Keeping and feeding quails at home

How to make sure your price is competitive? How to determine that a service is appropriate for the market situation? How do you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your unique selling proposition? And how do you know if a Unique Selling Proposition is unique?

There is only one answer. Today we'll talk about what everyone is doing, but not talking out loud - about analyzing the activities of competitors.

Why Conduct Competitive Market Analysis

It is the analysis of competitors that will help to clearly determine the relevance of the services provided and the company's position on the market. But it is worth noting that he can only help if it is carried out systematically and according to a methodology developed specifically for your company.

Since 2011, we have experimented many times, burned often and changed our approach. As a result, we developed our own methodology, which we are following at the moment. It consists of three simple steps. What to do:

Decide on a list of candidates for analysis

At the rally dedicated to the next analysis of competitors, marketing, sales and production departments (SEO, PPC) agree on a list of colleagues in the market who we need to study for the current tasks of the company. For example, in the last such analysis, we looked at companies that met the following criteria:

    • regional (located in our region or the region we are interested in);

    • competitors working in our price segment or in a segment that is strategically important / interesting for us;

    • companies that have been on the market for a long time and already have a brand. We are not interested in one-day agencies.

Doll grandfather do it yourself

Keeping quails at home is as simple as keeping other birds. If the livestock is small, then it can be placed in an ordinary apartment without any special inconveniences for life, and for this, cages the size of an ordinary box are suitable.

It is very easy to care for these adorable lively birds. The main condition for good egg production is compliance with temperature and light conditions and, of course, proper feeding, as well as the basics of breeding, care and cultivation described in this article. Otherwise, these are fairly undemanding birds.


If you have absolutely no experience in breeding quail at home, or before that you were breeding another bird, then you should know that domestic quail females have completely forgotten how to hatch eggs. As a result, only artificial incubation is possible, which means that you will need to purchase an incubator.

Since quail eggs are small, you can put a lot of them in a regular incubator, which means if your farm is small, then you can stop your choice on the smallest models. They are inexpensive and sold in markets and shops. When choosing an incubator, immediately purchase equipment for shearing quails. Or consider renting it from other quail breeders.

Incubation of quail eggs

Incubators vary in size and are usually determined by the number of eggs they are set. But since the quail eggs are much smaller, they can be laid five times more chicken eggs. Usually, the instructions that come with the incubator indicate how many eggs of a particular type of bird can be laid in this model. For most novice quail breeders, the purchase of industrial incubators is impractical, since such incubators are too large for their needs. As a result, those who breed young quails in small quantities can be advised to make their own incubator.

The incubation of quail eggs lasts about 17 days. The quails hatch together in about five hours. But there are times when some quails may be born a couple of days after the main hatching.

Newly hatched quails are covered with brownish down with light stripes along the back. Behave energetically. The weight of newborns is about 6-8 grams.

Breeding young

Care for newly born quails is almost the same as for chickens, but there are some differences.

Where to place the hatched quails

For the first time, babies can be grown in ordinary boxes made of cardboard or plywood. When choosing a box, be guided by how many quails you plan to populate into it. If there are not many of them, for example, no more than three dozen, then any plywood box will suit you, for example, one in which parcels are sent. However, if you intend to seriously engage in quail farming, you will have to make a special brooding box (nursery for chicks).

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