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Traveler! If the road in the night mournfully cold and lonely has led you to the glorious city of Larna, the gates, know that you will not regret your step. As if inside, you will find yourself behind the wall, look at the left hand from the main entrance. You will see a big house. Stone to stone, solid wood. Conscientiously well-coordinated, in the eyes of its sweetness with its simplicity, the monastery with bright windows, with a door overlooking the main road, ajar openly, and a board sign over the threshold, richly painted with poppy flowers. Everybody who is tired, hungry, sad or cheerful should enter and follow it. On a visit to the "Gatekeeper". There is no doubt about the completeness of the wallet in the vastness of this tavern. For a modest fee, the "Gatekeeper" will provide warm beds, dinner, no frills, but hearty, fun in the company of cheerful people and maidens, pleasing to the eye. And in the bloom of the best wine bouquets, for which our city is famous, all of the above is both more fun and more beautiful. Especially cute girls!

Do you like girls? The gatekeeper of her own - very much! The hostess is with them, softer than with the men. He protects them and pampers them, but does not let them down, he strictly teaches them with you on an equal footing with your mind. We also have men in our assistants, in order to force something to do, but for the most part, the damsels are controlled by all. They clean up, take care of the visitors. They will lead you into the room, they will bungle for supper, they will smile gently and bring you a mug. There are those who will play and sing. Everyone in Larna knows that many people go to the "Gatekeepers" for the charm of a girl, but we urge you to be careful about everything and keep your hands on it. Or at least not too much. Our strong men are especially insistent. And in second place will be the current manager of the tavern.

Ralvina of the Branmirov line. Here they call her both the mistress and the gatekeeper, and Ralvi, whoever finds it easier. Among the virgins she is for the elder, and in business, and for years, but just do not look at the years. She may not be as young as before, but she is in the most magnificent color of strength and beauty. She is the very broad in soul and body of the dwarf, about which they gossip and which are often represented among the people by those who have not seen a living dwarf. But more beautiful. For all one and a half meters in height, there is more than a weight, and not anyhow, but well distributed in such places that it would not turn out to call it superfluous. It is easy to recognize the hostess. From birth, a maiden wears a cute mole under the corner of her left eye. It is adorned with preserved dwarven rune-writing of blue color, from puffy fingers on soft, strong hands, to fluffy dark eyebrows. Up to the ears, large, proportionately decorated. She is neatly, smartly dressed in her tavern, well-groomed, painted, gilded in moderation, with taste. Always fully armed with a girl's - ready to meet a guest. Chubby, black-haired, she looks tenderly, but with a slyness in her slightly slanted eyes, the color of overripe, fermented cherries. On the lips, recognizable in one large form and painted in the color of the eyes, he keeps a kind smile. Above such a smile, the potato nose looks convincing.

They know Ralvina not only by sight, but also by habits. She is alien to blacksmithing, but only that does not matter! Speak her, loudly hammering on consonants, if you hear - you will not mix it up. Singing voice. Soft, moderately deep. Strength he does not hold, and Ralvi with the power of his voice is masterfully controlled. And it can whisper, as if it would give a tender coolness to the cave springs, and embrace without arms with a bursting laugh, and a darling thunder overhead like a spring thunderstorm, as if it was not a dwarf at all, but rests its crown against the ceiling! Ralvina's speech is simple, beautiful in its simplicity, with a touch of poetic outlook on life. There is a place in it for an uncomplicated, but well-aimed and in its own way elegant comparison, and a common, coarse word is easily woven into the pattern of conversation. The hostess is keen on not only singing and chatting. If you look closely, even in the full body of Ralvi you can easily notice the dashing agility. The movements are somewhat smooth, and there is no need to understand them, they give out in the hostess the ability to dance not badly, and turn your head with love languor. Some even say that they love Ralvin as hotly as they scold him.

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