that my head ached and it hurt until sleep. Because the post is only for today.))

There is a video, I suddenly had a support group of 5 people.

I forgot about the main persimmon in front of the 3rd barrier, there was wtf on it, I still can't find an explanation for this wave, except that we were on the counter after the second, the horse, in order not to lose balance, accelerated the walls, and I tried to cut short when approaching and we were led, but xs, there was no sun, and he shied away from it otherwise on Saturday.

When I returned to the horses, I was not afraid of anything, I jumped at everyone and everything that they give, and after a couple of years I started to be cowardly. I have a feeling that it is age-related, and when I rise to the height, I start to create all sorts of crap, I roll back psychologically, the coach, as a result, is very thrifty to my psyche, and at the same time protects his own. Sometimes he lifts, but not often, in the fall there were, for example, one-meter ligaments, and then counting I haven't jumped since November, we jumped 3 times before these starts. Plus 2 previous years before that, I had not been engaged in the period from autumn to spring, there was no money, then I treated my back, and every spring they started all over again. And the second component is a horse, his own is not, and Melky is not always available, he also performed in dressage in parallel, so for the period of preparation and their starts he was busy. Another moment like this, from this year he is 17, now he also rolls children, so he is protected and jumps higher with him are questionable. And I would like to train more often, 2 times (especially if both are without jumps) a week is not enough for me to progress, everything is very slow, even with such breaks, either in training or in jumping. That's why I was here and scribbled a post about throwing, sometimes I really want to freak out and leave, my hands give up, which does not shine for me more than an amateur with the available time and money resources, if I omit problems with my head.

But this all pales before my gag with the system. I do not know how to jump, I flew on it 2 times from Small. He was poor, he was in shock, he was used to jumping cleanly and without loss. When we defeat her, then maybe something will budge)

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